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Saturday, August 18, 2018

8-18-2018  Show Me Your Face, O Lord

   Our Pastor took this photo over Hagerstown, Md.
She commented on the double rainbow as a double blessing from God, but look just a bit farther up n the sky.  The face in the clouds

In late 2016 Apostle Dave Talyor came to Glory Fire Church, here in town to do another presentation on “Jesus, face to face”.  Now Apostle Dave claims to be the only preacher preaching face to face encounters with God (at this time) and claims to have literally seen Father face to face.  Now the bible does give us the example of Apostle John going to heaven and encountering Jesus to receive the revelation recorded in the book (Rev. 1:10-19).  Paul tells the Corinthians that He visited heaven and encountered Jesus (2 Corinth. 12:1-9).  Do we need to be reminded of Moses encountered God on the mount (Exod. 3:1-9).  Not to mention when Moses had come down from the mount and each time he spoke before the people, his face shone so brightly that he had to wear a veil before the people (Exod. 34:29-35). 

Now, I don’t know that Apostle Dave has had these kind of encounters with Lord (we have only his testimony) but he showed how God may show Himself to us in many ways.  The face on the mountain in the movie “Miracle of St. Ana”, the face in the clouds, a mist that clearly defines the image of a man who strangely resembles the image of jesus and which does not induce evil fear.  About two years ago, the pastor of the church I attend snapped a very clear shot of a face in the clouds over Hagerstown.  I don’t remember if it was over Hagerstown Mall or the Premium Outlets here in town, but there was clearly a face in the clouds.

Show Me Your Face

This song by Paul Wilbur has been edited down to save space for it is a worship song as he repeats phrases.   (2002)  Click the url below to watch the video on youtube.  It’s awesome!

Show me Your face, Lord
Then gird up my legs that I might stand in this holy place
Your power and grace
I could make it to the end if I can just see Your face

Moses stood on the mountain
Waiting for You to pass by
You put Your hand over his face
So in Your presence he wouldn't die
All of Israel saw the glory
And it shines down through the age
Now You've called me to boldly seek Your face

David knew there was something more
Than the ark of Your presence
And in a manger a baby was born
Among kings and peasants
All of Israel saw the glory
And it shines down through the age
And now You call us to boldly seek Your face
Yes we can make it to the end if we can just see Your face

Fred Hammond also did a song similarly titled, (also 2002)  Again, click the url below to watch the video.

Show me Your face (Show me)
Need to see You clearly
No more mistakes
Look at the time I'm losing
More than Your mercy
Lord will You take me
Closer (Show me)
Let me see Your face

It's the hardest thing that I ever had to do
Is admit the truth
The reason I missed You was only me
It seemed okay at the time
But now I find
It wasn't worth it

Here's what I'm counting on with You
For You know me through and through
Remove the broken pieces
Whew, whew, whew, whew
All the fragments and debris
'Til there's nothing left of me and I say
Here is a heart that's yielded totally
(Repeat Chorus)
Now there's one thing left to do
Everything else must move
Gotta find a place
Where I can see your face

Both songs are provided from Youtube for you to listen to.
Paul Wilbur shares how God has been with man through the ages and Fred Hammond brings it a bit closer to home.

The scriptures tell us the Lord, our God is one God and we should love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:28-31)

God tells Moses that he could not look upon His face for if he did, he would die (Exod. 33:17-23).  This point is amplified when Moses was in the “tabernacle” with the Lord and came out to the people.  He had to cover his face with a cloth because the glory of God shone so brightly that the people couldn’t bear to look upon him (Exod. 34:29-35).

Moses face was a reflection of God’s glory.  The glory of God shines so brightly it is hard for man to look upon it, even in reflection.  I am persuaded, how do I word this, to look upon God’s face is to look upon His glory.  God’s glory is so overpowering that man doesn’t die because he looked upon God but because man cannot contain, absorb, comprehend, live, when we see the full glory of God in this body.  The magnitude is so great.  Wo what happens when we are in eternity?  We currently have temporal bodies, they die.  When we are in heaven we our bodies are changed into glorified bodies (1 Corinth. 15:47-54)

Now, can we experience the glory of God?  Of course.  When we experience the Holy Ghost and maybe we collapse to the ground because we cannot stand.   We are experiencing the presence of God though the Holy Ghost in our life.  When I have experienced this myself, my body loses all strength and it most difficult to move.  I can think, I can talk, I just can’t get up and walk.  Eventually I can crawl and eventually I can stand up and function again but it can vary from just a couple of minutes to a very long time.  Now, I (personally) don’t collapse when I’m under the influence of the Spirit.  Often as I jot down this blog, I proceed as normal.  Then I finish what I’m doing.  I usually start feeling it so I’m not surprised anymore when I try to stand up from the computer desk – and can’t.  My legs don’t feel weak, they just won’t support me – for a while.

When Peter and the disciples went out into the street after they had received the “baptism of the Holy Ghost”, people thought they were drunk, but Peter explained what it was The presence of the Holy Ghost (God) in their lives (Acts 2:1-18).

The presence of God can be expressed through His ‘glory cloud’ (Exod. 40:34-38), just as He did when His presence filled the tent of the congregation, the tabernacle. in the wilderness.

Father spoke to me several times in Nov. and Dec 2017, sharing some things He said to put in this entry.
This is a brief description of the passage of 2 Chronicles 7:14.   If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will forgive their sin and heal their land -  and as soon as I got part way through I started coughing like I’ve never coughed before.  I got to coughing so hard I thought I was going to throw up, expelling huge amounts of air.  So much that it was getting difficult to take any air in.  I cried out (best I could) “Lord have mercy!” several times.  After a whole bunch of minutes, the coughing started to subside and I could finally start getting my breath back, yet still coughing.  At one point I tried getting some water and I heard Father say “Don’t even try to.”  He was right.  I couldn’t even get the bottle to my lips.  I asked in my heart “Father are we casting out demons or is this some sort of attack because I just read the key to healing?  I didn’t get a confirm on the devils but the force with which I was coughing, they surely would have been evicted.  I did get confirm on the key so the HG prompted me to bold that entry on my excel list.

There are nearly 140 scriptures with heal or its variations (heal, healing, healed, healeth, etc.).  I only got through the word “heal”. 
I watched the War Room Tuesday night.  I had made a list I called “My War Room” which listed my strategies.  As I read email this AM, Father had me recheck it on the computer and I said to myself that I should have a copy of this in my bible.  I did, so I went over it again.  Been a most interesting AM so far.  Hmmm.  11:22, now it’s time to go back upstairs and start my AM session.

Father said to put this here & in my prophecies collection (OK, get to copy & paste).
He said to put this down TODAY.

It is time to start focusing on the next season.  I have been refreshing My children with My Holy Ghost but we are preparing to go to a new level.  That which the church has never seen before.  Peter, Paul and the other apostles and disciples received the former rain as I was preparing the ground for the seeds of tomorrow.  They continued to till my soil, laying the seeds of true Spirituality.  

Unfortunately, My church has fallen away.  But, now, I’m bringing them back to where My church should be so I can bring them into the latter rain of maturity, working in the full power and authority of My Holy Spirit, as I intended.

Still, My church sleeps.  It is time to start awakening all My souls.  Too many of My warriors are still holding back.  They need to be awakened as this outpouring comes forth so they can be ready in the next season for the explosion.  Souls will be more than ready to eat what I have for them so My church, My body, needs to be ready to feed the hungry.

I said “Father, You said to put this here today as the day You told me.  I looked at the numbers.  

There’s nothing positive about today.  Everything defined for today is chaos, disorder, judgment, etc. (11-21-2017), for the month and the day!  (no answer) just that feeling of confirmation that He wants today noted.
Note:   I posted it in “prophecies” & I felt the anointing.  Father said that in December we will start moving in this direction.  I thought Dec. 9, and listen up for that date: December is Governmental perfection, God’s power/authority.  The ninth is Fruit of the spirit; Divine completeness from the Father.  I said “whoa” (actually out loud) and that’s when Father let me feel the “zone”.  I look forward to the 12/9 entry into the blog.  (post note: in retro the entry into the 12/9/2017 “Homecoming” blog was titled “A closer Walk with You”)   

The man in the mountain, Tuscany Italy.  His chin is the peak and his forehead towards the bottom of 
the left slope

The face in the mountain.  His chin is the peak and his forehead is down to the left slope.  In the “Miracle of St. Ana” (from which this shot comes) the village people believed that the man in the mountain would come to save them.  This is obviously NOT God but didn’t Father meet Moses on the Mount?  Mount Horeb (Exod. 3:1-12) and isn’t Jesus the “Rock of our Salvation” (Psalm 62:1-2, 1 Corinth. 10:1-4)?  So we are saved by the man in the mountain, Jesus, our Rock.

Father is coming to deliver us out of the bondage of sin.  All we have to do is come to the mountain, the Rock, our Lord Jesus Christ and receive what Father has to offer.

Started my AM prayers and the thoughts drifted into my head.  In a room with a large, flat table with diagrams or something on it.  I was there, Jesus was there, Peter was there, Paul was there and John was off to the side like an observer.

Jesus, of course was in charge, Peter was there because He was the spearhead for the apostles, the one to go out and get things done with boldness and strength.  Paul was there because he is the apostle to the Gentiles, with Peter’s boldness and forthrightness but tempered with the love Father gave John.  John was off to the side as an observer, watching to see how love unfolded in the discussion.
This ‘meeting’ was about forming a battle plan for the forthcoming events (Spiritual explosion).  Save John, who was off to the side, we were gathered around the table.  Jesus was pointing His finger at the table and a ‘map’ or something lying thereon. 

Nothing was said because I’m not yet quite where I need to be and Jesus told me so.  He said “I’m waiting on you to finally and totally give yourself over to Me, completely.  To give Me ALL your desires, lusts, your thoughts and actions.  I need your total obedience before I can press you into action.” 

I said “Lord, it would really be neat if this were so, but I’m fully awake, sitting in my chair and I’m not so sure whether this is just my imagination bringing this to me or is it really you?”  I felt in my heart You said this would be so, but not yet.  Not until I’ve yielded – completely, then this counsel will take place. 

I guess what confuses me is that I’m not in twilight on my bed as this started.  I’m fully awake as these thoughts came.  But Ithen did I ask that You manifest Yourself in my presence, didn’t I?
Forgive me.  It’s just that I know that with which I still struggle and I know that You’ve laid it upon heart that I will have a major role in this Spiritual explosion and it is hard for me fathom that one such as I might be entrusted with such a task.  But, yesterday at church I saw what You told me the other day and that was that the boldness would start manifesting itself within me. PTL.

Having read Doug Addison’s ‘Daily word’, this was my response:
This is a turning point, and there is a spiritual shift happening that will bring things together.
Bringing things together?  After a week of feeling blah and very weak muscularly,  This AM I woke up with a good chunk of my muscular strength feeling like it has returned.  Father told me yesterday, not only does he want me to speak praise to him, but He reminded me of Paul in prison and shackled.  So what did Paul & Silas do?  Sang praises to God.  Father had me sing “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” (the doxology) & He told me I need to do more of that.   He also told me that even though it’s fine listening to the music at night, He wants me to sing more & not just listen.  Amen
Father said not to just leave it in prophecies, but to put it here as well.

Yesterday, Father put on my heart that He has been fulfilling a part of my AM prayers and I just wasn’t aware of it.  I open my prayer each day with “Galah, shekinah kovad, Adinoy, Elilhu, bo.”  Those are Hebrew words and loosely translated they say “May the glory of the one true living God manifest Itself in my presence because I am your friend, my Lord, my God, come.”  Yesterday, Father asked me about that ‘strange’ feeling I’ve had lately, when I feel like a tingling all over my body.  He said to me “You’ve asked for My Glory to manifest in your presence, right?  You’ve said that you’re not sure what this feeling is, but that it feels good, almost like the ‘zone’, but different.  You still  have much to learn, about how you can experience Me.  You look for something visual and I give you sensations.  But don’t be surprised if you expect a sensation and I give you something visual.  You ask?  Receive.”

This AM as I began my session “Galah, shekinah Kovad …”, Father made me aware of the ‘feeling, the sensation, that tingling and He asked me “Now do you understand?” 

He told me the other day (I don’t remember exactly) that this tingling was indeed another manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit & this AM, He confirmed it!

I take note that Father made me aware of a new boldness present in my being yesterday.  Alesia & I had a strategy meeting for Wellspring Counselling and as we talked and prayed, I felt a new boldness coming upon me.  It’s time to come out of my shell – before man.  He showed me, in my mind’s eye, like a moth coming out of his cocoon.  Little by little tearing its way out into freedom.  Father says I am starting to emerge, now.  All I have to do is be obedient.
PS        As I turned to turn on the printer and print this out, I felt the zone.

What a week!  This AM, Father had me update the blog entry for tomorrow.  The zone has been different lately.  I still get “out of it” but I’ve been feeling my shoulders. 

In my prayer, I was part way into my comfort zone and had finished the part where I ask Father to give my comfort zone no fears, no bounds and no hesitations.  My mind’s eye was suddenly at the church.  I say “mind’s eye’ because it’s like a daydream and I’m not always sure if I’m manipulating what’s happening or if it truly is Father (forgive me).  Anyway, it seems it was a Thursday night.  Loretta was there along with Alesia and Deborah, and of course me.  Father had me pray “galah, shekinah kovad Adinoy, Elilhu, bo” which is (loosely) “Father let Your glory manifest itself in our presence because we are your friends, come.”  We all felt something then there was this angel bent down on one knee behind us.  Bent down on one knee because the ceiling was too low for him to stand.  We have about an eight foot ceiling at the church.  He said “Don’t be afraid.”  I don’t think we were afraid/afraid, but rather just awestruck.  Yes, he was dressed in armor, helmet, breastplate, protective girdle, shin guards and I think I noticed a sword in its scabbard hanging from his side.  I don’t remember a shield.  (as I reread this, Father said the shield was hung upon his back).  We asked who he was and that’s when Father sent me to the Strong’s.  At first, I thought “Ben Thunder – Son of Thunder”, but that just didn’t seem right.

Father had me look up thunder in the Hebrew.  Three variations – qowl or qol (6963) which is to speak wit a thunderous voice.  Then raam which gave two pronunciations for the same spelling.  One was “rawam” and the other was “raham” which is like the crash of thunder.  I was still thinking in terms of “son …” so I’m thinking Ben Raam.  Father put on my heart that wasn’t correct for this angel was not the “son of thunder.”  Father let me settle in with “Raam El”, the thunder of God.  He said this was his name for when he spoke, he roared like a lion (another lookup) because Father also said “Yeah, like the Lion of Judah”.  So I guess the angel’s name actually would be “Raam El Ariy (Judah)”, Ariy (738) is a young, fierce lion and is pronounced “aree”.

He said he was our angel, or maybe just mine.  I wasn’t really clear with that.  But he said that when he spoke, he roared like a lion thundering across the jungle.

Well, that’s it for now.  I don’t know exactly if it means what it seems to indicate or if it means anything at all.  Time will tell.

Now to summarize all this which has been presented.
Note this day of publication 8-18-2018
8          is new birth or new beginnings
18        bondage or oppression
20        redemption

August is the eighth month signifying coming into a new birth or a new beginning in our relationship with the Father through Jesus.

The eighteenth day and the eighteenth year represent the spiritual bondage we have been under for so long.  It has been hitting us twice as hard this year because of what God is preparing to do.

Numerically the century is in the 2000’s.  even though we call it the 21st century, we’re ‘20’ something, not ‘21’ something.  Twenty is redemption.  This whole century is a time of redemption.  Father is redeeming us from the bondage and suffering we have been experiencing bringing us into a new birth, that is beginning a new relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  And we are at the threshold where we are entering a time of redemption.

Our job is to receive what Father has for us so we CAN grow into this new level of relationship with Him.  That means a closer walk with Him.  That means seeking His face, no matter how He chooses to reveal Himself to us.  That means taking the hand of Jesus and not letting go.  That means we let Jesus put His yoke upon us, and even though our feet are moving, He leads the way.  It all boils down to living in God’s love while we are still here in this world.  And because we have learned to live in His love while we are in this world, we know that we shall enjoy His company now and throughout all eternity.

Seeking His face, growing in His love equals that closer walk with Him which He desires with us.


Saturday, August 4, 2018

8/4/2018         UNITY   Begins at Home    (left click to listen/watch)

                                                                 Being together is unity

When we think about unity, we think about 'oneness', like mindedness coming together for a single goal.

The word 'unity' pops up twice in the bible, once in Psalms 133 and the other in Ephesians 4.  The Hebrew word is yachad (3162) which carries the connotation of together, likewise, all at once, unity.  The Greek word is  henotes (1775) with the meanings of oneness, unanimity (unanimous), unity.
Webster defines it as oneness, not divided, harmony, totality of related parts and solidarity, among some other like designations.

So we might say that unity is multiple single parts coming together for a single purpose or to function as a single unit.

When we talk about unity we have to start with God.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form, void and darkness was upon the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (Gen. 1:1-2).  Essentially there was nothing.  Existence (outside of God) was empty and void. Interesting to note how this describes vanity as well.  There was darkness because light was not yet brought into existence.  Then God said “Let there be light” and there was light (Gen 1:3).  The word waters (Strong’s 4325, mayim) implies that whatever was, was like a thick juice, even like waste material, like urine, or perhaps it was like the makings of life as in semen.  Nonetheless, it was nothingness, it was a mass.  It was one.  It was in unity.

But in the beginning was the Word.  The Word was with God and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God (John 1:1-2).  All things were made by the Word and He was (is) life and that life is the light of men (John 1:3-4).  The Word was made flesh and lived among us and is the only “begotten” of the Father (John 1:14).  Everything that God, the Father is, dwelled in Jesus for it pleased the Father that the fullness of the Godhead dwell in Him (Col. 2:9).    There is unity in the Godhead, three manifestations in the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, yet one God.  Through our ‘salvation’ experience, He draws us into that unity so that we are conformed to the image of Jesus.  Jesus becomes the firstborn of many brothers (Rom 8:29) and if we are His brothers, we are joint heirs in the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord (Rom. 8:16-17).  Oh!  By the way, think about it.  Jesus is in unity with the Father, the Holy Ghost, who dwells within us, is in unity with the Father and the Son so this means that we are in unity with the Father, through Jesus, our Lord because the Holy Ghost dwells within us (John 14:26, John 17:20-21, John 20:22, Acts 1:4-5, Acts 2:1-4)!   God does desire unity with man!

God is the ultimate of unity so we have to start with Him and as we abide in Christ as Jesus abides in the Father we conform to God in unity.  

Let’s look at the “true vine” for a bit (John 15:1-10).

 Jesus tells us that He is the true vine and God the Father is the husbandman (John 15:1).  The husbandman takes care of the vine, feeds it, waters it, gives it everything it needs to survive.  The husbandman trims, or cuts off, the dead branches that don’t bear fruit so that the remaining branches can become strong and bear even more fruit because they are no longer encumbered by the dead branches.  The branches don’t exist on their own.  They need to be connected to the vine in order to 
live (John 15:2-4).  They have to be in unity with the vine.

Jesus is our vine and we are His branches and because He is our life source, we can do nothing without Him (John 15:5).  Yet, PTL, we can do all things through Him (Phil. 4:13).  Further confirmation of our need of unity with the Lord.

Jesus tells us that when we don’t ‘live’ in Him, that is yield our lives to Him, striving to be like Him, we become withered (dead) branches and are cast aside to be burned (eternal damnation) (John 15:6).  However as we do yield ourselves to Him, His Word comes alive in our lives and our relationship grows closer to Him.  As we grow closer to Him we discover that whatsoever we ask – He will give us (John 15:7).  And as we yield ourselves to Jesus, we bear fruit, that is the love of God flows through us to those around us guiding new souls into the kingdom of God.  And because we live and witness for Jesus, people will know that we follow Him and are His disciples (John 15:8).  As His disciples, we are growing in to deeper unity with the Father through the Son.

Our Father has loved the Son.  The Son has loved us so we need to discover and live in the love of Christ (God is love – 1 John 4:7-8).  We do this by doing our best to keep His commandments which is “to love” (Matt. 22:36-40), because He keeps the Father’s commandments, which is to love.  Ergo, we become a reflection of God’s love so the world can see that love in true operation (John 15:9-10). 

As we abide in the love of God, we come into unity with the Father through the Son because the Holy Ghost resides in our hearts.

Being in unity with God, means that we do the will of the Father (Matt. 7:21-25)

Pyrite is called ‘fool’s gold’ because, even though it looks like gold, it is not.  It is a weak and worthless imitation of the real thing.  And even though it glitters like gold, all that glitters is not gold. 
We have to solidify our walk with Christ Jesus in order to have unity with anyone else (John 15:7-13)

Like pyrite, many will claim to be Christian.  They may even prophecy in the name of Jesus.  They may do some wonderful works, even cast out devils, in the name of Jesus.  Yet Jesus will say “Only those who do the will of my Father shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.  I never knew you, depart you who work iniquity. (Matt. 7:21-23)”.  The Scribes and Pharisees and even the priests did the right things but Jesus blasted them because their hearts were far from Him (Matt. 15:7-9).  They didn’t know Him.  Those church leaders observed rituals and loved to be prominent before man but they never took the time to get to know Jesus.  For had they followed Jesus, they would surely have been more concerned for the welfare of others than of themselves.  They would have been in unity with the Father and God’s true love would have been prominent in their lives.  Jesus tells us to love others as He has loved us remembering that He gave the greatest expression of love when He died on the cross cleansing us from our sins (John 15:7-13, Heb. 9:14) and, of course, rose from the dead (Rom. 10:9).  

We come into unity with fellow Christians for there is no fellowship between light and darkness (2 Corinth. 6:14-18)

Unity is enhanced as we ‘hang out’ with and fellowship with other believers (Heb. 10:25).  Unity is formed as we remember who He is, that is imitate His love and fellowship with others who also remember.  He has given each and every one who believes on Him the Holy Ghost as a comforter and enabling us to be witness for His love (John 15:14-27).  And the Holy Ghost does confirm who we are and who are our brothers (1 John 1:1-13) in the Lord so we continue with those who have a similar heart, a heart expressing the love of God and that common bond implies that we are in unity.
Some evidences of being a child of God include the fruit of the Spirit being visible in our lives, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.  We have crucified (or are crucifying) the lusts of the flesh as we live in His Spirit (Gal. 5:24).  We set aside trying to make ourselves look good (so we can feel good about ourselves).  We don’t envy what others have and don’t provoke others (we are peacemakers (Matt. 5:9)).  When Jesus shared the “Beatitudes” (Matt. 5:1-12) with His disciples, it was to help us with guidance in living our lives.  Don’t get me wrong, we do continually try to improve ourselves But not at the expense of others as we put them before us (Rom. 12:10).

We need to always remember that the kingdom of God is not just food and drink but it is living in His righteousness and peace and having joy in the Holy Ghost.  This is acceptable before God as well as giving us favor with man (Rom. 14:17-19).

We need to put on the breastplate of faith and love and know who we are in Christ Jesus.  Through Jesus, we are destined for eternal life with the Father so we should live completely in Him, for Him and by Him.  We need to endeavor to edify those around us and honor and respect those whom God has placed over us.  If we can’t live peaceably among ourselves, how can we introduce souls to the Lord?  If we can’t live peaceably, why would anyone want to associate with us?  We need to be patient with those who are not at the same level of growth as we but in love, help those who are weaker to come into better alignment with God’s love.  Jesus reminds us not to do evil towards anyone but treat all with respect.  We should have a rejoicing spirit within us always having an attitude of prayer, seeking Father in all situations.  Thank God for all that He does for us.  We need to allow the Holy Spirit to operate, unencumbered, in our lives and receive prophecy.  We should test all things by the Spirit and retain all that is good as we abstain from the appearance of evil.  God will sanctify us and preserve us until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And we can be assured that God will accomplish all that He has said (1 Thess. 5:8-24).  Looking forward to being with our Lord in eternity should be enough to keep us motivated to live in unity with our brothers.  We should always strive to be all that we can be (2 Peter 1:10) as we work towards the full operation of the whole body of Christ (Eph. 4:16).  A unifity made up of individual parts, each fulfilling their own task.

Unity with Jesus and among ourselves is reflected by our living for the Father through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  As we express our love towards God and those around us. 

We know that God cast Satan and his angels out of heaven because of disobedience.  So the devil is now upon this earth accusing us and trying to keep us or separate us from God’s love.  Satan and his demons are in unity against us.  However, we know that we have salvation and strength through the power of Jesus Christ and the blood of the Lamb has conquered the enemy (Rev. 12:10-11).  Satan also knows that if the body of Christ is unified, set to one purpose, he is dead meat, his goose is cooked.  God knows that when once man sets his mind to something, we can accomplish almost anything.  Why did God break mankind up and give them different languages at Babel?  God said “Behold, the people are one … and now they shall be able to accomplish anything they imagine” (Gen. 11:6).  Unity is important!

So, as we have unity with the Father through Jesus as the Holy Ghost dwells within us, we also have victory over Satan and his demons.  And we maintain that unity by yielding our lives over to Jesus as we live in the will of the Father, that is to be a true reflection and expression of His love to all around us but especially our brothers (and sisters) in Christ Jesus.

Our unity is living in, through and for God.  Even though we may be different fellowships, different denominations we should all be working together for the edification and harmony of the body as we serve Jesus Christ, our Lord.