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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year's Word (a day early)

Here’s the Daily Prophetic Word for December 31, 2015 from Doug Addison!

A major shifting is happening in the spirit realm and things will never be the same.

Here's an additional comment:

Things ARE shifting AND starting to pick up speed as Father is drawing His children to new levels of performance. Those who hear his voice and follow suit will find things coming together, maturing more rapidly learning more quickly and just plain growing faster. Ministries will not only start materializing but developing so quickly heads will spin and our witness for/in Jesus will be firm, immovable and we will praise and glorify in all that we do. Father's family is starting to become so entrenched in who we are in Christ Jesus that God's children just might start acting, doing and believing like 'God's children'.

This is the beginnings of an exciting time and will carry through these next six years culminating in a mind blowing spiritual explosion like the world has never seen. I would the whole world would come to Jesus, but the hardness of man's heart and mind will enable the prophecies of Revelation to be fulfilled.


Friday, December 25, 2015


'Tis the season

I rode with my daughter and granddaughter up to my son’s home just outside of Chambersburg, Pa. yesterday for our family’s Christmas celebration. You now, to exchange gifts, share good food and fellowship along with my daughter-in-law’s mom, her husband and her two sisters. I always come home from these ‘gatherings (especially at Christmas) with more stuff than I need, but nonetheless enjoy things like ‘buckeyes’, cookies and fudge. What are ‘buckeyes’ you ask? They are the original Reese’s Cup, peanut butter surrounded in a half shell of milk chocolate. And yes, they do look a bit like eyes but I must admit I’ve never asked where the ‘buck’ comes from, too busy poppin’ ‘em in my mouth (mmmmmm).

As my son, his wife and my three grandsons enjoy relaxing at their home today I’m going over to my daughter’s later today to enjoy a ‘traditional’ spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread dinner. Spaghetti & meatballs? Traditional? Hey, my last name has Germanic and English roots but as my dad used to say our heritage is Heinz 57 variety so there just may be a Luigi or a Sophia somewhere in the woodpile. Woodpile? Oh, guess I forgot to mention my dad’s roots go back to southeastern West Virginia, up in the mountains.

This AM NBC had a Cardinal from New York explaining the ‘real reason for the season’ and he did a pretty good job considering the limited time he had. He asked if he could start back in the Garden of Eden but the Hostess, Savannah, politely smiled and laughed indicating probably not a good idea.

I need to mention this one last thing. The church my son & his family attend had their annual Christmas offering, what is now almost two weeks ago. They used a ‘real’ infant for the baby Jesus and (PTL) for the first time in my life I saw somebody use, for they actually used a toddler (@2 yrs. old) for Jesus in the scene when the magi come to town!

All of this brings me to my point – “Tis the Season’. The Cardinal mentioned that God gave his greatest gift to man by giving us His Son as the infant Jesus. I’ll add that the magi bought gifts to the young child Jesus as they payed homage to the coming of his kingship and his kingdom,

As we grow in Christ Jesus, we come to know that Jesus is the only ‘Begotten Son’ of the Father because God took all that He ever said (His Word) and put it into the womb of a young, faithful Jewish girl and brought the totality of who God is into this world in physical form (the flesh, John 1). In this God began the fulfillment of what He promised Adam and Eve so long ago in the Garden where He told Satan that there would put enmity (hostility or hatred) between his seed and the woman’s seed and even though Satan’s seed might bruise the heel of the woman’s seed, the woman’s seed would bruise Satan’s seed head (Gen. 3:15). The word used here for ‘bruise ‘ is the Hebrew word ‘shuwph’ which means to bruise, break or cover (as in overwhelm). This is not just a promise to man (via Adam & Eve) but a prophecy of the Father’s triumph over evil. With the birth of Jesus as the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophecy. This was echoed by a certain Simeon who in part prophesied (Luke 2:34-35) “the child is set for the fall and the rising again of many in Israel and for a sign which shall be spoken against. ‘indeed a sword shall pierce through your own soul that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed’ (Heb. 4:12).

Now we know that Jesus grew, waxed strong in spirit and God’s grace was upon Him (Luke 2:40) so the ‘gift of God’ to us (man) also showed us how to live (through His ministry) reaffirming the Father’s promise to us with His Words.

When Jesus’ time was come they did take Him to the cross and crucified Him where He died shedding precious blood to cleanse us of our sins, unrighteousness (Luke 22 & 23). Yet the gift and the promise don’t end here for on the third day Jesus rose from the grave (Luke 24) – alive and well, in the flesh and shared more about the kingdom of God with His disciples for the next forty days (Acts 1:3). But the gift and the promise don’t stop here for at the end of those forty days Jesus ascended back to heaven (from whence He came, Acts 1:9) and is seated at the right hand (power & authority, Rom. 8:34) of the Father. But the gift and the promise don’t stop here because He is coming back for us so we can be with the Father through Him forever (Acts 1:11).

So ‘tis the season to remember that through our faith, belief and confession of Jesus Christ that He is coming back for us. That He rose from the grave and walked and taught His disciples more about the kingdom of heaven and so He could ascend into heaven completing the task of reuniting ‘us’ with the Father. He died on the cross fulfilling the Law’s requirement for death as the required punishment for sin (in our place). That He lived, walked and talked amongst man giving us an example so we could realize what God expects from us. He was born in a manger, under the Law (that is human) so He could redeem us from the curse of the Law (death). He is the greatest gift God could ever have given to us (man) so that He (the Father) could once again enjoy fellowship with us as He once had with Adam & Eve in the garden before the fall.


To relish His great mercy

To enjoy fellowship with the One who has created all that is

To give Him thanksgiving, praise and glory for all the He is and has done (for us)

To live in His love

Because He first loves us

‘Tis the season to remember what a mighty thing Father has done though the ‘least’ (a baby) for us

Friday, December 11, 2015


One cog on the wheel

1 Corinth. 13:9 for we know in part and we prophecy in part

In chapter thirteen, Paul speaks of the value, reality and importance of ‘love’. He tells us that without love nothing else carries much value. Yes, we might do good works but without love it really means very little – maybe only a temporary fix. Bu after verse nine, Paul encourages us to grow (mature) in love. Verse nine, however, says that whatever we do in this world we do in part. That is we may not see the complete picture or know the whole story. But we know what God reveals to us at a given time. We see in part because we’re not yet mature in love.

Sometimes, the prophetic might get a bad rap because the speaker may not reveal all that pertains to the situation. God may not have shown him the whole picture. Example: The evening sky is streaked with blue, red, orange and yellow and maybe a few shades of mixed colors. Father says to the prophet “Look how blue the sky is. Go tell my children.” The prophet dutifully carries this word to the children but the children look up and see many colors in the sky. Even though the blue may be the most brilliant and beautiful blue God has ever put in the sky, the prophet may be accused of being a ‘false prophet’ simply because he/she didn’t mention the other colors. Was the prophet wrong? No. he/she spoke to the children what God said to speak and nothing more. At the same time, or even at different times, different sunsets, God may send the same or other prophets to point out the other colors in the spectrum.

Think of a wheel or more specifically a gear. The gear has many teeth or cogs, four, a dozen, whatever. All cogs are part of the same wheel and each cog has a job to do as it interfaces with parts of the respective machine. That cog does what it is supposed to do, it meshes with designed other parts and nothing more when it is supposed to. Even though it may be rotating because it is circular and each cog advances the gear with each connection, it still does its job when its turn comes up. It does its job and only its job. It isn’t designed to do anything else.

If we look at the Old Testament and read about God’s prophets, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and all the rest, God gave each of these men a specific task to perform with respects to the children of Israel. They performed their task and only that task. Of course then, afterwards, God may have given them another task to perform, related or unrelated to the previous task, and they would do that.

If we look at a ‘timeline’ of when the prophets existed, we see many overlapped each other, that is that many served, at least a portion of their time, during the same time period as another prophet. More than one might be serving at a specific time but each had their ‘own’ message from God.

Not all words come to pass immediately. Daniel interpreted Nebuchadenzzar’s dream of the giant statue (Dan. Chptr2). He told the king that the gold head represented the king’s current kingdom, but the parts of silver, brass, iron and clay were all future kingdoms, even the stone which broke the stature into pieces was another kingdom.

Point is that when someone operates in the ‘prophetic’ today, their words will come to pass but we need God’s wisdom to determine is the word for today? Or tomorrow? I know for myself as Father has taught me through the ‘revelations of a word pertaining to birds. On several occasions He gave me a word prompted by the actions of birds which I saw out my front window. Between Jan. 2015 and Feb. 2015 four times He shared a word focused around the activity of birds. The word can be progressive, a part now, a part tomorrow and so on as it was with the birds. The lesson with the birds is that God was sharing with me what He wanted to share at a given time. Then after He shared all four installments He tied it all up into a neat little package showing me a more complete picture of how one prophecy led to the next revealing a complete picture of progression. Get the drift?

Don’t get upset or discouraged just because someone doesn’t have the whole picture up front but rather weigh what is said against God’s written word for consistency. We know God is love. Is what was said consistent with the operation of God’s love? If so, receive it and expect it, even when it doesn’t happen right away. The prophecy may be what God intends for you down the road. An example from my life: I might have been a teenager or I might have been in my twenties, I don’t recall anymore but I asked God if I would ever amount to anything. I ‘felt’ a response in that what God had for me would come late in life. I turned twenty in 1965. More than forty years later, over the past two to three years Father has been unraveling what He has set aside for me. I don’t feel too bad though. Abraham was 100 years old when he became the father of Isaac, the promised son. Moses sneaked out of Egypt, eluding what would have been Pharaoh’s wrath (Exod. Chptr 2) when he was forty years old and came back to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt forty years later when he was eighty. Now I’m not comparing myself to Abraham or Moses but what i am saying is that a day with the Lord is ‘like’ a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8). The word ‘like’ doesn’t limit a day with God to be a thousand years, it means that a day is as infinite as God desires. What I am saying is God is timeless. He knows the beginning and the end. They are the same to Him so what seems like an eternity to us is just a blink of the eye for Him. So, now, I’m anticipating what He has in store for me as I continue to mature as His child.

Any child of God can bring a prophetic word (but remember Satan can imitate) but God’s love is the yardstick. Anytime someone speaks into our lives weigh it against ‘God’s nature’. Of course, we’ll have to know something about God’s nature to do that and to do that we'll need to know some bible. Also God is in the ‘edification business’ (Romans 14:9) so all word should be delivered in love and even though it may seem harsh sometimes, it is always done for our edification. To help us to become a better and more productive person (Christian).

I speak for myself, most of the prophetic words spoken into my life over the past several years have confirmed what Father has already told me. If the word is ‘new’ to me and if it is truly from the Lord, it will edify, be consistent with God’s nature and it will come to pass. It may come to pass quickly or as with me, we just may have to be patient sometimes. It will come to pass and God will tell you. That is He will confirm it in your heart as well as through others. If He hasn’t told you first, as long as you listen, He will tell you.

Originally I was going to share the ‘words’ prompted by the birds but Father said to share this first so I said OK, next time. Father said “No, I have something else planned for the next time, the birds can come in January.” I said OK (what else would I say?

Again, somebody out there needs these words and I pray Father blesses them through them.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Father gave me this this AM during my morning prayer session.  He said to put it on the blog now because somebody out there needs to see these words.  Someone out there needs to hear this message because that someone (maybe be more than one) needs the confirmation for what Father has been telling them.

I know that someone reading this will say "who does this guy think he is?"  I would say the same if I were in your shoes but I'm just trying to do what God tells me.  Obedience is what He desires of us and I am trying to be so.  

AM Prayers

General 1Kings 18:41-46 The rain starts as a little cloud but quickly grows into massive storm clouds bringing a great rain with wind.

Such is the Holy Ghost explosion that is coming. It is starting as a whisper but over the next six years it will grow into the roar of a mighty wind that will begin to sweep the globe. It will begin as a small “mew” as of a lion cub but it will grow into the mighty roar of the King. It will has already started as a small still voice but the time is coming when the clap of its thunder will be heard ‘round the world.

I am calling My children, I am gathering My children that they will do My bidding bringing souls to My table to sup with Me.

Take this as the Holy Ghost leads.
Amen (let it be so)

Friday, November 27, 2015

11-28-2015 - The Watchman lesson learned

I promised to share the lesson I learned last winter after Father had given me the 'Watchman' and circumstances surrounding it.

For the past six months our pastor has held classes for several of us helping to brush up and make sure we understand certain theological concepts so I've had the pleasure to read Kenneth Hagin's book "Understanding the Anointing" which has helped me to understand many things that have been going on in my life, especially fairly recently (last couple of years). I mention this because I'm going to share what happened to me as God shared the 'Watchman' with me and I was looking for confirmation that I indeed had heard from Him.

As i said in the last post, Father gave me the Watchman over three different days over a six day period in September 2014. I do my 'main' prayer in the morning and each offering of the Watchman fit neatly into that scenario - during my AM prayer session. And interestingly enough (not that it means anything that I'm aware of) each came at the beginning of that session. Father would start sharing the word with me and send me downstairs to the computer to type it out. Everything was fine as I made my entry. I felt just I do any other day, that is until I stood up to go back upstairs. On the first day, I stood up and sat right back down in the chair. My legs were like two strands of cooked spaghetti and they didn't want to support me. A warm feeling was over my body and nothing bothered me. Nothing. Not even the usual little twinges and aches I normally feel. But I soon realized I had problem - I had to get back upstairs and use the bathroom.

I stood back up looked at the basement steps, all of ten feet away, and wondered if I could make it. I literally 'inched' my way to the steps holding on to the things that were nearby and even though I couldn't say exactly how long it took, it had to have been at least five or six minutes. I looked at the steps and my legs seemed to say to me "you want us to climb that?" I did - On my hands and knees. I literally crawled up the stairs. Still on my hands and knees, in the kitchen, I still had about ten or twelve feet to the bathroom. My situation was getting desperate. I thought to myself "Once I get to the bathroom I still have to stand up." So I grabbed hold of the refrigerator door handle (beside me) and pulled myself to my feet. I shuffled to the bathroom door. Yes, I did make it. Afterwards I shuffled out into the living room and traversing the ten or twelve feet I flopped, or should I say plopped, into my green chair. And there I sat. I made several futile attempts to get up but it was a full forty-five minutes before I was able to get back up onto my feet again and move about with reasonable ease. Mind you, I felt GREAT during all this. Virtually nothing bothered me but I just had a very hard time getting to my feet to stand up.

The same thing happened again when I received the other two segments of the Watchman but they weren't quite as intense and didn't last as long. On the two subsequent episodes I returned to 'normal' after about fifteen or twenty minutes.

Father reminded me that this wasn't the first time this happened. He reminded of one time in my 'old' house (I moved in March 2015 to where I am now) when He laid me out prone, face down on the living room floor for about fifteen or twenty minutes before I could get back up. I knew, for sure, if anyone peeked in my living room window and saw me laying there they would have thought I had suffered a heart attack or something. And it has happened many times since, to lesser degrees. I started calling this my 'zone' and I had and have no problems getting into the 'zone'. It doesn't happen every time I pray but it does seem to happen whenever the Lord shares something significant with me. And I usually don't realize I'm in the 'zone' until I go to stand up. Sometimes the 'zone' lasts a couple of minutes, sometimes it lasts considerably longer and like I said, most times I don't even realize that I've entered into the 'zone' until I realize that I can't stand up.

I mentioned that we were studying Kenneth Hagin's book on the 'anointing' so I've come to realize this experience is an anointing as Father shares something with me He wants me to know. I love it. I learn something and I feel pretty good at the same time!

I knew in my heart that the word on the 'Watchman' was supposed to be shared with others so I asked the Lord 'how!'? I've been reading Doug Addison's e-mailed "Daily Prophetic Word" for over a year now so, at the Lord's direction I e-mailed a copy of the Watchman to Doug's e-mail address (from the website).

We had a special speaker come in for our Fall Harvest banquet in October so Father prompted me to share the prophecy with the fellowship so with the Pastor's agreement I did AND I gave a written copy to our guest speaker who just happened to be a relative of our pastor.

Also in October I went to the "Elijah's List Conference in Frederick, Md. where I handed the pastor of that church a copy of the prophecy (in envelopes) for each of the guest speakers there, Doug Addison, Jane Hamon and Steve Shultz. I don't know if the copies were ever delivered, but I gave them to pastor.

We had a prophetess come and speak at our Christmas Banquet in December. No I didn't give her a copy but I mention this because her presence feeds into the situation.

I was doing what I knew to get the Watchman 'out' and I was feeling pretty god about my efforts. Before I went to the Elijah's List Conference in October Father sent me to a local store, 2nd and Charles, saying "find a book by either Doug Addison or Bill Hamon and buy it. Right around that time I was learning that Bill Hamon was one of the 'founding fathers' of the 'prophetic' movement so I went looking. Nothing on their shelves by Doug but I found one book (yes one, not one title, just one book) by Hamon - 'The Day of the Saints'. So I bought it. Father said to read it before I went to the conference in Frederick, so I did, all but the last chapter and Father said 'no problem, we'll catch it later'.

So here's my situation:

In September Father gives me the "Watchamn'

In October I go to our Banquet AND the conference in Frederick

In December we have our Christmas banquet

Every word our Pastor brought on Sunday since the end of September contained elements from the Watchman

I'm around a lot of people who operate in the 'prophetic'. Surely Father will speak to one (if not all) of them and tell them what He has done with and for me (the Watchman). I thought for sure. Even though I was prayed over no one, nada, nil, nary a soul, mentioned the Watchman. Even through the end of the year, not even my pastor mentioned the Watchman.

I do have a vivid imagination (always have). I found myself in the first couple of weeks of January (2015) feeling pretty sorry for myself. Why had no one mentioned it? I KNEW one of these people would confirm what the Lord had given me but no one did. I began to wonder if all this wasn't just my imagination and the Lord really hadn't spoken to me. I challenged Him "Why didn't you confirm what you had given me through any of all these resources I've been around?" I was beginning to conclude if I had been wrong about the Watchman what else have I been wrong about. I was considering 'shutting down'. I was going to back down to just doing the tasks I do with the fellowship and of course I would continue to pray and read the bible but if I'm not really hearing from the Lord why should I pursue the prophetic operations within me. After all, I apparently wasn't as prophetic as I thought.

Then Father took His turn to speak.

Buck!What was the book "Day of the Saints" about.
Father, it was about how the saints rise up and not just live for You but do Your will and it was laced with elements from the Watchman

What about the speaker at the Harvest Banquet?
He included several elements contained in the Watchman in the word he shared.

What about the Frederick conference?

Again I heard a lot of the elements from the Watchman in the words each of the speakers brought.

And what about the speaker at the Christmas banquet?

Huh! She also had elements from the Watchman in the word she brought.

And the words your pastor has been bringing in October, November and December?

Every message she has brought from October on have contained elements also in the Watchman.

So, let Me see if I understand this. Twice in October, once in November and in December NOT to mention how many times the pastor has spoken during the same time, they have all brought a word that contained elements from the Watchman. Am I right?
Ugh! Yes, I guess You're right, Lord.

How much confirmation do you need?!!!
Several months later I finally as able to get a copy of the Elijah List Conference DVD. I watched most of the presentations including the one Jane Hamon gave on Friday night. As I listened to it I said to myself "Holy smokes!" Now I was there on Friday night and heard her speak but watching the DVD I saw where most of the word she brought could have come straight from the Watchman. I mean it was loaded with elements from the Watchman but I surely never realized it that Friday.

The enemy had come very close to not just stealing what God had given me but came very close to shutting down any future attempts to share what Father was sharing with me.

I was looking for confirmation, but I was looking in all the wrong places!

Lesson learned - God does't always speak to us the way WE think He should. Father speaks to us in the way He wants to and that is dependent on what He's trying to teach us.

When I've considered how God confirms things with me, He has reminded me 1) When I learn something new, God exposes me to that idea through man but then He teaches me through scripture how He wants me to understand it and 2) I have received 'prophetic' word (personal prophecy) via many sources (people) and every time Father has used it to confirm what He has already told me - except three times. Once my pastor prophesied that I would speak before a large group of people wearing a suit - I don't like anything up around my neck, it chokes me, not likely but not impossible and the other two times two different people gave me the same prophecy, my pastor and a prophetess, a dear sister in Christ. They both prophesied a wife for me. My wife went to be with the Lord in 2005 and frankly I'm not looking for another wife. Even though originally I was motivated not to seek because financial reasons, since then I've used Paul's argument about splitting time between the Lord and a spouse, no spouse = moe time with he Lord.

Point to all this is Father doesn't seem to do things with me as He does with other people but I must admit that after reading Hagin's 'Anointing' I realize that I'm not the only one in this boat. Paul was not taught by the other apostles and neither was Kenneth Hagin taught by his peers. I appreciate how God has dealt with me over the years and Father has shown me that I don't operate under 'man's' teaching but rather through God's revelation.

I thank Father for what He has done in me and how He's done it and my prayer will always be that putting this out there, just as I have needed to realize that I'm not an island, the things I share in the blog will help someone else come to a realization of our relationship with the Father. In Jesus' name.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I apologize for the lineup on this post and previous posts.  I have been trying to copy and paste into the blog from a word document and I thought I had the misalignment figured via the fonts.  it didn't work.

Future posts will be entered directly into the blog and I'll see how that goes.  Thank you for bearing with me.
11-14-2015          The Watchman part 3

Again, what the Lord said to me is in bold. Take note that everything is in bold this time except in the
scriptural references and the summary. I’ve used italics in the summary to indicate my additions.
And, as in part one and two, I have separated lines out for easier reading.
This is the final part of the Watchman, so I’ll share what Father has shared with me pertaining
to this particular prophecy at the end.

On 9-30-2014 Father gave me the third and final installment of the Watchman. Didn’t know
that this was the final part until He gave it to me and “that’s it. There is no more.”

Next time I’ll share some of the events that God put before me so as to confirm that this
prophecy indeed came from Him.

I AM the Lord God who created the heavens and the earth.

I have set all things in their respective places at My good pleasure.

I know the beginning and I know the end.

I have established the beginning yet I have given man a choice.

Man can choose to follow Me or go his own way.

To choose to go his own way, man opens himself up to the promptings and temptations of the Evil One, to fall into his snares, the end of which is man’s own destruction.

What is destruction, My children?

Separation from Me and My love – forever.

Have you considered forever?

Consider pain and torment.

Consider lusting after something and never being able to attain it or to be satisfied or fulfilled. All to which there is no end.

What is eternal life, My children?

Living in Me and in My love.

Being always satisfied, never wanting.

And because you abide in My will, freedom – to do what you will because you abide in My will, which is My love.

As you consider the well-being of others, I will lift you up before them (in this world and in Mine).

I AM –

all that you ever need,

all that you should truly desire.

I know your hearts and I will open My storehouses of blessings unto you My children because of your obedience.

Let My angels guide you.

Let My angels serve you.

I have set them about you,

let them perform their appointed tasks.

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was
God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him there was nothing made.

Rev. 4:11 You are worthy, oh Lord, to receive glory and honor and power for You have created all things and for your pleasure they are created.

Rev. 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending says the Lord …

Prov. 3:19 The Lord by wisdom has founded the earth and by understanding He has established the heavens.

Josh 24:15 If it seems evil to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve … as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

Matt. 6:24 No man can serve two masters, he will hate one and love the other or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

Matt. 25:31-46 … (the sheep served God and were welcomed into His kingdom. The goats did not serve God and were cast out) … (v46) and these (the goats) will go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous (the sheep) into life eternal.

1 Corinth. 2:9 … Eye has not seen no ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for those who love him.

Rev. 20:11-15 I saw a great white throne … and every man was judged according to their works and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death …

Matt. 25:31-46 (v34-40) come, blessed of My Father, … fed Me, gave Me drink, clothed Me, visited Me when I was sick, visited Me in jail … because you have done it to the least of My brothers, you have done it to Me.

Romans 15:2 Let each of us please his neighbor for his good so that he is edified.

Phil. 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.

Phil. 1:20-24 … for I am torn between the two, desiring to be with Christ, which is far better or to stay here (in this world) which is more needful for you.

Heb. 4:12 The Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing, even dividing apart the soul and spirit, the joints and the marrow, discerning the thoughts the intents of the heart.

Deut. 28:1-9 And it will come to pass if you listen diligently to the voice of the Lord your God and do all His commandments … the Lord shall command His blessings upon your storehouses … if you keep His commandments and walk in His ways.

Heb. 1:13-14 But to which of His angels did He say at any time “Sit on My right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.”? Aren’t they all ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who are the heirs of salvation?

Psalms 91:1-16 (v11) He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. (read the full psalm to see its full effect)

Heb. 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please Him for he who comes to God must believe that He is and He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

We allow angels to perform their tasks in our lives because we believe God desires what is best for us.

As promised – what Father has shared with me about the ‘Watchman’:

Father shared the Watchman with me in September 2014 on three separate days. The month and days
are significant, that is the numbers that represent the dates have significant meaning, though I didn’t
realize that until after receiving the third segment.

There are several listings for number meanings but they all pretty much agree with the two I narrowed it down to, both of which proclaim biblical foundations indicating that is the meaning of the number is based on passages from the bible. One of the lists I use may be found on

September is the ninth month. Nine represents ‘completeness from the Father’. This means that
Father has declared it in Heaven, therefore it already is, we now just wait for the manifestation here on earth. Just as with creation, Father declared it and it was so, the heavens, the earth, water, land, etc. and He continues to declare things to be (Gen. chapter 1 & 2) – even if we don’t see the manifestation of it right away, It doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true – it just hasn’t happened yet.

Daniel (Dan. Chapter 4) Daniel interprets one of Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams where the king would live in the fields like a wild animal, which came to pass during the king’s lifetime. The prophet interpreted another dream for the king (Daniel chapter 2) pertaining to a stature made of gold, silver, brass, iron and clay. Part of this dream was for Nebuchadnezzar’ current kingdom and part was for future kingdoms. 

Isaiah 7:14 God promises the birth of Jesus which didn’t happen for over 700 years. 
 God is timeless – 1Peter 3:8:… one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, that is to say He is not bound by our concepts of time, and 

Isaiah 46:9-10 … I am God … declaring the end … from the beginning … God knows the beginning and the end and time is meaningless to Him.

Father gave me the first segment of the Watchman on 9/24. The date represents the ‘priesthood’, we
are a royal priesthood (1:Peter 2:9) and the 24th represents “We are a royal priesthood before God
Almighty designated to bring God’s redemption to the world, at His timing, through creative works. We will experience a break with tradition and Father will provide new methods of reaching the lost.”

As believers, we are called to bring the gospel to the world. Not everyone will do it in the same way but God will provide unique ways for his ‘priests’, individually, to bring the Word to the lost and He will do it in His timing.. Even where people may have a similar, God has given each a unique way to perform that task.

The second segment came on 9/26. This date represents ‘redemption’. God desires ALL to come to
repentance (2 Peter 3:9). “In God’s perfect timing and through and maybe even because of man’s
weakness, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring redemption not just to the lost but the church as well.

Not only does the ‘world’ need to come into God’s kingdom, but his church (the body of Christ) has
gotten off track and needs to come back into true fellowship with the Father.

The third segment came on 9/30 and represents ‘commitment’. We need to offer sincere reverence and ‘Godly fear’ for the Lord (Heb. 12:28). “There is a new responsibility to God’s Law. Not just the Ten Commandments (as such) but His ‘Law of Love’. Those who are truly washed in the blood of Jesus Christ will find a new dedication in serving God. We need to push forward and not falter.

Christians will start living for God as ‘God intended. We will know that He is the only true and living God and we will live our lives accordingly. We will also operate in God’s will sharing what we have with those around us (John 21:15-17)

In the Priesthood (day 1)

Father reminds us the duties of the watchman (see Ezek. Chpt. 37) and gives us
some encouragement that the enemy is not overpowering (2 Kings chpt. 6). He reminds us that Gideon (Judges chpt. 7) and Elijah (1 Kings chpt. 18) faced seemingly insurmountable odds, God gave them victory. As an extra added measure, He reminds of the walls of Jericho (Josh. Chpt. 6). He reminds us that if we keep Him first, He will give us victory (Matt. Chpt. 6) and that He inhabits our efforts (James chpt. 2). He also reminds us that things are going to start happening in the ‘near future’.

He asks us if we are ready for battle – prepare our hearts, prepare our souls (Mark chpt. 12) and put on the armor of God (Eph. Chpt 6).

He also shared with me that He has raised up many children for this time, not just one particular
individual or one particular church but ‘many’. He caps it all with encouragement to trust Him
completely and put our faith into action.

We are His royal priesthood, called to do His work in this world, no matter what that task may be for
each individual.

The Redemption (day 2).

I like the way this one starts: it started out as a brief conversation although as He started with
‘remember the Watchman?’ which indicated it was more than just a ‘how are ya doin’ today?’ thing.

I understood that the ‘darkness’ wasn’t just storm clouds in the sky. Father showed me it wasn’t just
the darkness the world is in but it also represented the darkness in which the church (body of Christ) is operating in, for the most part. The rays of sunshine streaking those clouds was a reminder that God
hasn’t forgotten us. There is still hope. There is always hope – as long as we take a breath or Father
hasn’t called us home yet.

I related to Elijah’s loneliness (1 Kings cpt. 19) where he told God that Israel had walked away, the
prophets were slain and he was the only one left and they wanted to kill him! I relate in that last winter (Nov./Dec. 2014) I was looking for confirmation as to that which Father was saying to me and I felt that I wasn’t getting that confirmation. I was feeling pretty alone then. I’ll relate this incident in another entry, later. This is what I indicated I would share next time – my confirmation between Nov. & Dec.

What we have to remember today is that all the gifts, all the talents, all the capabilities which God gives us are to encourage us to press on and to help others to do the same. They are tools teaching us how to live in God’s love (John chpt. 15) and help others to do the same. He says ‘don’t quench the Spirit’ (1 Thess. 5:19), that means don’t prohibit the Spirit (the Holy Ghost) from working in you and through you but rather allow Him permission to operate in our lives so we might be edified as well as those around us. Faith without works is dead (James chpt. 2) so we should allow the Holy Ghost to work through us to accomplish God’s will.

God has an army. He’s always has an army. That’s why, when Judas brought the soldiers from the priest to arrest Him and Peter and the other disciples were ready to defend Him, Jesus could declare “Don’t you think that I can, even now, pray to the Father and He will quickly give me more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matt. chpt. 26). But Father wants us to live in His love (John chpt. 15) so we can be true exponents of that love to the world.

We are called to show the way in which the world should go to attain eternal life.

The Commitment (day 3)

Father reminds us of who He is and what He has done. He is Creator. He has set everything that is into motion and He has given man a choice so we can freely choose to follow Him – or not (Gen. chpt. 2) God gave Adam & Eve freedom to eat of all the trees in the garden except one and that one was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (a choice – to do or not to do). He tells us the results of which choice we make – living in God’s love or eternal life (Rev. chpt. 21-22) or disobedience which is eternal death, the lake of fire (Rev. chpt 20).

As an expression of His love living in and through us Father encourages to always consider others to the edification of everyone (Rom. Chpt. 14, 15 & Eph. Chpt. 4).

God reminds us that He is all that we need because He already knows those needs even before we ask. (Matt. chpt. 6) therefore we should desire Him above all else (Matt. chpt. 22 & Exod. Chpt 20).

Through our obedience, He will bless us (1 Corinth. 2:9).

He has set His angels charge over us. Let them help us.

Psalms 91 Though ‘angels’ here refer to bearing up Jesus (remember Jesus in the wilderness (Luke chpt. 4))

We are joint heirs with Jesus, then if heirs we also can say ‘Abba (Daddy)’ and even though we may suffer persecution with Him, we shall also be glorified with Him (Rom. Chpt.8) thereby enjoying many of the same privileges Jesus has (had) especially in this world.

Matt. 18:10 Be careful not to despise one of these little ones for I tell you, in heaven, their angels always behold the face of My Father which is in heaven.

If children have angels, why should we suppose those angels leave us as we grow older? Unless, of course, we choose to walk away from the Lord.

In the ‘Watchman’ God establishes who He is, what He has done and what He intends to do.

We are His royal priesthood intended to carry His gospel of love to the world.
So that the world might come to the Father, through Jesus Christ, repenting its sins and be repatriated
(saved with the Father.

There is a life to live so there are choices to make:

Learn to live in His love

Come to an understanding of our relationship with Him (and with those around us)

We (believers) are sons and daughters of the Most High God through our ‘big brother’ Jesus Christ.

Draw closer to Father in that relationship because the Holy Ghost is alive and well within us.

Put our faith into action by believing God and serving and edifying those around us

Because we now know, beyond a shadow of any doubt that God is indeed God and we are
indeed His children we should be living like we not only know this (intellectually) but understand in our hearts it as well.

Friday, October 30, 2015

10-30-2015 The Watchman Part 2

Again, what the Lord said to me is in bold, what I thought or that which helps set the stage is in regular type. And as in part one, I have separated lines out for easier reading. Also, once I've shared the third and final part of the Watchman, I'll share what Father has given me towards its overall meaning, that is if you have't already started 'getting the drift.'

On 9-26-2014 Father gave me the second installment of what would turn out to be a three
installment project. Didn’t know that though until the end of the month.

As I was I was sitting in my living room in the big overstuffed green chair, praying in the

I have more to share.

OK, Father.

Remember the watchman?

Yes, Father.

Look out there. What do you see?

I looked out my front window at the darkened sky and saw several rays of sunlight shooting across underneath the storm clouds.

I see a world in turmoil.

And so it is. What else do you see?

I see that you have shown us rays of sunshine in the midst of all that darkness.

Remember Elijah and his loneliness?

Yes, Lord.

And what did I say to My servant?

7000 had not bowed their knees to other gods.

I have My number. I always have My number of those who truly love Me
and serve me and who will not turn their hearts away from Me towards the world
so man will still have his beacon, his lighthouse.

Consider, My son, the gifts I have given man are merely tools to comfort and guide him
until I return.

They are tools to help man come back into My fellowship.

They are tools to learn how to live in My love.

Seek My Holy Spirit within. Use those tools well.

Don’t quench the Spirit but rather yield to Him so He can work My work through you.

I have an army.

I’ve always had an army

but I want My children to live in My love

so they can truly be the offspring of their Father.

I want the world to see My love so that their hearts might be convicted.

I want the world to see My love that their hearts might be ashamed.

I want the world to see My love and even though many will wax colder

some might come into My Kingdom because their hearts have melted.

The gifts are good but yet they are only tools to express My love to the world.

live in My love.

Again here are scriptures Father gave me in support of the prophecy – after the fact, of course.

Gen. 11:13-16 I will establish my covenant with you (Noah) that neither will the flesh
be cut off due to the flood waters but neither shall the flood destroy the earth anymore.
This is a token of My covenant … for perpetual generations. I set my bow in the cloud as a
token between you and Me and the earth. And though the clouds will come, the bow will
also be seen. And I will remember My covenant between Me and you and every living
creature that I will no longer bring the flood to destroy the earth. When I see the bow, I will
remember My everlasting covenant…

The bow represents God’s covenant with us and if you notice that rays of sunshine will streak
across the sky beneath those storm clouds as they dissipate paving the way for that colorful
bow of promise to appear. When things seem their darkest, God will show us hope so we can
push forward.

1 Kings 19:4, 14, 18 Elijah fled Jezebel and Ahab who had slain all the prophets in Israel and
were now after Elijah.

V4 (Elijah) went into the wilderness and sat under a Juniper tree and requested that he
might die …

V14 … the children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, thrown down your altars, slain your prophets and now as the only one left they seek my life.

V18 Yet I (God) have left seven thousand in Israel who have neither bowed their knees to Baal nor kissed him.

John 15:10 If you keep My commandments, you shall abide in My love. (‘nuff said?)

Matt. 5:14-16 You are the light of the world … let your light shine so before me

We bear the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world so people might attain eternal life.

1 Corinth. 12:1, 7 I don’t want you ignorant concerning Spiritual gifts … the manifestation of the Spirit is given to everyone to profit everybody.

Everybody has a unique gift or talent and God has given us that gift to build the ‘whole’ body of Christ or even just our small portion.

1Thess. 5:19 Don’t quench the Spirit.

Don’t tell the Holy Ghost ‘no’ but rather yield to Him and follow His lead.

Matt. 24:12 (talking about the last days) … and because sin abounds, the love of many will wax cold.

Because God has been ‘seared’ from the consciousness of man, some won’t even listen to the ‘life saving’ good news.

1 Corinth. 7:13-16 (paraphrased) If a man or woman is married to an unbeliever and it pleases the unbeliever to stay with the believer, stay together and don’t leave for how do you know that the Lord might use you to bring that unbelieving spouse into the kingdom of God?

The situation is not exact but the principle still works: If we live our lives for Christ before
those around us, how do we know that we aren’t God’s intended vehicle for drawing others
into His kingdom?

Matt. 27:54 Now, when the centurion and those who were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake and those things that were done feared greatly saying “Truly, this was the Son of God.

Even the gentiles saw the signs and confessed.

Luke 13:17 (Jesus had just healed the woman afflicted by a spirit of infirmity for eighteen years. The ruler of the synagogue rebuked Him for healing on the Sabbath. Jesus responded reminding them that they would rescue an animal in trouble on the Sabbath so why shouldn’t a person be healed on the same.) And when He had said these things His adversaries were ashamed …

Matt. 24:12 (speaking of the end times Jesus says) and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

James 5:20 … he who converts the sinner from the error of his ways saves a soul from death and hides a multitude of sins …

Ephesians 4:12-16 … for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, the edifying of the body of Christ … unity of faith … knowledge of the Son of God … to a perfect man, to the measure to the stature of the fullness of Christ … increase the body to the edifiying of itself in love.

True love builds the body of Christ (and others) up.

Friday, October 16, 2015

10-16-2015  (the Watchman (part 1)

Father gave me the prophecy of the Watchman over three separate days in September 2014. It
was a crazy because I experienced three things I had never experienced before, at least not in this
way; the prophecy itself, my physical reactions to the prophecy and knowing that this was indeed
from the Lord and that He wanted me to share it. I’ll talk a little more about this with the
explanation once I’ve shared the full prophecy and what I’ve done to share it. What the Lord
actually said will be in bold amidst my comments that help understand what was going on during
the time of reception.

Father gave me the first segment on 9/24/2014. At the time, I didn’t realize that there would be
more but by the end of the month He had given me all three installments. Instead of writing
paragraphs, I’ve separated lines out for easier reading.

The watchman stands watch. For what does the watchman watch? For danger that approaches the city to cry out to the people so they can prepare for battle.

Up on the ramparts we look out over the land.

What do you see?

The enemy encamped all around and about.

What do you feel?

We are lost. There are too many.

Look again beyond the enemy and what do you see?

I see a host far greater than the enemy poised to do battle.

And what do you feel?

Encouraged because we now far outnumber our foe.

My children. Did I not send Gideon with just a handful to set the enemy to flight?

Did I not send Elijah, alone, against the prophets of Baal?

Gideon, with his candles and Elijah by fire all overcame seemingly impossible obstacles, yet by My hand did I not give them victory?

Put your complete trust in Me and as with the walls of Jericho watch the walls crumble.

Watch the enemy become confused and flee.

Watch My glory humble those who resist Me.

I make a way where there seems to be nothing.

I overcome many with a few.

Those who glorify My Name will taste the fullness of victory.

Put your hand to the plow and begin to plow and hang on as I work My work for My glory.

The season is nigh, even at the door for many things to be manifested.

My children, are you ready? Prepare your hearts. Prepare your souls.

Don My armor and prepare to step out.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said that this is not just for Wellspring. He has been preparing many children for this time and the time is near, nearer than we might think. In case you’re confused this doesn’t mean the ‘rapture’. It does mean taking a deliberate stand for and in Jesus with our very beings. It is time to walk the walk, talk the talk, put up the ‘good’ fight. To do all that God has been telling us to do, individually and collectively. Don’t fear the closed doors. Take the knob and turn it, the door will open for our Father has ordained it. (The italics here weren’t part of the prophecy, per se, but were His words to me as encouragement to the Wellspring fellowship. We are just a part of a larger force God is preparing and we need to be prepared (all of us) by living our fullest in, through and for Jesus. Father has prepared the way for us, all we have to do is be obedient to His Word by putting that faith into action!

From the end of September 2014 through first of January 2015 Father started giving me an understanding of the Watchman and He has tweaked it all throughout this year (2015). AT Wellspring, we take turns leading our bible study and I had a turn in mid October (2014) where we did a study based on the Watchman, not the prophecy but the scripture in Ezekiel chapter 33. Since that time, Father has continued to give me scriptural support for the Watchman which I didn’t have at the time He gave me this word.

Ezekiel chapter 33 speaks of the Watchman and just what does a watchman do?

He stands watch over the land ready to sound the alarm when danger approaches.

If he sounds the alarm and the people listen to the call, they prepare to defend themselves and are saved.

If he doesn’t sound the alarm and the people fall to the enemy, their blood is on the hand of the watchman.

If he sounds the alarm and the people don’t listen, the watchman is guiltless because he gave the alarm but the people suffer at the hands of the enemy at their own expense because they didn’t listen. Again, though, when they do listen they are saved.

2 Kings chapter 6 tells how Elisha was telling the Israelites everything the Syrian king was doing (as revealed by the Spirit) so there could be no ‘surprise’ attacks. The Syrians discovered Elisha was staying in Dothan so the Syrians surrounded the city during the night. Elisha’s servant arose in the morning and seeing that the city was surrounded ran and told Elisha. Elisha returned to the city walls with his servant, asked the Lord to open the servant’s eyes and asked him to look again. The young man saw that behind the Syrian army the mountain was filled with horses and fiery chariots.

Judges chapter 7 relates the story of Gideon. The Midianite and the Amalekite armies stood before Israel and God pared the Israelite army down to a mere 300 men. When Gideon went up against the opposing armies in the night they lit their candles, sounded the trumpets and shouted a great shout. In the confusion, many of the enemy slew each other and the remaining fled.

1 Kings chapter 18 relays how Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to see who served the true God. Each set up an altar, each piled wood upon the altar with a sacrifice. The prophets called upon Baal to ignite the wood on their altar but nothing happened. Elijah then also drenched his wood with water then asked God (Yaweh) to ignite the altar. Then God answered Elijah’s request and not only burned up the sacrifice and the wood but the rocks of the altar, dirt around it and dried up all the water used to drench the altar. Not only were the prophets of Baal utterly embarrassed but Baal was exposed as a ‘do nothing’ god.

The prophecy also mentions the walls of Jericho. Joshua chapter 6 tells how the Israelites overcame this city. The Israelites surrounded Jericho, marched around it for seven days and on the seventh day they gave a great shout and sounded their trumpets – and the walls came tumbling down. Israel marched in and took an impregnable city with very little resistance.

In this first segment of the Watchman, Father helps us understand our task at hand (duties of a watchman). He then reminds us how He overcame His enemies in each of these situations and then He encourages us to put our hands to the plow, start doing what He has told us to do glorifying Him then watch Him bring the victory. All we have to do is be obedient to what He gives us, then watch (or maybe even be a part of) His bringing ‘home’ the victory,

He asks us if we are ready, then to prepare our hearts (make sure we are right with Him) prepare our souls (stand in His Word) and then don His armor (live in His protection) as we prepare to do battle with the enemy.

The last paragraph isn’t prophecy, but it is. Wellspring is the church I attend and Father says He has prepared many hearts, many people for this time. It’s not just our fight but there are others throughout this nation, throughout this world whom He has been preparing for this time and for this task. We need to take a stand in and for Jesus, living for Him, doing His will.

Father says don’t be afraid for He has ordained the doors to open for us. All we have to do is step out in faith, turn those door knobs and walk through the doorways, that is put what He has given us into action. Whatsoever we do, we do for the glory of God for He is with us.


I will present the 2nd (of 3) installment in two weeks.

God bless.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Enough on my history. The following is what the “Homecoming” is all about.

Father is calling His church to become recommitted to Himself. In other words, He is calling us to once again live according to the standards to which He originally called us.

What are those standards?

Setting Him above everything else in our lives

Honoring Him for His goodness, graces and mercies

Setting time aside to glorify Him as the only true and living God

Gathering together with other believers to magnify His Holy Name

Treating our brothers and sisters (in the Lord) as we would like to be treated

Treating our neighbors (outside the Lord) as we would like to be treated

Giving mom and dad their proper respect

And that is by:

Not desiring the things of our neighbor

Being always truthful in what we say

Not bringing harm, or worse, to others

Truly loving our spouse (and our God) by being true

God’s standard is “LOVE”!

What is the greatest commandment? Jesus gave two but it’s really a single
commandment with two parts:

Love God above all else

Love you neighbor as yourself

Why love? Because all the Law and the prophets hang on God’s love! Because when we love, truly love, we will always be true to the one we love, do nothing to harm them and look for ways to build them up.

How are we true to God?

By having no other gods before Him.

No idols, no possessions, no desires.

By learning how to live for Him.

How does He expect me to live my life

What can ‘I’ do to please Him?

Commune with Him

Praise Him

Put nothing in my life before Him

God understands that in this life we need to ‘earn a living’.

In the beginning Adam & eve tended the garden. God gives us things to tend in the world, as well. He gives each of us a ‘calling’ and expects each of us to be good stewards of that calling and that calling will likely be the way God provides for us in this world. Who has seen manna falling from the sky?

God expects us to marry and have children so He understands our time is divided, not with just making a living, but now including our spouse & children as well.

Even though our time is divided, Father still expects to be first and included in all of our activities. In other words don’t separate God from the other things in which we are involved but include, or ‘inject’ Him into those things.

How do we do no harm to God or others?

How do we edify others?

‘No harm’ and ‘edification’ are coincidental. When we endeavor to edify others, we
surely won’t do things to harm them.

I do Him no harm by learning how to magnify and glorify Him in all that I say & do and think and then to treat people with the same respect.

Are the things I speak and do pleasing to Him? If not, I need to rethink my speech and my actions.

Jesus tells us that the Father knows our hearts. The Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) cuts to the bone marrow, even the intents of our hearts. This is why scripture says once we’ve considered doing something against God and even though we haven’t physically done it, because (in our hearts) we decided to do it, it’s as good as done. The thought doesn’t condemn us but considering doing it does. So when we have ‘only considered’ doing that which we have envisioned it in our minds, we need to lay it before the Lord, repent, then leave it with Him.

David conceived a child with Bathsheba in sin. She was married to one of David’s generals, Uriah, David lusted after her, laid with her and brought a child into the world through her. The child was sickly and eventually died but while the child was sickly, David fasted, prayed and sat in sackcloth and ashes that God might have mercy (on the child). When the child died, David cleaned himself up and went back about his business. Now David had already repented his adultery with Bathsheba but he now had prayed that God would have mercy on the results of that sin, the child. When it was obvious God was not intending on the child living in this world, it did no one any good to continue mourning (after the child's death) so he (David) cleaned himself up and went back about his business. When we do sin and repent, we do what God does, put the sin behind our backs (Isaiah 38:17) and move forward.

We need to think ‘edification’ for ourselves as well as for others. Paul tells us that all things should be done for the edification of the body and if this goes for us, how much more do you think Father implements this concept towards us?

We edify Father by giving Him thanks, praise and glory in all that we say and do and think

We edify our neighbor by asking ourselves “will what I am getting ready to do or say make the other person a better person, strengthen them or encourage them or draw them closer to God?

This is why Jesus says that love fulfills everything that the prophets have prophesied in the bible and the Law (10 Commandments). Those 10 Commandments give us a very basic definition of what love means and the rest of the bible is where Father fine tunes and implements His love in various ways and means, that is, gives us a deeper understanding of what it means to love.

The prophets have all said that 2015-2022 is a time of prosperity and restoration for God’s people. That is as long as we seek Him and His will for our lives Father’s blessings will begin to and continue to flow into our lives. Now consider that prosperity means any combination of or even all the following:




Endeavors (what we put our hands, minds & hearts to doing-tasks Father has given us
to accomplish, our jobs, etc.)

This time of prosperity is for a purpose.

Let’s consider the 10 virgins in the parable (Matt. 25). Five were wise and five were foolish. All took oil in their lamps but only the 5 wise virgins took extra oil. This meant that they would still be prepared even if the bridegroom tarried, which he did. When the call finally came, the lamps of the 5 foolish virgins had gone out so they tried to borrow some from the 5 wise who quickly refused (we can’t live on someone else’s faith). But remember, even after the call went out, the bridegroom didn’t show up immediately so while the 5 foolish virgins were out ‘getting more oil’, the bridegroom did come and took the 5 wise back to his house with him. The 5 foolish virgins knew where the bridegroom lived because the bible says they came and knocked on his door but he responded “I don’t know you, get away you sinners.” Whoa!

That sounds pretty harsh – from the 5 wise virgins and from the bridegroom but consider the 5 wise virgins didn’t want to chance not being ready for the bridegroom, they weren’t going to jeopardize their salvation for anything. The 5 foolish already were no longer prepared because their lamps had gone out, they weren’t living for Jesus as they should. The bridegroom was saying because you weren’t prepared, living in My love, you have no part in me. What does the bible say? When the call comes, don’t go back into your house to pack your bags – be ready to leave – on the spot.

Father is telling the ‘Bride of Christ’ to be ready – all the time.

This time of plenty is a time of preparation for the Bride of Christ (the Church) to make sure they are ready, that we all have enough oil in our lamps so we won’t have to be running around to get ready. This translates (if you haven’t caught on already) to make sure our lives are together and that we are all ready to be with Jesus when He calls for us. That is there are no outstanding (unconfessed) sins in our life and have been and are living for Jesus to the best of our abilities.

This time of plenty is not just a time for believing to be with Jesus when He calls but to prove that we are ready because we are out doing Father’ works.

It is a time of encouragement and empowerment (through God’s blessings) so that the church will make steadfast our (individual) commitment so that we are indeed ready to go with Christ when He calls.

I’ve read where some think Jesus can’t return until the world has been prepared for His return. Did we save ourselves? I don’t think so. So what has to be prepared before Jesus will return? His CHURCH! His BRIDE!  (1 Corinth.1:22-23, 1 Corinth. 6:15, John 1:29, Rev. 21:9)

Father has not called the church home yet because the bride is still in preparation to be received. Father is preparing us (believers) to be received. Giving us all the time we need to be prepared, but as with the 5 foolish virgins the call will come and those who are ready will go. Those who ‘think’ that they are ready will be left on the housetop, the field, the hill all wondering what happened.

We are the Bride of Christ and we need to be making ready for the call so we all can go and none are left behind. Father has said “I would that all would be saved.” That’s His desire but He also knows that there are those who will refuse Him forever and there are those who just didn’t see it worth their time to stay ready for Him until He returns. But don’t forget the ‘Bride of Christ’ is everyone who has confessed Jesus as the Son of God, believed that He indeed ministered to us on this earth (2000 years ago) sharing how to come into God’s kingdom, shed His precious blood on the cross as an atonement for our sin (nature) and sins (individual) and (as depicted when) the soldier pierced His side water cleansing us from the same, that He was indeed buried (He had died), on the third day rose from the grave (victorious over sin & death), ascended back into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father waiting to come back for us – a prepared bride – and we await His return so we can be with Him throughout eternity.

Matthew 24:24 says that in the last days false prophets spread lies deceiving the people. Even God’s elect – if it were possible could be deceived. The elect won’t be deceived because we know God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord because the Holy Ghost has taught and confirmed (in our hearts) that we indeed have a relationship with our God.

This is what “Homecoming – a Spiritual Re-awakening” is all about. To help us all to realize that we are the Bride of Christ, God’s elect and we always need to be prepared to be ready for His return.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

One last note on my personal background.  As a youngster, actually up until graduation from high school I attended a Southern Baptist Church.  I don’t remember how old I was when I started going there just that my neighbor across the street started taking me with her kids, probably while we were still in elementary school.  Her son & I were the same age.  OK, after graduation I became a bit sporadic in attending church, but that’s where I was sporadic at.  As I mentioned before, my wife to be & I liked the relatively new pastor and we stayed there a couple of years after we were married in 1972 after which we started to move around.  Even though we stayed in the county It was an excuse not to stay put.  So we really didn’t any specific church until we moved to Frederick in 1978.  We attended an Independent Baptist Church for about a year before we moved to the other side of Frederick.  After about another year we found a place in Frederick (city) where we lived until the year before we moved to Hagerstown.  For periods of time (more than just a couple of visits) we attended a Southern Baptist Church, A Presbyterian Church, Church of God (full gospel), Assemblies of God, a couple of independent Pentecostal churches, United a Pentecostal Church (the Jesus only people) and a Charismatic Church. 
My wife had a very rough childhood so we gravitated to churches willing to help her and usually along with the help came a requirement to attend regularly.  Most of the churches offered some help but, alas, beyond the help received, we didn’t have a whole lot in common.  And yes, during the time in Frederick there were once again times we were not really affiliated with anyone.
After moving to Hagerstown in 1994, my wife found a minister in a Southern Baptist Church willing to help even though we didn’t attend regularly but by this time both my wife & I were on a different spiritual plane than the mainstream churchs.  While in Hagerstown, also my wife discovered a Catholic priest willing to work with her and he was able to offer help in some areas missing from her life.  We were there a couple of years before he fell into disfavor with the church and was transferred to Baltimore.  Soon after we also left the Catholic Church.  He was the only reason we were really there anyway.
We found it difficult to ‘fit in’ in most churches so we became sporadic once again until my wife went to be with the Lord in 2005.  Her passing didn’t change my status much.  I knew I should be going somewhere but I wasn’t fitting in even with the ‘full gospel’ churches in the area.
In 2010 a friend of mine at the gym (Jim) suggested I attend the bible study which he attended at the ‘Y’.  I don’t know, maybe a couple of months later I woke up one Sunday morning and the Lord put on my heart “why not?”  So I got dressed as I had decided to go ahead and check them out.  After a while Father put on my heart that that is where He wanted me and that’s where I still am. 
God has exposed me to things then taught me about them.  Yes that meant a bit of research about what I was learning in order to come to an understanding of what it was He was teaching me.
I am in a full gospel, apostolic, prophetic church.  Years ago God gave me an understanding of ‘full gospel’ and Ian understanding of apostolic but the term ‘prophetic’ was new to me when I was introduced to it just a few years ago.  Don’t misunderstand me, I have been in churches where prophecy has been given whether via ‘tongues’ or where the preacher revealed what God had told him about someone in the audience but learning what a ‘prophetic’ is has been an experience.  I was introduced to the term “5 Fold Ministry” being in this church (which I had never heard before either) and a few other things which God has been gracious to bring me to an understanding.  It’s been a trip being in this church and exciting.  Even though we are currently a small fellowship I’m excited about where God is taking this group of believers.
NOW!  Starting next week I will be sharing what prompted me to start this blog and my plan is that every two weeks I will be sharing what God has shared with me as an update.  Father has given me some prophecy since last September and over time has given me an explanation for the prophecy.  What’s exciting to me is how God has ‘confirmed’ these words and I’ll share a little about that as we go along.  I’ll give you a teaser, from September through December I was looking for confirmation of what God was telling me, but I was looking in all the wrong places.
I’ve just finished reading (for the 2nd time) Kenneth Hagin’s book “Understanding the Anointing”.  I found it to be a powerful, clearly written book in which I’ve seen a lot of myself, helping me to understand some of the things that I have been experiencing over the past several years (even before coming to this church I am now attending).  No, I’m not going to be sharing the book but if you have an opportunity to read it, do so.  I downloaded it off the internet
My prayer is that what I have already shared and am planning to share in this space will help someone who reads it.  My hope is that the reader comes to a better understanding of who God is, who we are and what sort of relationship Father wants with us all.   I’ll give you a hint.  Think of the song “A Closer Walk with Thee”.  Many years ago Father shared something with me which I have shared with others and that is that God will walk as close with us as we dare.

God bless

Friday, September 25, 2015


You may be asking yourself why am I posting some of my personal experiences and history.  Simple - sharing my experiences may just help someone who reads this blog.  Less than a week ago I finished reading Kenneth Hagin's "Understanding the Anointing" in which he shared some of his personal experiences in how God helped him to come understand the anointing God gives us.  I found myself relating to a lot of what he (Kenneth) wrote and it helped me to a better understanding of some of the things I've been experiencing this past year (especially since He gave me the 'Watchman').  Ergo, my prayer is that someone reading this blog will relate to what is said and it will help them as well.

My experience with the 'baptism of the Holy Ghost' was frustrating yet rewarding.  My wife & I were living in Frederick, Md. at the time when we attended a 'Starr Scott rally' held in Frederick in 1978.  Starr Scott was a Spirit filled preacher from Springfield, Va. whom we had heard about and (I believe) on radio on occasion and whom we liked, so when we had the opportunity to go see him in person, we did.  I have no clue what he spoke on that night but at the end of the presentation he broke the audience into groups - those who wanted healing, those who wanted salvation and those who wanted the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  At that time both my wife & I  knew Jesus well and weren't looking for a healing so we went with the group for the 'baptism'.  They did something that I didn't then and still don't agree with and that is using a 'jump start to bring out our spiritual language.  The jump start was to 'repeat after me'.  The leader would say a few words in 'tongues' then encourage the people to try to imitate him.  The idea was to help people to speak in their own God-given spiritual language.  The danger is that some would do exactly what the leader said - copy what he was saying and nothing more and think they had God's gift.  I don't know if it actually worked or not.  I can't judge what happened with other people.  I only know what I saw.  I saw everybody speaking in tongues - except me.  And I mean everyone in the group.  Even my wife.  I was the ONLY one who couldn't get past 'English' syllables!

I thought surely I was spiritual enough to received the baptism and surely I was more spiritual than my wife.  I had been saved a whole 2 years longer!  My wife & I returned home and I was not a happy camper.  I knelt down in front of the couch asking God "why not me?"  Why was I the only one who didn't receive the baptism.  It was probably around 11:00 PM when we got back home after the rally and my wife sat with me for an hour or so then excusing herself, she went to bed.  I don't know how long I wrestled with the Lord over this, maybe a couple of more hours.  I didn't look at the clock but it must have been at least 1:00 AM if not 2:00.  Finally I heard the lord say "praise Me."  So I did - in English.  After a while I said "Lord, I'm getting tired of this.  All I'm doing is repeating myself and nothing's happening!"  Then I heard "praise Me" again and then "let Me give you the words to speak."  I started praising Him again, in English, then I stopped.  "Lord, You said you'd give me the words?"  I paused for a moment then I opened my mouth again.  A couple of words came out and guess what.  they weren't in English!  I opened my mouth and some more came out.  Soon the words were snowballing out of my mouth - more and more, faster and faster like a snow ball rolling down a hill accumulating more snow as it goes down.  I'm not sure how long this went on.  As I said my wife and I returned home around 11:00 PM, my wife went to bed sometime after midnight and I went for another hour or two.  It felt good, but then I knew God had blessed me with what I had requested and I knew it was Him.  It wasn't me 'forcing' or imitating something.  It really was a blessing from God!  It was time to hit the sack.  So I did.  AND just like the day counseling for marriage in the pastor's office when I finally and truly accepted Jesus into my heart, I knew, ever since that day that I was heaven bound I knew that morning God had baptized me with His Holy Ghost.  I've doubted many things since that time but I have never doubted my salvation or the baptism with the Holy Ghost.

Several years (yes I said years) later I asked Father why I hadn't received the baptism at the rally so He told me - "I wanted you to know it was something that came from Me and not something you learned from man or mimicked.  I appreciated this because I don't remember if this revelation came first or if the 'dancing in the Spirit' episode came first; but the 'dancing' episode helped me put and keep what Father told me in perspective.

There was a time when we were in a Charismatic Church in Frederick and there were several of us in the back of the church one of whom was one of he associate pastors.  Several people around noticed him moving around, dancing, and asked what he was doing.  His reply "dancing in the Spirit."  "Can you teach us to do that?" they asked.  Can he teach them to 'dance in the Spirit'?  If one can be taught or learn how to 'dance in the Spirit' then my question is it the Holy Ghost motivating you to the movement or are you just mimicking something you've learned?  When the Holy Ghost moves us, we follow His lead, not do something man has taught us.  And that's why Father told me it was just Him and me the night I received the baptism.  Amen.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Last time I shared a bit about myself in general.  Even though it isn't two weeks, the Lord impressed upon to go ahead and add this in this week, a bit about the spiritual path on which Father has brought me.  No, it won't be like a Billy Graham, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn or the like, but it is the path I've been on.

I mentioned before that I gave my heart to Jesus during marriage counselling that despite basically having been in the church and hanging on to a thread of what I had been taught, I had never really given my heart to Jesus.  Upon conviction from the Holy Ghost, I prayed the 'sinner's' prayer that day in the pastor's office.  From that day forward I've known that I belonged to God, even though I haven't always lived like I understood that.  The learning process, for me, has been loooooong and arduous.  I've always been a little thick headed.  I've always 'sort of'' read my bible but after that day I found myself wanting to really glean what I could from it.  King James was always hard for me to read/understand, but that was the version I had so I read & read.  At first my reading was haphazzard, a passage here and a passage there, where ever I flipped the bible open, once or twice a week or so,  Whenever the mood struck yet I was still learning - a little at a time.  Later, Father impressed upon me that I needed to take a systematic approach.  I started in the beginning - Genesis and got as far as Abraham (I think) before that started wearing thin.  So I thought Matthew & the gospels.  If memory serves me correct, I did get through Matthew and I figured Mark was shorter so that would be OK but I did not relish looking forward to Luke.  24 Chapters (almost as long as Matthew).  Whoa!  I will tell you it was more than just a couple of years before I finally got out of reading a verse here and a passage there before Father got me into a systematic approach to reading the bible.  I had actually read the bible all the way through from Genesis through Jude (OK almost all the way through) when I just could't get started in Revelation.  The Lord then had me reread the gospels again, then go back to Matthew and go through Jude, again hitting a block at Revelation.  Eventually He took me back to Genesis and back through the whole bible again.  Even though I don't make it a point to read the whole bible through, like once a year or anything, I find my reading is a lot more thorough anymore.  I don't just read to read, I read to understand which means I keep my Strong's Concordance handy as well as other reference books that I have.

My wife and I started off with the Southern Baptist Church in which we were married.  We moved from the general area to a community 15-20 miles away and back into the greater Hyattsville, Md. area.  Actually no place where we lived was far from the Hyattsville area but we still left the Baptist Church because I wanted to attend a church 'close to home'.  But, we never really found one.

In 1978 we moved to Frederick, Md.  In Frederick, Father started taking me in another direction - spiritually.  First we found an Independant Baptist Church (yep, a Jerry Fallwell affiliate, where the pastor was a grad from Liberty Baptist University in Lynchburg, Va.).  It was after moving to Frederick that Father started exposing me to a lot of different things, spiritually.  Things I had heard about and of which I knew absolutely nothing and then showing me not only in Frederick, but on the job at FDA as well.  And that I'll share next time.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

9-12-2015, this is my inaugural venture intro blogging so please bear with me.  I have no clue what I'm doing - only what I want to say.

For right now a little history of the relationship the Lord has developed with me over the years

My wife-to-be & I were counselling with our pastor to be married.  I had attended this particular church growing up but this pastor had only been there for a little over a year.  My fiance & I had attended several of his services and decided that we like him (he was a real sweetie) to do our wedding.  He was grounded, sensible and confident.  Well, Pastor Carmen Hartsfield  had a funny idea about marriage - if Jesus wasn't in the marriage, that marriage was doomed - at best and he would not perform the ceremony if the couple were not saved.  So he asked me if I had ever given my heart to the Lord.  I quickly responded that I had basically grown up in this church.  He said "That's not what I asked you."  So again he asked me if I had ever given my life to Jesus and again I quickly responded (I was 26 at this time) that I had faithfully attended Sunday School and services up through High School.  And again he said "That's not what I asked you."  And again he asked me, but this time the Holy Ghost convicted me in my heart what I had known from the first time the pastor asked - no not really.  I only knew about Jesus but had never given my heart to Him.

That day I gave my heart to the Lord and I've had the confidence ever since that I belonged to Him.  Understand, not that I always lived like I knew it, but I knew it as I know today that was when the Father brought me into His kingdom.

The pastor performed the ceremony because my wife had lied and answered 'yes' to his aquesstion.  I had the opportunity to ask him several years later, after my wife gave her heart to Jesus, if he realized it back when he married us.  He replied yes, but he told me that he knew being married to me, it was only a matter of time before she, too came into the kingdom.

A quick fill in on the marriage.  God blessed us with two children, Katrina and Chris.  Now my son & I are both "William C." but our middle names are different.  I didn't want to saddle my son with a Jr., good or bad.  Chris is our miracle baby.  4 1/2 years separate Katrina & Chris and my wife & I had counted 13 miscarriages in between, one which went 6 months(causing tremendous emotional issues) before we lost it.  Not meaning to cause emotional trauma, none the less the OBGYN told my wife that she was an habitual aborter - meaning her body just couldn't carry the pregnancies.  She was devastated by that tag but then she gave birth to Chris.

I've always been very matter of fact & unemotional (except anger) and this was the cause of my wife & I separating for a year while we lived in Frederick.  It was the loneliest year of my life.

Obviously we got back together and eventually moved to Hagerstown where she went to be with the Lord in 2005.  Multiple health issues including pancreatitis & degernerative arthritis plagued he final years before the congestive heart failure finally took her.

It took me too many years to figure out that this was indeed the woman God had always intended for me and that I indeed had married the virtuous woman.  I should have seen her failing health that final year but like I said I have always taken things in stride and my wife was a very strong woman.  I was blind.   I thank God though that we had the time that we did.

I have several things I want to share, but not at this time.   I'm  planning on doing an update every two weeks.  I'll be sharing how I have come to the place where I am today, spiritually and I have many things the Lord has shared with me over the past year that I'd like to pass on.  I currently attend Wellspring of LIfe FWC in Hagerstown, Md. which is a full gospel, apostolic, prophetic church.  I was baptized in the Holy Ghost back in 1978, spent time in several churches over the years some of which claimed to be ''apostolic', but am still fairly new with the 'prophetic'.  I know Father speaks to me & He has spent the  past year showing me how I've come to  knows this.

I've had to and continue to deal with confidence issues which have greatly slowed my spiritual progress.   God has had to teach me at my pace so my prayer is that someone will be reading this and learn and grow as I have, except at a much quicker pace.

As your heart seeks the Lord may He bless you and enrich you in all areas of your life.

In Christ Jesus