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Friday, October 9, 2015


Enough on my history. The following is what the “Homecoming” is all about.

Father is calling His church to become recommitted to Himself. In other words, He is calling us to once again live according to the standards to which He originally called us.

What are those standards?

Setting Him above everything else in our lives

Honoring Him for His goodness, graces and mercies

Setting time aside to glorify Him as the only true and living God

Gathering together with other believers to magnify His Holy Name

Treating our brothers and sisters (in the Lord) as we would like to be treated

Treating our neighbors (outside the Lord) as we would like to be treated

Giving mom and dad their proper respect

And that is by:

Not desiring the things of our neighbor

Being always truthful in what we say

Not bringing harm, or worse, to others

Truly loving our spouse (and our God) by being true

God’s standard is “LOVE”!

What is the greatest commandment? Jesus gave two but it’s really a single
commandment with two parts:

Love God above all else

Love you neighbor as yourself

Why love? Because all the Law and the prophets hang on God’s love! Because when we love, truly love, we will always be true to the one we love, do nothing to harm them and look for ways to build them up.

How are we true to God?

By having no other gods before Him.

No idols, no possessions, no desires.

By learning how to live for Him.

How does He expect me to live my life

What can ‘I’ do to please Him?

Commune with Him

Praise Him

Put nothing in my life before Him

God understands that in this life we need to ‘earn a living’.

In the beginning Adam & eve tended the garden. God gives us things to tend in the world, as well. He gives each of us a ‘calling’ and expects each of us to be good stewards of that calling and that calling will likely be the way God provides for us in this world. Who has seen manna falling from the sky?

God expects us to marry and have children so He understands our time is divided, not with just making a living, but now including our spouse & children as well.

Even though our time is divided, Father still expects to be first and included in all of our activities. In other words don’t separate God from the other things in which we are involved but include, or ‘inject’ Him into those things.

How do we do no harm to God or others?

How do we edify others?

‘No harm’ and ‘edification’ are coincidental. When we endeavor to edify others, we
surely won’t do things to harm them.

I do Him no harm by learning how to magnify and glorify Him in all that I say & do and think and then to treat people with the same respect.

Are the things I speak and do pleasing to Him? If not, I need to rethink my speech and my actions.

Jesus tells us that the Father knows our hearts. The Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) cuts to the bone marrow, even the intents of our hearts. This is why scripture says once we’ve considered doing something against God and even though we haven’t physically done it, because (in our hearts) we decided to do it, it’s as good as done. The thought doesn’t condemn us but considering doing it does. So when we have ‘only considered’ doing that which we have envisioned it in our minds, we need to lay it before the Lord, repent, then leave it with Him.

David conceived a child with Bathsheba in sin. She was married to one of David’s generals, Uriah, David lusted after her, laid with her and brought a child into the world through her. The child was sickly and eventually died but while the child was sickly, David fasted, prayed and sat in sackcloth and ashes that God might have mercy (on the child). When the child died, David cleaned himself up and went back about his business. Now David had already repented his adultery with Bathsheba but he now had prayed that God would have mercy on the results of that sin, the child. When it was obvious God was not intending on the child living in this world, it did no one any good to continue mourning (after the child's death) so he (David) cleaned himself up and went back about his business. When we do sin and repent, we do what God does, put the sin behind our backs (Isaiah 38:17) and move forward.

We need to think ‘edification’ for ourselves as well as for others. Paul tells us that all things should be done for the edification of the body and if this goes for us, how much more do you think Father implements this concept towards us?

We edify Father by giving Him thanks, praise and glory in all that we say and do and think

We edify our neighbor by asking ourselves “will what I am getting ready to do or say make the other person a better person, strengthen them or encourage them or draw them closer to God?

This is why Jesus says that love fulfills everything that the prophets have prophesied in the bible and the Law (10 Commandments). Those 10 Commandments give us a very basic definition of what love means and the rest of the bible is where Father fine tunes and implements His love in various ways and means, that is, gives us a deeper understanding of what it means to love.

The prophets have all said that 2015-2022 is a time of prosperity and restoration for God’s people. That is as long as we seek Him and His will for our lives Father’s blessings will begin to and continue to flow into our lives. Now consider that prosperity means any combination of or even all the following:




Endeavors (what we put our hands, minds & hearts to doing-tasks Father has given us
to accomplish, our jobs, etc.)

This time of prosperity is for a purpose.

Let’s consider the 10 virgins in the parable (Matt. 25). Five were wise and five were foolish. All took oil in their lamps but only the 5 wise virgins took extra oil. This meant that they would still be prepared even if the bridegroom tarried, which he did. When the call finally came, the lamps of the 5 foolish virgins had gone out so they tried to borrow some from the 5 wise who quickly refused (we can’t live on someone else’s faith). But remember, even after the call went out, the bridegroom didn’t show up immediately so while the 5 foolish virgins were out ‘getting more oil’, the bridegroom did come and took the 5 wise back to his house with him. The 5 foolish virgins knew where the bridegroom lived because the bible says they came and knocked on his door but he responded “I don’t know you, get away you sinners.” Whoa!

That sounds pretty harsh – from the 5 wise virgins and from the bridegroom but consider the 5 wise virgins didn’t want to chance not being ready for the bridegroom, they weren’t going to jeopardize their salvation for anything. The 5 foolish already were no longer prepared because their lamps had gone out, they weren’t living for Jesus as they should. The bridegroom was saying because you weren’t prepared, living in My love, you have no part in me. What does the bible say? When the call comes, don’t go back into your house to pack your bags – be ready to leave – on the spot.

Father is telling the ‘Bride of Christ’ to be ready – all the time.

This time of plenty is a time of preparation for the Bride of Christ (the Church) to make sure they are ready, that we all have enough oil in our lamps so we won’t have to be running around to get ready. This translates (if you haven’t caught on already) to make sure our lives are together and that we are all ready to be with Jesus when He calls for us. That is there are no outstanding (unconfessed) sins in our life and have been and are living for Jesus to the best of our abilities.

This time of plenty is not just a time for believing to be with Jesus when He calls but to prove that we are ready because we are out doing Father’ works.

It is a time of encouragement and empowerment (through God’s blessings) so that the church will make steadfast our (individual) commitment so that we are indeed ready to go with Christ when He calls.

I’ve read where some think Jesus can’t return until the world has been prepared for His return. Did we save ourselves? I don’t think so. So what has to be prepared before Jesus will return? His CHURCH! His BRIDE!  (1 Corinth.1:22-23, 1 Corinth. 6:15, John 1:29, Rev. 21:9)

Father has not called the church home yet because the bride is still in preparation to be received. Father is preparing us (believers) to be received. Giving us all the time we need to be prepared, but as with the 5 foolish virgins the call will come and those who are ready will go. Those who ‘think’ that they are ready will be left on the housetop, the field, the hill all wondering what happened.

We are the Bride of Christ and we need to be making ready for the call so we all can go and none are left behind. Father has said “I would that all would be saved.” That’s His desire but He also knows that there are those who will refuse Him forever and there are those who just didn’t see it worth their time to stay ready for Him until He returns. But don’t forget the ‘Bride of Christ’ is everyone who has confessed Jesus as the Son of God, believed that He indeed ministered to us on this earth (2000 years ago) sharing how to come into God’s kingdom, shed His precious blood on the cross as an atonement for our sin (nature) and sins (individual) and (as depicted when) the soldier pierced His side water cleansing us from the same, that He was indeed buried (He had died), on the third day rose from the grave (victorious over sin & death), ascended back into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father waiting to come back for us – a prepared bride – and we await His return so we can be with Him throughout eternity.

Matthew 24:24 says that in the last days false prophets spread lies deceiving the people. Even God’s elect – if it were possible could be deceived. The elect won’t be deceived because we know God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord because the Holy Ghost has taught and confirmed (in our hearts) that we indeed have a relationship with our God.

This is what “Homecoming – a Spiritual Re-awakening” is all about. To help us all to realize that we are the Bride of Christ, God’s elect and we always need to be prepared to be ready for His return.

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