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Saturday, February 17, 2018

2-17-2018       Give us Power

                                                 God gives us explosive power

Before He ascended back into heaven (from whence He came (John16:28), the disciples were gathered around Jesus and they asked Him when would God restore Israel to its former glory.  A time of peace and prosperity (the end times).  But Jesus told them it wasn’t for them to know the times or the seasons of these events for Father has reserved this power for Himself.  This knowledge was His and His alone (Acts 1:6-7).

The Greek word used for power in this passage is exousia (Strong’s 1849) which is translated as authority, jurisdiction, privilege, etc.  Father put it only in His jurisdiction.  Jesus tells the disciples that only the Father knows the times (Mark13:32), not the angels, not even the Son.  Whoa, what did you say?  Jesus, the Son, is God, how can He not know?  Jesus is the Son of man, born after the flesh (Mary) and He is the Son of God, born after the Spirit (God, the Father).  Remember?  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God (past progressive – once done, always on going) (John 1:1), wrapped so closely that we can’t separate them.  As the “Word”/Son, Jesus knew everything the Father ever said.  He is the living Word of God.  Jesus told His disciples that everything that He heard from His Father He has shared with them (John 15:15).  But, Jesus couldn’t tell His disciples (nor us) when the end times would come because Father never spoke it.  And, even seated at the right hand of God (power, Luke 22:69), obviously if Jesus now knew, He would most likely tell us as He said to His disciples.

However, Jesus does tell us that we all shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon us and we shall be witness for Him in all Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the world (Acts 1:8).  So even when we receive power, we cannot exceed the power and authority which He (Jesus) has given us.  So if Jesus doesn’t know when the end times are coming, neither can we.  However, He does give us a clue as to when those times are approaching as Matthew writes in his gospel (chapter 24).

The judgment of man is committed to the Son (John 5:22) which is why we stated earlier that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the power of God (Luke 22:69).  The Greek word used in this passage is dunamis (Strong’s 1411) which is power with the implications of strength, abundance, miraculous ability, violent or mighty (as explosive).  Just as Pharaoh gave Joseph all authority over Egypt, Joseph was subject only to Pharaoh (Gen. 41:39-41), Father has given the Son not only the authority (exousia) but all power (dunamis) to ‘do’ as well.

Remember, Jesus gave the ‘twelve’ power over sickness and devils (Luke 9:1-6) and later the seventy (Luke 10:1-17).  Luke 9:1 Jesus sends them out in power (dunamis), the same power He promises us in Acts 1:8.  Now listen carefully, Jesus could ‘share’ His dunamis power with the disciples because He was with them, the full embodiment of the Godhead (Col. 8-9) including the Holy Ghost as depicted in His baptism by John when the Holy Ghost lighted upon Jesus (Matt. 3:16).  Okay, you say, but how could he share it?  Remember the woman with the blood issue?  She touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed.  Jesus felt virtue (dunamis) go out from Him (Mark 5:25-30).  All the woman did was touch Him and drew power from Him.  Jesus is capable of imparting His power (dunamis) as necessary.  He asked the question “who touched me”, but He knew who drew the power and He let it go out.  When Jesus healed, it was through His word which released His dunamis power.  A Centurion approached Jesus on behalf of his servant.  Jesus didn’t even have to touch for He healed the servant who was a long ways off (Matt. 8:5-13).  He didn’t speak healing into the woman at the well nor did he touch the centurion’s servant.  All power is His.  We have no more recorded dunamis activity, by anyone other than Jesus in the gospels.  However we do see it being exercised by the disciples after their baptism in the Holy Ghost as recorded in Acts chapter two.  After their initial baptism in the Holy Ghost, at which time we not only see the disciples speaking with new boldness, but from then on and through second and third generation disciples, we see them operating in dunamis power.  Second and third generations?  Philip was apparently a product of Peter’s ministry, a second generation (Acts 6:1-7).  Of course he was also an evangelist (Acts 8:1-8).  Aquilla and Priscilla were at least second generation.  We don’t know who brought them into the body, but they knew Paul (Acts 18:1-2) and were responsible for Apollos’ (3rd gen.) ministry (Acts 18:24-28) kicking into high gear.  We see Paul speaking highly of Apollos throughout his first letter to the Corinthians indicating the status within the community Apollos had attained as a third generation disciple.

The book of Acts records, for us, at least three generations of the full operation of the Holy Ghost in believers.  Do you suppose this might be an indication that receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost was supposed to continue throughout all generations until Jesus’ return?   

Now Jesus reminds his disciples (after he had sent them out) that this same dunamis Spirit is with them now (at that time) and would be in them (John14:17).  Physically with them through the presence of Jesus (Himself) and in them through the baptism of the Holy Ghost (as recorded in Acts chapter two).

So Jesus tells His disciples that they will do the same works He did and greater because He was going to the Father (John 14:12), to be seated at the right hand, full power (dunamis).

Understand that when Jesus breathed on the disciples and said receive the Holy Ghost (John 20:21-23), this was not the baptism for dunamis power.  Rather they received authority in Christ (exousia), but not full power.  Jesus had to be at the right hand of the Father or be literally be with them, before the full power of the Holy Ghost could dwell within His disciples.   We know that Father promises the Holy Ghost (John 14:16) Then Jesus tells his disciples to receive the Holy Ghost (John 20:22).  Then, just before He ascended, Jesus tell the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the  promise (the Holy Ghost) (Acts 1:4), the infilling.    

So we can receive the Holy Ghost with our salvation experience just as when Jesus breathed on His disciples (John 20) and we can exercise a certain authority (exousia) with this experience.  But, it takes the baptism of the Holy Ghost to receive dunamis power as the disciples experience in Acts chapter 2 (and beyond).  However, we have to expect and receive the baptism.  The disciples waited in Jerusalem, expecting to receive the baptism (Acts 1:4-5).  And then He (the Holy Ghost) did come to the disciples in the upper room, ten days after Jesus’ ascension.   Then the full power of the Holy Ghost sat upon each of them in that upper room when cloven tongues like fire which sat upon each of them giving them ability to speak in tongues as the Holy Ghost gave them utterance (Acts 2:3-4).

I’d like to take a moment to examine what happened on that day in the upper room.  The Holy Ghost came in and ‘sat’ upon each of them.  ‘Sat’ is the Greek word kathizo (Strong’s 2523) which means to sit, anoint, settle as to hover or dwell.  The Holy Ghost anointed the disciples.  He probably hovered over them briefly before settling, not only on them, but ‘in’ them.

Cloven is the Greek word diamerizo (Strong’s 1266) which means cloven or divided.  Think about sitting around a campfire at night watching the flames lash out at the night sky.  Don’t they sort of 
look like tongues of fire reaching up for the stars?

Like tongues, they would be licking out, but interestingly the word used for tongues here is the same as used for ‘speaking’ in tongues.  The Greek word is glossa (Strong’s 1100) which is a language, usually not naturally acquired.  Yet this is a physical manifestation reaching down to and entering into the disciples.  Interesting?  The Holy Ghost came down into the disciples so He could then manifest himself through their speaking (an outgoing action).  If you will, the Holy Ghost inhabits our words!  After all, the power of life and death are in what we say (Prov.18:21), right?

And so the disciples could see what was going on around them, these cloven tongues appeared as fire.  The Greek word here is pur (Strong’s 4442) which is fire, but not just fire, more like lightning.  I suspect that these weren’t just little specks of flame floating down upon the disciples, but came down in power, like a lightning bolt striking.  I don’t think anyone got fried, but can you imagine an hundred twenty people sitting around and then, for a moment, they all light up like a Christmas tree?  The power of the living God had just come upon them!  Their lives were already changed by knowing Jesus and now even something more has happened.  Their lives were enhanced even more through the infilling of His mighty Holy Spirit.  Amen?

The Holy Ghost gives us power (dunamis), but then we have to enact that power by believing, then doing.  Jesus tells us as to receive as we believe (Mark 11:24).  He also tells us faith without works is dead (James 2:15-20).  It helps to be as the Roman centurion who understood how faith works (Mark 7:2-9).  When Peter and John healed the man at the Beautiful Gate, they commanded him to stand.  Then they reached down and took the man’s hand and helped him to his feet (Acts 3:2-8).  James tells us, in his letter, to stand firm in what we believe and not doubt (James 1:5-8). 

At times we don’t realize the power because we haven’t asked.  Father doesn’t just give us power from on high because we’re a bunch of sweeties.  We do have to ask Him (James 4:1-7).  And even then we may not have because w desire to elevate ourselves rather than God.  Simon the sorcerer desired to have the ability to give the Holy Ghost, not to glorify God, but so people would think more of him (Acts 8:13-22). 

And there is another reason why we may not see the Holy Ghost operating in our lives.   Are we quenching Him?  Paul exhorts the Thessalonians do to several things and one of them is not to quench the Spirit (1 Thess.5:19).  Quench is the Greek word abennumi (Strong’s 4570) which is to quench, go out or extinguish.  We extinguish the Holy Ghost’s ability to work in our lives by denying Him the right to function and operate in and through our lives as He is intended.  Even to the degree where we don’t believe He fully operates today like He did two thousand years ago.  Lack of belief is quenching.

When we quench Him, we grieve Him because we tie his hands and He cannot do what He desires to do in our lives.  Grieve is the Greek word lupeo (Strong’s 3076) which is to grieve, make sorry, fill with heaviness.  When the Holy Ghost is grieved, His heart breaks and Father is grieved because we don’t allow Him to work in/through us which is why Paul tells the Ephesians not to grieve Holy Ghost (Eph. 4:30) for our redemption is sealed in Him.

 We desire power (dunamis) from God?  First we have to be His child (be saved).  We need to seek the full presence of the Holy Ghost for our lives and then invite Him into our lives.  We need to believe without doubting.  We have to ask for the right reasons – to glorify the one only true and living God who reigns forever and ever.  And we need to remember not to quench and/or grieve the Holy Ghost, once we’ve received Him.  Then, we need to put what we have received into action, in our own lives, that is let Holy Ghost do His job in us and through us.  Then He (the Holy Ghost) will reach out touching those around us because we have been obedient to Him.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

2/3/2018  The Gnome

 This dream came to me bright and early this past Thursday morning while I was yet sound asleep.  Not even in twilight yet.  When I say twilight I mean that time of sleep when I’m not really asleep, but my eyes haven’t yet opened and I’m totally aware of what’s going on around me.  My sound sleep is when I’m so far out you could fire a cannon right beside me and I wouldn’t know it.  This is one of those ‘real’ dreams where I wasn’t part of the action (one of the characters), but I was ‘on set’, aside, witnessing the action of all the characters.

This came between 6-6:30 AM on Feb. 1st.

There were all the creatures of the forest bringing gifts to who seemed to be the ‘king’, or at least, the “Lord of the forest”.  Along with those coming came what seemed to be a gnome. Smaller than all the others but carrying with him a yellow house with what looked like a silo attached to it.  He also had a basket with several items in it, one of which looked like a globe or ball.  This globe was basically white with red and green laced throughout and translucent.  It was clear, but one could not clearly see through it. 

Many challenged him and mocked him “What could he possibly have worth giving?”  He started to forage through his things, then turned displaying the globe and all who saw it were amazed.  It was gorgeous. This seemed to be his most prized possession.

The dream didn’t show how the yellow house and the basket containing the globe disappeared from the forest (in the dream), but what would be the next scene, a young boy, pre-school, one who reminded me of my grandson (who’s four), burst into his house (not my grandson’s house, it was different) setting the little yellow house and the basket on the floor.  He started foraging through the basket.  Finding the globe he proudly displayed it to everyone.  The basket and the yellow house were nearby sitting on the floor.  There were several children there and it seems an adult or two.   All the kids oohed and aahed over the globe and wanted it, but the little boy wouldn’t give it up.  Somehow, one of the little boys, named Mikey, ended up with the globe.  Again, all the kids wanted it, but Mikey desiring it too played keep away and started running around with it – catch me if you can.  Shortly it was announced that it was Mikey’s bedtime and he was taken upstairs to bed.

It wasn’t long when the little gnome finds his way into the house where all the children are.  I didn’t see him open the door, but it was ajar in the background after he had come in.  He was looking half dead, as if he had been half starved or travelled a very long journey.  As the children gathered around him, the diminutive fella looked up at all those in the house with pleading eyes, but not saying a word.  Now there were two “tubes” protruding from his back, through his coat.  They weren’t like medical tubing like for IV’s or anything, but were rather a part of him.  Sort of like two skinny volcanic cones poking up from the surface.  The taller (longer) one was between his shoulder blades with a shorter one a little farther down, about his lower back.   The little guy collapsed and when the children picked him up they noticed a gooey, green mess on the floor.  One of the adults went to get something with which clean the floor, then someone noticed that this ooze was coming out of the tubes on the gnome’s back.  Everyone felt sorry for the little guy but didn’t know what to do.

The gnome saw his yellow house and his basket and crawling, inched his way over to them, looking into the basket searching.  Somehow he conveyed to those there that he was looking for the globe.  The fact that he formed a circle with his forefinger and thumb might have given them a clue.  They realized what he meant so they all searched diligently for the globe.  It was nowhere to be found.  Then someone remembered Mikey was the last one with the globe, maybe he still had it.  Someone went upstairs to check, as Mikey was asleep.

Then I woke up but I had the ‘feeling’ that, sure enough, the globe was indeed with Mikey so it was recovered and brought to the gnome.  Somehow, I knew, giving the globe to the little guy related to his good health.  I knew in my spirit that the gnome would be OK.

After jotting down the afore, I had to take my car to a brother’s shop for he was doing some bodywork on a rear quarter panel for me.

Came back home and started my AM session.  After getting into things, ‘wanting to know the interpretation of the dream’ kept floating around in my head.  I reached a certain point in my session, because I couldn’t shake the dream, I stopped and said “Lord, You are the one who interprets dreams (Dan. 2:15-23, note v 19).  (I had the feeling that the gnome is me) So what’s going on?”
Father said the forest is indeed His kingdom of He who sits on the throne.  And even though others may not think much of what God has given us, Father is always ready to accept that which we bring when it comes with a pure heart and right intentions.  BUT the devil will try to steal and maybe even succeed, for a season, in taking that which we have to offer. 

Father said “The little gnome truly is me – and all the many like me whom He is currently raising up for the Spiritual explosion which is coming.  He said this is why I’ve been doing the blog so those souls can see and know that the things they are experiencing are not ‘just’ their imagination or something else.  It is the Lord’s doing.  Trying to get their attention so He can use them.  It IS happening with others.  I say this because He is continually showing me some of those whom He is raising up.  This is and has been a continually growing process as Father raises up those whom He has called.  And it will continue through the next season.

Again, the gnome is me and all those like me.  The globe represents three things, purity, the blood of Christ and new life.  Three most prized things in this life.  Without the blood of Jesus, we are all truly lost with no hope. But through the blood, we have not just the hope but the promise of eternal fellowship with the Father.  Purity is the life we live, following the lead of Jesus through the direction of the Holy Ghost.  The new life are the works we do here in this world using the gift or gifts, Father has given us so we can magnify and glorify Him as we edify and serve those around us in this world.  So the blood of Christ and a pure heart help us to work the calling Father has placed upon each of our lives.  

We ARE the temple of the living God, so the temple is always with/in us (1 Corinth. 6:19).  We don’t carry it as an external burden, but rather in our hearts where the Holy Spirit dwells.  The silo, of the little golden house, is the storage of blessing Father bestows upon us for our obedience.  The basket? Our works in this world.  Through our obedience to Him and through His precious blood, our works will produce new life not only in us, but to/for those whom we encounter.  Three things which we all should value dearly, as precious gold or silver.  Salvation with purity of heart and serving our Creator through works we perform in helping those around us. 

For me personally, I wrestle with elements in my life which are holding me back.  Remember Paul’s buffet from Satan? (2 Corinth. 12:6-8).  The ‘green ooze’? Any un-repented sins that may still be in my life.  Because of sin, we may find ourselves wandering in the wilderness for a season, but we know that through Christ Jesus we can reconnect with our “home”.  So, I find two things still holding me back, sins of which I may not even be aware yet, or even denied the existence thereof and then, all too often the church itself.  

I’ve been through several denominations and they were all willing to teach me as they believed.  But few were actually willing (maybe unable) to help me realize my potential in Jesus Christ.  Some churches actually ‘shot me down’ or hindered me because I was essentially ‘nobody’ so how could I know anything or become anybody.  I admit, in earlier years, I thought I knew a lot, but as I’ve grown, I’ve realized how little I really know.  Remember when we were teenagers?  (I speak for myself) I knew everything.  Those older than me understood nothing and I “knew it all” LOL).  AS I aged chronologically and started to seek the Lord, Father started showing me that I really knew and understood very little.  Yes I was learning, but on a scale of one to a hundred, when I thought I Knew it all, I actually knew about ‘.2%”.  And in retrospect, that might be generous.

Nonetheless, for many reasons, true growth opportunities were not available to me.  I felt ‘shut out’ or ‘down’.  Both mainstream and ‘Full Gospel’ churches have shown opportunities belong to those in “the in crowd”, the church cliques.  Father is surpassing the ‘in crowd’ He is raising up many ‘nobodies’ to His calling for the coming Spiritual explosion.  As Doug Addison says “God is raising up the rejected of the church” (  And He is providing opportunity to realize our full potential in Him.  All we have to do now is seek out the doors, then turn the knob to see which one(s) opens then walk through the open door.  Having done so, we then need to be obedient and pursue what God is showing us.

The dream ends with the little gnome still on the floor as the discovery of the globe is imminent.  We know the gnome will regain his Globe and all will be well.  That is, even though he had things hindering him before he could fully offer his gift to the “King of the forest”, things are coming together for him.  Yes he had to search for his treasure but soon, he’ll be able to return to the forest and present his gift.  The dream doesn’t tell me whether the tubes disappear or when the gnome gets back into the forest, but, as I said, I had the overwhelming feeling that all will be well with him. 
Once we recognize our gift, or maybe regain it, then we can present that gift to our King.   We do that by serving those around us.  Jesus, Himself, reminds us that what we do to least in the kingdom of God, we do unto Him (Matt. 25:40).  In serving others we reflect the love of Christ working in us and through us.


Maybe Father will give me another dream, a sequel of victory in presenting my treasure before the Lord???