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Saturday, July 20, 2019

7-20-2019    3 Cords revisited

Something New?

Oft times Father will show me something, then come back later (more than once) with deeper understanding.  But when the Perfect (Jesus) come (back) is come, all that which is in part shall be done away with (1 Corinth. 13:8-10).   Sometimes, when Father gives me something, my understanding isn’t always complete but it is complete enough for Father to say “pass it on” to get the ‘juices’ flowing.  To open eyes and hearts so My children may seek and find.

On May 11, 2019 the post talked about three prophetic timelines coming together at approximately the same time.  Father put on my heart to revisit this again.  This going to be an abbreviated version of 5/11/2019 (go back & read it if need be), but hopefully this will help our understanding to come into better focus.

Within the next twenty years all three timelines will be coincidental, that either finishing up and moving into a new undetermined cycle or already started into that new cycle.

Those who are smarter than me have studied the bible and discovered that numbers can be associated with certain biblical events.  Some examples would be: God began to create everything   on the first day (number ‘1’); on the sixth day (‘6’) He created man from the dust of the earth and all creation was complete; so God ‘rested’ from His works on the seventh (‘7’);  God is three persons  in one – Father Son and Holy Ghost - and is God is complete and perfect (number ‘3’).  The meanings that we are dealing with here are:

1          New beginning, creation, one with God
3          Divine completeness, perfection
4          Creative works, creation
7          Resurrection, Spiritual completeness
8          New birth, new beginnings

Three 2,000 year periods moving into the 4th

Between  @4000 and 3500 BC the Sumerians are credited with the beginning of recorded history in an ‘official’ language, that is keeping ‘official’ records of what was going on.

@2000 BC Abraham was born, to whom was given the promise that through his seed all nations would be blessed (Gen. 22:16-18).  Remember that as prophecy of what God would do for us, Abraham offered up his only begotten son (through Sarah).  Understand, that in Abraham’s time there were already many religions, that is people worshipped several different gods and their devotion was based upon works and works only.  They bowed before and offered their gifts to a chunk of stone or wood or whatever.  Abraham had a relationship with the only living God who was not made of stone, wood or anything else.  And Abraham believed God and saw answers to his prayers.

What I will call ‘0’ BC/AD, through His birth and life, Jesus Established the reality of living in faith.  The promise of eternal existence with the eternal God.  For this gift, there’s nothing we can do to obtain God’s grace, but because we are recipients of the grace of God, we live for Him (James 2:17-18).  Consider that little children always want to do what pleases mom and dad.  After all, their first teachers are mom and dad.  And, yep, at times mom and dad may have to point them in the right direction (reprimand).  As children we can’t choose our parents, but they choose to bring us into the world.  As children, we know our parents and for the early years in our life, we know no other authority.  We obey them because we know them.  A relationship develops between parents and children and once we become adults, we can choose to continue that relationship or sever it.  And so is our relationship with the Lord.  From ‘baby’ Christians to maturity.

Too much of the church, today, has repeated history by choosing to go its own way.  Too large a sector of the church has forsaken the Lord, burned their incense to other gods or worshipped the works of their own hands.  But, now, Father is rekindling His love trying to bring us back into living faith.  That is in having a true relationship with Him.  We have a relationship with our parents by birth.  We have a relationship with our Heavenly Father through ‘rebirth’ (salvation).  In growth, as we ‘mature’, our relationship grows stronger or weaker, depending on our relationship with the Lord.
So, we have three, approximately 2000 year, periods from the Sumerians up to today.  For argument, these three periods were completed in the year 2000, putting us into the next bi-millennial period.

And, of course, there’s today.

Today, we have three seven year periods in progress.

Four years ago, Father started showing me three seven year periods.   
Jan 2015          God calls His people to prepare for ministry
Jan 2022          God sends His people out to minister and reap the harvest
Jan 2029          Father doesn’t say - yet

This is according to the Julian Calendar.  If we use the Hebrew calendar we might back up three months to September 2014, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Father showing me this initial seven year cycle is what started my brain functioning in this direction.  In September 2014, Father gave me a prophetic word He called the “Watchman”.  After January 2015 I started hearing about a seven year period, or season, we were entering which contained rumblings of a coming revival.  During the year 2015, I got bold and asked Father what was coming after this season and He said another seven year period.  

The seven years we are in now is a preparatory period.  Father is raising up His servants to bring His Word unlike anything in the past 2000 years. 

This second seven year period, the Holy Ghost is rising up as never seen before, including the initial outpouring to the disciples 2000 years ago.  The first state of the house was the early church, the second state of the house is today’s church (Haggai 2:6-9).  The early rains prepare the land for planting and growth.  The latter rain brings that growth to maturity and ready for harvest (Joel 2:21-24).

Father will not only “hit” the world like never before, but the church will be shaken to its core as Father brings it back into proper alignment with His Word.  Make no mistake, not all the church will come back.  Like the scribes and Pharisees, they are entrenched in their own ideas.  But Father always has His number (1 Kings 19:18).

Father is not revealing what the third seven year period brings (I asked), so It’s anybody’s guess, at this time.  
Father also showed that how for seven one hundred year periods (seasons) He has been rebuilding His church.  The seventh season here ends with the beginning or into this current century

7 – 100 year periods
1300                John Wycliffe – man needs word for himself
1400                movable type printing press – mass production for the individual
1500                Protestant Reformation – man needs to get back on track
1600                Prot. Ref. cont., various denominations arise
1700                Spiritual Awakening – man needs to draw closer to God
1800                Spiritual Awakening – Closer to God now means walking with Him
1900                Pentecostal movement arises – Closer yet, “filled” with the Holy Ghost
2000                True Prophetic – the unbreakable relationship – supping with God, Spiritual explosion

Father started this cycle by putting forth the idea that each and every man (and woman) should have a bible to read for themselves.  They shouldn’t have to go to the church to read it, they shouldn’t have to know Latin to understand it.  Remember, most of those early church Reformers were Catholic priest.  John Wycliffe’s translation of the bible into English was in the late 1300’s was the initial shot at bringing a bible for each man into reality. 

Copying scripture by hand was slow and tedious so when Father put it upon Johannes Guttenberg to invent the moveable type printing press, things would speed significantly making it easier for people to have a copy of the bible for themselves. 

The Protestant Reformation was a huge shakeup to the church and along with his 95 theses, Martin Luther continued to idea of personal bibles. 

According to scholars, there have been four Spiritual Awakenings, each drawing man into a closer relationship with Father.  I say four because there are those who include the Pentecostal movement and the Charismatic movement as awakenings (I won’t argue).  The Pentecostal movement introduced the full operation of the Holy Ghost and the Charismatic Movement brought people into a closer place of praise and worship.  I suggest that the coming movement might be a fifth awakening as Father adjusts man’s thinking as to just how deep a relationship Father desires with us (as individuals).  Beyond ‘just’ being ‘filled’ with the Holy Ghost.  Beyond ‘just’ giving Him praise and worship.  But moving from a parent-child relationship to a ‘friend’ relationship to a ‘companion’ relationship.  Think Abraham (Genesis) and think Moses (Exodus) and consider the relationship (king) David had with king Saul’s son, Johnathan (Judges).

Abraham was the friend of God (James 2:23).  Jesus is God come into this world in the flesh (John 1:1).  When we abide in Jesus’ love, we are a friend of Jesus (John 15:15).  Jesus command us to love (Matt. 22:37-39) and when we walk in that love we draw even closer to our Lord (John 14:15).
Three 2000 year periods have ended and are moving into a fourth.

The three seven year cycles end approximately 2036 and ends at the doorstep of, potentially a fourth. 
Seven 100 year periods have either just ended or will end during this century potentially moving into an eighth.

So, the two three phase timelines, one which has already closed and is entering a new phase. Another which will complete three phases and move into a fourth within twenty years.  And we have a seven phase period is either already closed or in its final century.

What do the numbers say about “3” and “7”?  Divine completeness and Spiritual completeness.
What about the numbers “4” and “8”?  Creative works and new beginnings.

There was a line in the original ‘Ghostbuster’ movie where Bill Murray’s character tells the Mayor of New York City to listen to him because something of “biblical proportion” is about to happen.
Convince me that God is not preparing to do something of great magnitude.  Armageddon?  Rapture?  I don’t know.  But what is coming might be compared to the parting of the Red Sea (Exod. 14:26-31) but definitely greater than the original outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  It will be big.
Whether through natural death or by rapture, Father is telling His church to be ready.  We may not know the time nor the hour (Matt. 24:36) of the Lord’s return yet we know that we are in the end times (Matt. 24:1-31).

But what I can say is that we surely don’t want to be like the five foolish virgins who were not ready when the ‘bridegroom’ called for them (Mat. 25:1-12).  They went to the bridegroom’s home begging to be let in and the bridegroom told them He didn’t even know them (Matt. 25:1-12).  We (the church), of course, ae the virgins and Jesus is the bridegroom.  The signs of the times are in the bible and are being played out today.  Father is saying “Be ready, I don’t want to lose any of you.”
This is a call for us to get our ‘ducks in a row’ and be ready.  Being ready means abiding in God’s love.  Where we have ‘messed up’ (unconfessed sin) we need to ‘get it right’.  To come back into proper alignment in God’s love.  For whether it be via natural death or the Lord calling us home (en masse), Father wants us ‘always ready’ like the five wise virgins (Matt. 25:10) who WERE taken when the bridegroom called.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

7-6-2019          Thy Kingdom Come
The book of Revelation has always been a confusing book to me.  For a long time I assumed the city in Revelation chapter 22 was in eternal existence, but Father said take a look at Matthew Chapter six.  Whatever else may be implied, or be true, Revelation chapter 22 and Mathew chapter 6 refer to how we can live in God’s love – here, now, today, in this world.

Rev. 22:14-15  In the city but outside

Blessed are they who do His (God’s) commandments for then they have the right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates into the city.
For outside are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters and whoever loves to and does lie.

I read this passage in revelations before and was always confused.  I always assumed they were talking about the New Jerusalem (eternal) and always wondered how evil could be lurking right out the city gates.  I mean, either we were in eternity with God or, those who rejected Him, in the eternal lake of fire (Matt. 6:24).

But, Father coupled this, for me, with:

Matt. 6:10       Your kingdom come, you will be done on earth as it is in heaven

What Father has truly impressed upon me, over the past couple of years, is what these words actually involve.

Then Father brought in three other passages that He wanted me to connect with these first two:

Psalm 46:1      God is our refuge, our strength, a very present help in trouble
                        Our safety is in God who strengthens us to endure whatever may befall us and He helps us now, not just in the future, but NOW!
Matt. 6:33       Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

As Christians, we should always seek the kingdom of God first.  That is put God first in whatever we are doing.  Our occupations, families, strength to get through things that beset us, which path to take, who can or should be in our life.  How deep do we want to go?  Maybe even what we eat and wear.  Seeking God isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather wisdom because we desire to do that which pleases Him.  Seeking God doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process.  Yes, there are times we need to deeply seek His presence and humble ourselves before Him.  Other times a simple “which shirt (blouse) should I wear (a thought to ourselves) or what to fix for dinner will suffice.  Father does give us direction in ALL things.  We just have to seek, ask, then listen.

John 17:14-18             Jesus speaking to Father

I have given them Your Word and the world has hated them because they are not of this world, even as I am not of this world.

I don’t pray that You take them out of the world, but rather keep them from evil.
They are not of this world, even as I am not of this world.
Sanctify them through Your truth.  Your Word is truth.  You have sent Me into the world and likewise, I am sending them into the world.

You have sent Me into the world and in the same manner I have sent them into the world.
Most have an understanding that this means we follow Christ and not the ways of the world around us.  This is true.  Jesus also tells us that we cannot serve two masters.  We will love one and hate the other or obey one and disagree with the other.  We can’t serve God and the world (Matt. 6:24)!

But then Father showed me that the imagery in the book of Revelation wasn’t necessarily a depiction of eternal Jerusalem but of spiritual Jerusalem, a depiction of our relationship with Father and this world - today.  We can live in God’s protection (in the city) but there are times we need to go out into the world to share His Word (outside the city).

Jesus asked Father not to take us out of the world through salvation, literally, but He did ask Him to keep us in this world and protect us from evil (John 17:13-20).

In the natural, we are physically in the world but, because of our faith, we operate in the kingdom of God, protected by Him so we can do His work.  We are not ‘of this world” but we are “in this world” to do Father’s will, to testify of eternal fellowship with Father, through Jesus Christ, which we obtain through confession and repentance of our sin.

Being in the world, we have to function in the world.  Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father (supposed), was a carpenter (Mark 6:3).  His “real” Father(God) is love (1 John 4:7-8, Matt. 12:50). 

As a boy, Jesus trained to be a carpenter, to function in the world, but He was also in training to present God’s love to the world.  So when He became a man, about thirty (Luke 3:23), He did just that.  He brought God’s love into the world at its greatest level for its greatest impact.
The bible doesn’t say whether Jesus worked as a carpenter, or not, once He started His three year plus ministry (leading to the cross) but we can be sure that’s exactly what He did until then.  Jesus was born into this world and had to live in this world, just as we do (Gal. 4:4-5).  Even once Jesus started His ministry, He stayed in this world until He completed His task, “It is finished” (John 20:30). Only when Father called Him home, did Jesus leave this world (Acts 1:9-11).

Likewise, we are born into this world, but we all have earthly fathers.  We have to learn to work and survive in this world.  Hopefully, not only learning a trade with which to support ourselves, we are also learning a task to which our Heavenly Father has called us.  A task, which once we are ready, we can go out and serve our heavenly Father (in His timing) – as Jesus did.  Now, we are not likely to be taken up out of this world as Jesus was (Acts 1:9-11), but we would live a full life until our ‘natural’ death.  Welllllll.  Unless Jesus comes back before then (Mark 13:32, Matt. 24:1-51, 1 Corinth. 15:51-58). 

A fresh understanding of Revelation 22 is that even though we live (by obedience) in God’s kingdom, by (if you will) in a protective bubble, we still operate in the evil world around us.
What Father has called us to do should also be our ‘occupation’, how we support ourselves as God opens the door.  Nonetheless, whatsoever we do, we do as unto the Lord (Col. 3:23-24) and as we do, we find that what we do for the Lord becomes whatsoever we do.

Yet, the kingdom of God is my refuge.  As I yield and live my life for the Father, through Jesus, I have truly entered into God’s kingdom.  If I live in God’s kingdom, He protects me (Job 1:8-10).  And if I, and all Christians, are living in God’s kingdom, His kingdom is indeed come on earth, into this world.  Even though we are in the world, we are no of it.  We do His will in this life.  Ergo, His kingdom come, his is being done on earth as it is in heaven.
Yet, all this depends upon our relationship with our heavenly Father.  The closer we walk with the Lord, in our realm (in this world), the more of God’s kingdom becomes apparent on planet earth.