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Saturday, December 30, 2023


12-30-2023         What is love?  Again

Almost a year ago I posted “What is Love” (1/14/2023).  I’d like to revisit this post, perhaps even with a few adjustments.

1 John 4:8b      GOD IS LOVE!

Since 9/24-2022, we’ve been talking about who God is, which, of course, is  love.  The unity of the Godhead, Father, Son & Holy Ghost.  That fact that we desire eternal fellowship with the Father.  Through Jesus Christ, we seek ‘salvation’ and once we’ve given our hearts to Him, we learn what God expects from us.  And, of course, a seventh item of ‘how the church could and should grow.  It is ALL based in love.  God’s love.  If you will – ‘agape love’.  That unconditional love that seeks and does that which edifies others.

In the last entry of 2022 (12/31/2022), ‘A New Year’, we closed saying that this love has to begin at home - With us.  And it does!  But love truly begins with Father, YAWEH, Jehovah, the eternal I AM who sheds His love into our lives and hearts.     

Again, this year, I say ‘let’s make it personal’.  Let each one of us say “with ME”.

God is love.  Because we confess God with all our heart and through our spirit, we are able to reflect God’s love.  That is, through the Holy Ghost in us (John 20:22-23, Acts 1:8).   John tells us that if we don’t know God we can’t love with God’s love, but because we do know Him, through His Spirit in us, we can truly love (1 John 4:4-12).    

The closer we walk with the Lord, the more His love will shine in and through our lives because we are seeking to do His will and to please Him.  This doesn’t mean we hide out in our closets and just feel good as we bask in His presence.  We can do that, but Father wants us to also extend that love and good will towards those who are close to us, around us and then to those whom we encounter.  after all, Jesus did say that the Holy Ghost gives us power and the ability to be witnesses for Him and to take His Word to the uttermost parts of the earth (Matt. 28:18-20, Acts 1:7-8).  We do have to get up off our duffs and do something!  Faith without works is dead (James 2;14-26).  Yes? 

Love.  I’m not talking about a ‘pasted on smile’, but having a genuine concern and compassion for other people.  Truly caring about them and, whatever even small part, we may have in edifying them, so that they may become ‘better’ people, walking closer with the Lord.

Do we fall all over people trying to please them?  Of course not.  We have to understand and be confident in our own relationship with the Lord, then learn where our talents and gifts are so we can interact with others appropriately.  We need to understand the depth and breadth of the gifts Father has blessed us with and in which level are we currently operating.  Yes, we can do all things through Jesus Christ (Phil. 4:13), but also we need to also consider the two previous verses in that passage, “I don’t speak out of my need for I have learned to be content in whatever state I find myself (says Paul).  I know how to live with little and I know how to live when having more than enough.  I know hunger and how to be full.  I know how to live having plenty or to be in need” (Phil. 4:11-12).  Whatever our state, we don’t brag or complain but we can be content knowing that God is always with us and with His guidance, we can deal appropriately with that which comes before us.  God is always with us (Heb. 13:5)!  The Holy Ghost will let us know how far to go in a given situation (Luke 12:11-12). 

God is my shepherd!  He satisfies my needs and gives me rest.  He refreshes me as He guides my steps down His pathways (of course, I have to listen to His direction).  Though trouble may be all around me, I will not be fearful for my God comforts me.  He gives me peace in my troubles.  He anoints my head with oil and blesses me.  He prepares my table before those who don’t like me.  I know His goodness and mercies are with me no matter what I do or wherever I go.  I will follow His direction, always, with all my heart, mind, soul and strength (Psalms 23, Mark 12:28-34).  God will bless us as we are obedient in His love (Deut. 28:1-14, 30:16-20).

I know who I am in Christ Jesus so I am not overbearing towards others, but neither am I a doormat.  I follow Jesus’ example of love.  Jesus is the true example of being assertive.  So, as with Jesus, I am tender with those who truly seek Jesus (Matt. 9:20-29) but carry a sharp, two-edged sword for those who truly defy Him (Matt. 23:23-28). 

Living in God’s love is the key to our success in this world.  Living in His love means being obedient to what He tells us and then treating others as Father treats us – in His abiding and caring love.

Yes, He reprimands us when we get off track but that reprimand brings us back into proper alignment in His will.  As our heart lines up with Father’s will, that’s when He will give us our heart’s desire (Psalm 37:4, Matt. 6:31-34).

Jesus tells us that love fulfills the law and the prophets (Matt. 22:36-40).  Starting with the Ten Commandments (Exod. 20:3-17), God describes His love towards us.  Then, through the actions of forty-two prophets mentioned in the bible (not all have their own book), how He guides and directs us, provides for us, saves us from peril and even reprimands us when we get off track.  He loves us when we abide in HJIs will – and even when we don’t.  Even in that final separation, God never stops loving us.  However, depending on how we love, too many will not enjoy His fellowship throughout eternity.  The gate to eternal life is straight and narrow (Matt. 7:13-14) even though Father desires that none perish (2 Peter 3:9), nota all will enter in.     

From Genesis through Revelation we get a pretty good picture of how God’s love works.  Yet, understand, no matter how much bible we know, Father has still not shown us all about His love.  personally, every time I read a given passage in the bible, Father shows me something deeper. 

Remember, even before THE birth of Jesus, the angel of the Lord came to Joseph and said that the child should also be called Emmanuelle (God is with us – Matt. 1:23) and He is the Word (Jesus).  So, in the beginning, was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1).  God, the Father, came into this world, Himself, in the person of Jesus, to redeem us from our sins and reconnect us back with Himself – forever (John 3:16). 

There is no greater love that one can demonstrate towards another than to give his life for him (15:13).  Yes, there have been martyrs for God over the ages and we are appointed to die once, the natural death (Heb. 9:27), thank you Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:17).  Yet, we all don’t die for Jesus, literally (in the flesh).  Once we’ve accepted Him into our heart, we do crucify the old man and allow the new man (now in us) to live for Him (Rom. 6:6-9).  If you will, the old man dies in Christ and the new man lives in God’s love, in this life and he next. 

Be aware that there are basically five types of love.

Agape (Gr 26) or dowd (Heb 1730) love is having affection or benevolence towards another, considering their well-being.

Philoteknos (Gr 5388) is the type of love we have for our children, eg. “a mother’s love”.

Philandros (Gr 5362) or ahab (Heb 157) is the type of love a husband and wife share.

Philadelphia (Gr 5360) is a brotherly love.

Phileo (G5368) having sentiment towards another person or even a ‘thing’.  (Look at that poor doggie.  He’s hurt.)

Now, I don’t mention eros (also from the Greek).  This coincides with plhilandros but is not specifically mentioned in the bible.  We may get an insight by reading the “Song of Soslomon” in the Old Testament.

So what is love?  Jesus tells us that when we do something to/for any of His brothers, we’ve done it unto Him (Matt. 25:40).  We receive Jesus into our heart allowing His love to abide in our heart and allowing Him to work in us and through us via our speech and our actions.  Again, faith without works doesn’t amount to much.  Yet, all this is possible because the Holy Ghost has taken up residence within our heart and enables us to love our fellow man as Jesus loves us.  We don’t ‘get saved’ because we do works but rather our being saved produces God’s works in us and through us. Thus, we return our love to Jesus by expressing that love for others.  Caring about their well-being. 

 Truly loving because the Creator has first loved us.


Saturday, December 16, 2023

12-16-2023         I AM


Moses asked God “whom shall I tell them sent me?”  And God replied “I AM that I AM, tell them that I AM sent you” (Exod. 3:13-14).

I AM the first and the last, and there is no other god beside Me.” (Isa. 44:6) 

John was on the isle of Patmos when he received his revelation.  “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending” (Rev. 1:8), “I AM ‘Alpha and Omega, the first and the last …” (Rev. 1:11).  And who was speaking to John?  In the midst of seven golden candlesticks was one like unto the Son of man.  He wore a garment down to His feet with a golden girdle.  His hair was white as wool, as white as snow and His eyes were like the flame of a fire.  His feet were like finely polished brass out of the furnace and His voice was like many waters.  He held seven stars in His right hand, a two-edged sword proceeded from His mouth and His countenance was like the sun at it brightest (Rev. 1:12-16, Ezek. 1:25-28, 43:2).  Who is the ‘living Word of God’ (John 1:1, 6:51) and the Word of God is a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12)!  Does this description suggest anyone in particular?

The Word of God is a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12).  Daniel had been fasting for three weeks when he saw:  a man clothed in linen girded with gold.  His body was like beryl and His face appeared as lightening, His eyes were like fire and His feet like polished brass and His voice was like a multitude (Dan. 10:2-6).  How about now?

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1).  Jesus desires us to be one with Him as He is one with the Father (John 17:1-21).

We are adopted into God’s family through Jesus (Eph. 1:5, 2:19, Rom. 8:15-16).  We are joint heirs in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:17)!

Jesus was born of a virgin so when we cry to God “You just don’t understand!”  God does!  Jesus was born of a young, virgin, Jewish girl.  Why a Jewish girl?  Because God selected the Jews to be His ‘chosen people’ (Deut. 7:6, Isa. 44:1).  Chosen is the Hebrew word bachar (H977) which means selected.  They were to be His beacon, an example to the sinful world.  And God gave His Law to the Jews (Ezek. 26:21-26, Heb. 8:10-11).

Okay, so why a ‘virgin’ woman?  The woman could not have had sexual relations with a man, otherwise people would say that Jesus was ‘just another man’, He would have had an earthly father.  No doubt Jesus is the ‘son of man (born of a woman) (Acts 7:56, Heb. 2:6, Rev. 1:13) but to be the ‘Son of God’?  He had to be conceived in a supernatural way, the Holy Ghost (Luke 1:35).  Father confirmed His Sonship (Matt. 3:16-17).  Born of woman to show that man can keep God’s law in a sinful world but born again (John 1:3-6), from above (the Holy Ghost) demonstrating that our power to live for God, comes from God (Acts 1:4-8). 

Born again, born of the Spirit.  Being born of a man and living as a man Jesus prepared Himself to be our final, blood sacrifice, cleansing us from our sin.  And, yes, He died on the cross (Matt. 27:33-60) and praise God, He rose from the grave on the third day (John 20:1-13), victorious over sin and death, showing us what we also can do and should expect (1 Corinth. 15:55-58).  And, praise God, Jesus didn’t stop there.  He ascended back into heaven to make sure there was a place for us (John 14:1-4) so we could be with Him forever!                            

So, just what else does God do for us?

In the beginning, Father establishes that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood (Lev. 4:1-35).  Leviticus chapter four gives guidelines for what one must do to be cleansed from his sin.

Understand that when Adam and Eve sinned and God cast them out of the garden, Father also made them coat from animal skins (Gen. 3:21).  That means the blood of an animal was shed so He could cover man, covering his sin.  The procedure described in Leviticus chapter four tells us that the blood is the life (of the creature) and makes atonement for souls (Lev. 17:11).  For this reason Israel offered the blood of a bull, goat or lamb as a ‘sin’ sacrifice (Lev. 16:1-22).  Is not Jesus the Lamb of God (John 1:29)?  Jesus shed His blood for us through the scourging before the cross and then the piercing by the spear at His death upon the cross (John 19:1-3, 33-34).  The book of Hebrews reminds us that there is no forgiveness for sin without the shedding of blood (He. 9:22).

So Jesus becomes our final sacrifice for sin.  They took Him to Calvary (Golgotha) and crucified Him (Luke 23:33-43).   In His last hours, Jesus commended His Spirit to Father (Luke 23:46), there was darkness over all the earth for about three hours (Luke 23:44), the sun was darkened and the veil in the temple was torn (Luke 23:45).  The veil torn?  Why?  Consider that when the Jews came to the priest for forgiveness of sin,  only the priest could enter the Holy of Holies with an offering for the people’s sin (Lev. 16:1-34, Heb. 9:7).  The torn veil means that access to the Holy of Holies was no longer limited to the priest, concealed from man, but now through Jesus, we no longer have to go through the priest to access God, but as we are cleansed from our unrighteousness, iniquity and sin through Christ Jesus, we now have direct access to Father through Jesus!  the veil is gone!

Jesus washed us from our sin with His own blood (Rev. 1:5)!  No more animals, but He is the final sacrifice for our sin!

Praise God, Jesus didn’t stop there.  On the third day He arose from the grave (Matt. 28:1-6, Mark 16:1-6, Luke 24:1-8, John 20:1-8), walked with His disciples for forty more days teaching them more about the kingdom of God (Acts 1:2-3), and assuring us that we do, indeed, have eternal life in Him (1 John 4:10-13, 5:13).  What did Jesus explain?  More of living in God’s love through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Jesus is coming back for us (John 14:1-3).

Cool! What else?

Jesus tells us that whatsoever we ask, in His name, He will do so Father will be glorified  (John 14:13-14).

Isaiah tells that through the scourging Jesus suffered, by His stripes, we are healed (Isa. 53:5).  

Jesus assures us that after He leaves (has left) the world, He gives us another comforter (the Holy Ghost), to be with us and to console us, (John 14:16-18).

This same Holy Ghost will guide us into all truth (John 16:13-15), give us wisdom and understanding (1 Corinth. 2:6-16).

Help us to speak what we need and when we need to know it (Mark 13:11). 

Jesus helps us to become one in Him, in the Father so that we all are one (John 17:15-23).   

Father supplies whatever we need out of His riches in glory (Phil. 4:19) and even, as we seek Him, will give us our heart’s desire (2 Peter 1:1-8)

What more could we need or want?

Did you notice the obligation?  “Seeking Him”.  So, just what obligations do we have?

To receive fully from Father we need to continually seek Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:29-31).  So we abide in God’s love (John 15:9-12) we need to practice what we know and share it (preach) (James 2:26).

Why?  Because love is the foundation of His law, prophets and His commandments (Matt. 22:40).

The Ten Commandments are a brief explanation of God’ love (Exod. 20:3-17) and the full Law brings it into a deeper understanding.

And as the apostle Paul recommends that we ‘run the race’, in this life as though we expect to win (1 Corinth. 9:24).  That is with all our strength and energy.  Crossing the finish line first is not the goal for many have already crossed it, but we strive to cross that finish line – period - to have lived our lives fully in and through Christ Jesus, our Lord.  That is our victory in this world.

So, is God I AM?  Let each one of think and remember all that Father has done for us.  Has He provided nourishment when we were hungry (we’re still here, aren’t we?).  How many problems have we face and ‘suddenly’ the answer comes (with or without much deliberation)?  Through how many sad moments has He given us comfort and brought joy back into our hearts?  Father reminds Israel that it is He who brought them out of the bondage of Egypt (Micah 6:4).  How many times has He delivered us out of our bondage?

So, Is Father all that we need?  Is He Jehovah Jireh, our God who ‘sees to it’, our provider  (H3070)?  Because He is and does all this for us and more and all He asks from us is to put Him ‘numero uno’ (first)  in our lives. 

So, is He I AM?


Saturday, December 2, 2023

12-2-2023 Why am I Here?


Growing up, Jesus had favor before God and man (Prov. 3:3-4, Luke 2:52).  As He grew in the natural, He also grew in the Spirit, exampled when He wowed the doctors in the temple at age twelve (Luke 2:42-47).  They were amazed at the knowledge of this twelve-year old boy.

John the Baptist was preaching around the Jordan River. Having baptized many, he shared about the coming Messiah (Matt. 3:1-12).  Then Jesus approached and was baptized by John.  This was necessary for Jesus to fulfill all righteousness (Matt. 13-17).  At this time, Jesus was about thirty years old (Luke 3:23).

After His baptism, Jesus was then whisked away into the wilderness where He was confronted by the devil.  Luke says that Jesus was tempted during that period of time for all forty days (Luke 4:2) which culminated in (both Matthew and Luke) with the final temptations.  Satan tempted Jesus with “eat”, that is food for the body, “jump”, or do You truly trust God and finally, “bow down before me”, or “is Jesus truly dedicated to Father” (Matt. 4:1-11), body, soul and Spirit).  Obviously Jesus passed with flying colors: Man shall live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; don’t tempt the Lord God; we shall worship only God (Creator of all things) and serve only Him (Matt: 4:4, 7:10).

Jesus was then ready to minister to us and did so for over three years culminating in the crucifixion (Matt. 27:27-50), resurrection (Mark 16:1-18) and ascension (Acts 1:1-11). 

Paul declared himself to be a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee (Acts 23:6).  Understand that a Pharisee, in Strongs’s Concordance, is pharisaios or separated one (G5330).  That means he was a part of the most influential religious-political party at that time.  Pharisees studied and interpreted the Law (Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary).  Experts?

After holding the coats of those who stoned Stephen (Acts 7:57-60), Saul, a devout Pharisee, considered the “Christians’ to be a heresy so he persecuted them with all his energy and the church gave him the authority to pursue his desire (Acts 8:1-3).  But, as he was doing so, something happened!  He encountered Jesus as he proceeded to Damascus to carry out ‘his’ mission and he lost his sight, physically (Acts 9:1-7).  Ananias was in Damascus when God told him to go pray for one Saul for he was a chosen vessel to go to the Gentiles.  So, Saul was three days in Damascus when Ananias came to him to receive his sight.  We see that Saul has also been called Paul (Acts 13:9).  Paul then continued his mission to the Gentiles.  Interesting, Paul may have been about three years younger than Jesus.  According to, Paul’s encounter with the Lord was about three years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  Side note:  whether we acknowledge Anno Diem (A.D.), ‘the ‘year of our Lord’ or ‘after the common Era’ (ACE), they both have the same base beginning time or about ‘0’ AD, or the accepted time of the birth of Jesus.  (no extra charge for this little tidbit – lol).  So, Paul may have been about thirty of age when he started his ministry.

 Consider that Paul/Saul and Jesus lived “normal’ lives leading up to their ministry.  Then, in the eyes of the world, their lives changed dramatically, as did the world.  I wish I could say the same about me.  Welllll, I could say it, but it wouldn’t be true (lol).

Understand that Jesus and Paul led ‘normal’ lives until they were released into their God-given ministry.  Jesus, being God come into this world in the flesh (John 1:1) knew His ministry.  God told Moses that “I AM” sent you (Exod. 3:13).  The apostle John turned to see who was speaking to him and what he saw was like the Son of man who said “ I AM Alpha and Omega …” (read it all Rev. 1:1-18).  And after his encounter with Jesus, Paul discovered the ministry which God had given him.

Now, the prophet Samuel was dedicated to God by his mom as she had been barren and asked for a son.  She promised God that if He gave her a son, she would give him back to God (1 Sam. 1:11, 1:24-27).  And she did, under the care of Eli.  Later, Samuel had his encounter with God and came t know God’s voice (1 Sam. 3:1-10).  Note that three times Samuel thought his mentor, Eli, had called him and it also took Eli three times to realize what was going on so the fourth time God came to him, Samuel said “Speak, for your servant hears You.” (1 Sam. 3:1-10).  Many thoughts (voices) come into our heads yet we, too, have to learn to recognize Father’s voice.

Note that Jesus, Saul and Samuel all had encounters with Father.  Father publicly acknowledge Jesus when He said this is My beloved Son (Matt. 3:17).  Paul on the road to Damascus and Samuel who ran back and forth to Eli before He responded and acknowledged God.

So, “Why am I here?”  Do I have a calling on my life?  How do I know?

These cited examples are shared that you might have an idea how God interacts with us.  May I share how Father has dealt with me.  First of all, no, I’m definitely not comparing myself to Paul but as Paul, I try to emulate the qualities and character of Jesus – abide in His love, the best that I can. 

My story

As a young boy (under 10), I have a vague memory of attending a Presbyterian church a few blocks from the house in which I grew up.  One of my neighbors even took me, occasionally,  to their Catholic church.  There was also a nearby Southern Baptist Church,  to which another neighbor took me with her family.  Between high school and the time I married, I did not attend any church regularly.  My wife and I attended the So. Baptist church for a couple of years then, we moved out of the immediate area and that started our search for another church.  We slipped in and out of a couple different Baptist churches, Presbyterian, and then after our ‘baptism in the Holy Ghost, we attended the Church of God, Assemblies of God and a host of independent Pentecostal churches which included United Pentecostal.  We had moved several times and finally ended up in a town, just at the panhandle in Maryland just a couple of miles short of the Pa. state line.  A priest in a Catholic church in that town, helped my wife in a most6 difficult time so we even attended the Catholic church for a while.  My wife went to be with the Lord in 2005 and, as of this sharing, I’m still in that town. 

As Father was growing me, It seemed as though we had a hard time stabilizing in any specific church yet, several years after my wife’s passing Father introduced me to a Full Gospel, prophetic, church where I still am today.  I’ll be honest, I attended this church for several months when I was thinking about bailing out – again.  Then Father clearly said to me “Buck, this is where I want you!”  No doubt in my mind.   Since that time, Father has continued growing me into a deeper understanding of His Word and my relationship with Him.  I’ve stayed put!

Now, through all those years, even though my relationship with Father hadn’t always been the best.  I had freedom of choice and I exercised it but He always kept a thread about my ankle.     

In September 2014 Father told me to go to Ezekiel 37 verses 1-14, the valley of dry bones.  He said “this is your task to come”.  Then He took me to Jeremiah 1:1-4 and said “I will equip you”.  But, as with Jeremiah and Ezekiel, Father obviously did not want me to go to Israel so He told me that today’s church is in the same boat as Israel was back then.  Full of dry bones an needing help.  Again, Father had given me two specific scriptures and said that they were for me.  Somewhere in that time frame, I don’t remember exactly, a little before or a little after that September, Father told me to look up the meaning of my full name, first, middle and last.  Then He told me to check out the ‘Christian based’ meaning of numbers – my birthday.  He told me that my name and my birthday revealed the qualities of my nature, my natural gifts, talents and abilities which He ‘intended’ for me.

I found several lists of numbers but I focused those claiming a biblical base.  Two lists that I found were and  http://www.gods-kingdom books/secrets-of-time/appendix-e-the-biblical-meanings-of-numbers/.  To give you an idea let’s take a look at three numbers: #1- unity; primacy, new beginnings, oneness of God, #4- creative works and #7- resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Father’s (or Spiritual) perfection.  I suggest to examine several lists on your own and not depend on just one.

Look up your name.  Baby lists, meaning of names, etc. for they can shed light on your name’s ethnic origins and what they mean as well as qualities and characteristics, but again don’t limit yourself to the first list you find.  Check out several. 

As Father told me, this gives you an idea of our God-given gifts, talents and abilities.

I am persuaded that when Father has a specific calling on your life, He will also give you a specific scripture (or more) to back it up.  As I said, the ‘valley of dry bones in Ezekiel and Jerimiah’s calling were two that He showed me.

Once you have gathered the information, its prayer time.  Ask Father to put it all together for you.  ‘What does all this mean to me, Lord?’  He will tell you.  It could be one sentence or maybe even several, but it will a be logical, understandable composition. 

For me, once all this was done, I asked Father for confirmation, that I was truly hearing from Him.  I searched from the end of that September through the end of the year, Dec. 31st  2014,  but no confirmation.  I was getting pretty discouraged so in January I challenged Father was He really calling me.  Spiritually, Father set me down on my keester (bottom) and said “You ask why I haven’t confirmed what I told you in September?”  He then proceeded to show me how through special events I attended, the sermons my pastor preached, what I heard from TV ministers, what I saw in magazines, etc.  then He asked me what were all these people talking about?”  Then I realized and replied ‘what You told me back in September.  I was expecting to get a word from all those prophetic people I was exposed to and I thought surely someone would have said “Buck, the Lord said to tell you ….”  And, of course, no one ever did.  Father then said “How much confirmation do you need?”  He gave me three months worth of confirmation. 

Bottom line is, Father gives us a calling, great or small, and He will confirm it.  Of course we have to listen with both our ears and be aware with our eyes.

You may ask “So, what are you doing about it now?”  In the spring of 2015 Father said to start a blog – and I did.  I’ve continually asked Him for guidance as to what I put in it.  I admit, at first it was probably very boring.  In part, I was establishing who I was but the past several years Father has been more and more pointed in what we have put out.  More specific to His calling on my life.  More specific what He want His children to understand.  These last two years He has been very specific.  And, even today, Father continues to show me how many ministers are focusing on a closer relationship with God AND Father has shown me some have been very pointed in how to accomplish this.  He’s still confirming in me that I, indeed, am still on the right track as I am still learning! 

It’s taken me many years, okay decades, for Father to get where I am now, but He has shown me it is for purpose.  As He has  patiently waited for me to catch up.  I had to reach one level before He could take me to the next.  He has been continually showing deeper things in scripture that He wants me to know and it has been awesome!  Have I arrived yet?  Hardly.  I know that I will continue to grow until He calls me home.   

A word of encouragement.  I have been a ‘federal government’ employee all my life.  I started with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), General Services Administration (GSA) and I retired fromr the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  While at FDA I gave my job to the Lord.  Father blessed me by promoting me from a documents clerk to a ‘contract liaison’ where I trained contract personnel, wrote operational procedures and mediated ‘differences’ between the government and the contractor.  Father elevated me from (on the government scale) a GS5 to a GS12 – with no formal college.  PTL!

We all have a calling on our life – great or small.  Not everyone is going to be a great speaker, singer, or artist, etc.  but God has given each of us a gift, a talent or ability (or all three) within which we can operate.  That calling could be a stock boy, clerk, secretary, supervisor, CEO, whatever.  But whatever God calls us into we should always do with all our heart as if we are doing it or our Lord.  Because we are.  In whatever ‘job’ we function, our beginning prayer should always be “Lord, I give this job to You.  Help me to be the best that I can be while I am here.”

Why am I here?  Ask the Lord, He will show you.  Then pursue whatever that calling may be with all your heart as you live for and in Jesus Christ.


Saturday, November 18, 2023

11-18-2023      I HEAR YOU KNOCKIN’


Revelations 3:19-22

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, therefore be zealous and repent.  Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me.  To him who overcomes, I will grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I overcame and set down with My Father in His throne.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.   

This passage speaks to three things pertaining to salvation: receiving, obedience and reward

Salvation   I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears My voice …

      Receiving  I will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me

Salvation comes by hearing the Word of God.  Usually because someone has shared it with us whether it be a priest or pastor in a church or the man in the street (Rom. 10:13-17).  Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news (Isa:52:7).  Yet, when a man is most observant, he can see God in creation, around us (Rom. 1:19-20) and know that there is someone greater than himself.

God does not force His way into our hearts.  Jesus knocks on our heart’s door and waits for us to answer, then He will abide with us and in us (Rev. 3:20).

Jesus provides an opportunity for us when He says “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes unto the Father but by Me (John 14:6).  We face the choice Joshua faced when he said “… choose this day whom you will serve … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Josh.24:15).

Because of our sin, Jesus stands the gap reconnecting us with the Father.  Without the shedding of blood to cover sin, there is no remission of sin (Lev. 17:11, Heb. 9:22).  Jesus is our propitiation (took our place) cleansing us and enabling us to reenter into the eternal life which God originally intended for us (Rom. 3:23-25, 1 John 2:2).

So why do we choose God?  God so loved he world that he gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

      Obedience   To him who overcomes

We’ve chosen to let Jesus into our heart.  So now, we need to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and because we now love God, we show that love towards others around us (Mark 12:29-31).

Our goal now, is to become one with the Lord.  Jesus asks Father to keep (protect) us.  We know that God’s joy will be in us.  Jesus asks Father to keep us from evil, though we are still in this world.  He sanctifies us through His Word which is truth.  And He prayed this for all who believe (John 14:15, John 17:9-23)! 

However, as a parent with his child, Father does correct us to keep us on the right track. So, we shouldn’t despise God’s correction.  It is for our own good (Prov. 3:11-12).  It is to help us to grow closer to our heavenly Father.

      Reward    I will grant to sit with Me in My throne 

So, why even be concerned about receiving Jesus into our heart?  Let’s look at a couple of things.

God created Adam and Eve to be eternal beings.  They had access to the tree of life, to eat its fruit (Gen. 3:22, Rev. 2:7).  Yet, even though tempted, Adam and Eve couldn’t leave well enough alone and ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Gen. 3:1-23) and separated man from eternal life with this act.  So, Father set a Cherubim to guard the tree of life from Adam and all man (Gen. 3:24).

So, we stand on John 3:16 (see above) because through our ‘salvation’, Jesus gives back to us that eternal life (John 10:27-28), reinstating us into good standing with Father.  We don’t have that eternal life in hand yet, but as we live for Jesus, He has promised that we will be with Him throughout eternity (again John 3:16).

Jesus is preparing a place for us so when He comes does back for us we will be with Him (John 14:1-3.  We will be rewarded for our ‘good works’ in this life, whether they be great or small and, maybe because we didn’t have the opportunity to do good works, because of our faith, we will still be in His presence (1Corinth. 13:11-15).  But while we are waiting, He will supply all our needs here, in his life (Phil. 4:19).  In everything, He is our provider (Matt. 6:31-34), comforter (1 Corinth. 1:3-4) and teacher (John 14:26).  What more could we want?

Oh!  And because we have run our race faithfully (1 Corinth. 9:24), He grants us the privilege of siting with Him in our Father’s throne (Rev. 3:21).  Now the Greek word for throne is thronos, (G2362), and is translated throne, stately seat or power.  Did not Jesus promise that when the Holy Ghost is come upon us we shall have power (Acts 1:8).  Power is the Greek word dunamis (G1411) which is violent or explosive power.  Power to do that which Father has called us.  Get the picture?

      Truth  (xtra credit)


Many hear, but who is truly listening and opens the door?

Job declares that he knew about God, but after all that he went through, he said that ‘now’ he has seen God face to face (Job 42:5).  Come to know Father on a personal basis, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  The experience is awesome!

Have we confessed Jesus Christ as our personal Savior?  Have we been baptized in water or allowed the Holy Ghost full operation in our lives?

Over time, too many people have professed to know Jesus and even have been baptized in water, but as we see in the parable of the sower we see some fall away –  discouraged, swayed by the wants of the world.  Too many to never return (Matt. 13:3-23).  We have to run the course (1 Corinth. 9:24-27).

Father tells us throughout the Old Testament how He desires us to treat others, with love, compassion and edification.  What do we do to edify, to build up those with whom we come into contact?  I remember from my childhood an old slaying “If you ain’t got nutthin’ good to say, don’t say mutthin’ at all’.  Good advice.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they who love it shall eat its fruit (Prov. 18:21).  That means, we are what we profess ourselves to be and even what we profess upon others will fall upon them. What we say to or about others shows our heart towards them.

As we read the Old Testament, we see where God gave Israel chance after chance to get their act together.  As it is, Israel is still waiting.  However, look at what good He bestowed upon them, encouraging them back into His kingdom.  He also will do likewise for us.

We say that we know God, but have we truly let Him into our heart?  Are we living for and in Him and He in us?  Are we following His example of life?  Do we seek Him in all things?  When we are in Him, whatever we ask in His name, He will do (John 14:14).  Should we stray, ss long as we can take a breath, He gives us second chances.  He is the second set of footprints in the sand.

Until we let Him in, Jesus is continually knocking at the door desiring to abide with and in us. 

As with Job, have we just ‘heard’ about God, or do we really ‘know’ Him?

Is Jesus still knocking at our door?  Or have we opened it and truly let Him into our heart? 



Saturday, November 4, 2023


11-4-2023 Dry Bones and Today - Revisited   

                                Dry Bones                                                Spiritual Explosion

Wars, rumor of wars, murder, political corruption, rampant sexual immorality, lying, cheating, the world’s a mess.  Why has God abandoned us!  The government has to do something about all this!  Buzzzzzzzz!  Think again.

About ten years ago, Father brought my attention to Ezekiel 37:1-4, the valley of dry bones.  In the blog of 8/12/23, I posted some of what Father had explained to me.  How meaningful is this passage for us today?

Father’s intentions are to rebuild His body, the church.  All those fellowships who fly under that banner of Jesus Christ, so that we truly look like His church.  That is, as Jesus walked with His disciples and after His ascensions 2000 years ago.  A church on fire, devoted to our Lord and our Savior. 

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father but by Me (John 14:6).  We were first called “Christians’ at Antioch (Acts 11:19-26).  Until then, we were the ‘Way’.

If you missed the August blog, please continue reading.  If you have read it, I’ve made some adjustments.  It is still the same, but I discovered that I missed a few words in the original publication.  If you haven’t already, to get the full picture, I urge all to read the bible references cited in this entry

In the Fall of 2014, Father brought my attention to Jeremiah 1 and Ezekiel 37.  In Jeremiah, a caldron pot is tipping over and pouring out.  This represents Father’s wrath against Israel because of their disobedience. 

Look at today’s church.  How obedient is today’s church to God’s will and word?  I’m talking about keeping to God’s truth and not changing it to man’s ideas.  Especially look at how man’s concept of the bible has changed over the past century.  Too much of the Word has been ‘watered down’ or even meanings changed. 

In Ezekiel, Father explains how He wants Israel rebuilt – from the inside (dry bones) out.  Now, Father wants to rebuild today’s church from our dry bones. 

When I was young, I observed that too many Christian denominations believed that theirs was the only true church in Christ Jesus and everybody else was doomed to hell because ‘those people’ just didn’t believe exactly as they did.  First, we ARE the body of Christ.   All who profess Jesus as Lord.  We cannot call Jesus Lord except by God’s Spirit (1 Corinth. 12:3, 1 John 4:1-3).  Paul explains a body has many parts, eyes, feet mouth, etc. (1 Corinth. 12:12-27, read the whole chapter), so as Christians, we each have a job to do.  No matter how small or big!    

In the 1/2/2016 entry into this blog, we spoke of the dry bones from Ezekiel 37.

Before we get into Ezekiel, let’s back up a bit.  The dry bones in the valley are significant to today’s church.  Jesus called the Jewish church of 2000 years ago a ‘whited sepulcher (Matt. 23:27) because, even though they look pretty good on the outside, there was no true faith in their heart.  If you will, they were the ‘walking dead’ (spiritually).  How many half or incomplete truths, or even lies are being shared with today’s ‘churched’ people?  All of this adds up to ‘dry bones’! The true power of the Holy Ghost is seriously lacking.

Fear not.  God always has His faithful (Rom. 11:1-4).  There are those in the church who, when they confessed Jesus, truly believed in their heart that He is the Messiah, our Redeemer and that God raised Him from the dead (Rom. 10:9).  Thank God for these folks.  And, yes, I remember the seed (Matt. 13:1-8) where some seed falls by the wayside, some on stony ground, some among the thorn bushes but other on good soil.  Some people have started in the church with the best of intentions, but for whatever reason, they have fallen away (while leaving the church or still remaining in it).

But, alas, salvation is only the first step.  We also have a responsibility.  Jesus says that if you love Me, keep my commandments (John 14:15).  We now need to show love from within our heart.  When we don’t love, we have no part in God for God is love.  So when we love God, love will flow through us (1 John 4:6-11).  Loving is doing things because we desire to, not because we’re supposed to or ‘have’ to or because we are the only warm bodies available.  This means helping others as we are able, supporting God’s work here on earth and sharing our faith with others.  We have a genuine desire to use what God has given us to do God’s work, edifying those around us, in whatever capacity.  Yes?

Love means we need a personal relationship with Father. We have to ‘get to know’ Him.  Father speaks to us through His written word (the bible) and other Christians (pastors, priests or brothers and sisters in Christ).  Oh, and because the Holy Ghost resides within our heart, He also desires to speak directly to each one of us, mano e mano, person to person.  We do have to learn to hear Him, as with the prophet Samuel (1 Sam. 3:4-10). Listen and receive when and how the Holy Spirit speaks with us.  It is Father’s preferred way of speaking to us but, He will connect with us in any way we permit.  

All too often, churches put people in ministry who are not yet actually ready.  I’m not challenging a true desire to serve, but this can bring novices and those with personal agendas into positions of authority in the church when they are not ready.  Where is their heart?  The scriptures do give some basic qualifications for those serving.  Good qualities are being filled with the Holy Ghost, being honest and using wisdom, (Acts 6:1-7).  And persons with these qualities should also be inclined to prayer (Eph. 6:18, 1 Thess. 5:17).  Yet, despite man’s shortcomings, God always has His number (1 Kings 19:13-18, Rom. 11:1-4) of those who are truly living for and in Him, with all their heart.

We are in a ‘new season’.  So, how has Father been preparing His church for this new season?

First, was modern man’s decision to make the bible available to the common man.  In the 1300’s, John Wycliffe translated the Latin Vulgate into English and in the 1400’s Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press which could produce bibles (as well as other books) a whole lot faster than the handwritten copies.

Then, in the1500 & 1600’s, Martin Luther inspired what we call the Protestant Reformation which produced men such teachers as William Tynsdale and John Calvin and later John Wesley.  Who, along with other reformist, started a multitude of Christian denominations.  Thinking started to change from traditional thinking, only the priest or pastor could understand the bible to that which the common man, also, could and should understand what the bible was saying.  Unfortunately, it also created unnecessary schisms, concepts which divided God’s church, the body of Christ.  New found freedoms brought the need for greater understanding but tolerance missing.

Then, there were the “awakenings” in both the 1700’s & 1800’s, which were an attempt to bring the church back into holiness, that is aligned back into God’s Word and Will.  Read the Old Testament, Israel also experienced this.  Then there was the Pentecostal Movement of the late 1800’s & early 1900’s, the Charismatic Movement of the 1960’s-1970’s, each which were experiencing a re-connection of the full operation of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Since the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the prophetic movement has entered the picture, focusing more and more on to what the meaning of a  personal relationship is with our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ because the Holy Ghost is alive and well within our hearts.  Jesus tells us that His desire is that we are one, as He is one in the Father (John 17:1-26).  Ergo we all become one (at least in thinking and doing).  Father desires to interact with each one of us personally.

All this bring us to where we are today!

Through the prophet Ezekiel, Father promises a new, revived, relationship with Him (Ezek. 37:1-14). 

As we read the bible, we see where today’s church has experienced many of the conditions prevalent in the Hebrew church of the Old Testament.  It had a vibrant relationship with God, then it cooled down to where the church has all but forgotten who God is.  Then a renewed passion for our Lord, then a cooling down again and today, a resurgence of desiring a better relationship with our heavenly Father.  Jesus reminds us that in the latter days, there will be a falling away in the church, (2 Thess. 2:3).  As Christians, it is our job to reconnect – in love.

Now, today, God is breathing life back into that package of dry bones (we call today’s church) by bringing His children back into a true relationship with Himself.  A relationship He (God) experienced with Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:8), which He showed us through Jesus (John 17:21-24) and which He has desired from the beginning.  His true desire is for us to acknowledge Him as the one, true, living God (Jeremiah 24:7) and that we not just live for Him, but in Him.   Not only has He given us the power to live this life, but to be witnesses for Him (John 14:14:12, John 20:22-23, Acts 1:8) and to do the things Jesus called us to do.  This IS what Father is doing with the churches of the New Covenant today!

All of Father’s true churches, all of Father’s prophets are all talking about walking in a closer relationship with the one true God Who created all that is.  Things that I read, things that I hear, people with whom I talk are all in agreement about our striving towards the goal (1 Corinth. 9:24-27) and then God is bringing us into that closer walk through Jesus Christ, our Lord because the Holy Ghost does abide in us.

Father started sharing with me back in September 2014 (interestingly during Rosh Hashana) that three seven year periods were beginning.  ‘Officially’ January 2015, but Rosh Hashana of Sept. 2014 could be tan actual starting date.  Depends if one starts using the Hebrew or Julian Calendar.  I’ve gone with the Julian, January 2015.  Rosh Hashana is the Jewish new year (9/2014).  The first seven year period is a foundation period where Father is establishing many of His prophets to be ready for the second period.  The first seven year period ended 12/2021.   

In the second seven year period, Father starts sending the prophets, who are ready, out, but this is also a continuing growth period as prophets continue to mature and as they are ready, then they are sent out.  As this season grows, what God is doing will become more and more prominent.  You’ve heard about the revival in Kentucky?  There was talk about activity moving into California but I haven’t seen or heard about much bout that yet.  However, I am hearing about small events taking place in various places around the U.S and how, over the past several years, God has already been working in places like Africa and India.  The prophets and preachers I do hear have been talking about this revival for about two years now.  Take note: ‘they’ are calling this movement a ‘revival’.  GOD is calling it a Spiritual explosion.  Why?  Because the Holy Ghost WILL reveal Himself in the actions of today’s ‘prophets’ AND disciples just as He did 2000 years ago!  Jesus said as we follow Him, we will do the same works He did and greater (John 14:12).  Did you hear me?  I said disciples!  That’s not just the famous preachers we know and love.  A disciple is one who follows Jesus and this means you and me will be capable of doing what Jesus did!  It’s a matter of faith.  How close are we willing to walk in Jesus’ love and what are we willing to sacrifice to do so?

Those, who are already talking, are talking about restoration and restitution.  Are we willing to actually seek the Kingdom of God first (Matt. 6:33) and then abide in God’s love – true love – agape love?  God is our strength to run this race (Phil. 3:14).  All we have to do is be obedient to the leading of the Holy Ghost and then do it (John 14:14-17)! 

Father showed me three numbers which are pertinent to what is currently going on and that which is yet to come.

Several years ago, Father had me check out the biblical meanings of numbers.  I looked at seven or eight lists and they all pretty much agreed with the two lists I mention here:

My definitions are taken from these two lists.

We are now in the second year of the second seven year season. 

2    =    union, division, witnessing

The church is split, but coming into the place where God intends for us to be one in Spirit – unified in faith.

The division represents the various talents and callings He has placed on each of our lives.  That is our capabilities or God-given ‘gift’.  And as we deploy our gifts (at whatever level we are), we further the kingdom of God.

Witnessing, again we are being prepared to witness for Jesus Christ as never before, not just in word, but in deeds as well.  To be true, living representatives of His Word.

The blessing, restitution and restoration is to develop us into those true witness for Jesus and which has, to some degree, already been taking place.  That is Father has already been establishing souls, sending some out (already) and growing all spiritually and this continues throughout this season.  As we ‘ripen’, Father will also send out more and more to do His will.

This season is bringing a great evangelical outbreak, an outreach explosion, a soul harvest.  Evangelism is just getting ‘saved’, but now, we are also learning to truly live for and in Jesus Christ!

The total of both seasons equals fourteen years

14  =    Deliverance, salvation, spiritual perfection.  This is Father’s intent by the end of the  second seven year period.  If nothing else, a deeper understanding of Eternal life!

By the end of the second season, fourteen years in all, Father may be bringing this soul harvest to a conclusion.  That is, the powerful thrust of this period will diminish in impact compared to what has been happening.  But note what has been happening during season two, Father will have grounded His church so they are living for Him through Jesus Christ, no fears, no doubts, no hesitations as souls have been prepared  for the harvest.  Souls will have been delivered from all sorts of oppressive demonic influences and they will know they now belong to Jesus Christ, lock, stock and barrel.  That is signed, sealed and waiting to be delivered! 

There will be no doubt about our salvation (1 John 5:13-15) and how to show love towards Father through Jesus as well as our neighbor.  Our hearts will be knitted in one with God, through the operation of the Holy Ghost in and through our lives.  Souls will be rocketing towards spiritual perfection.  Of course, we won’t reach this perfection until we are literally with Jesus, but souls will be walking as close as possible until that day Jesus does call us home, whether through natural death or rapture.

Twelve years have almost passed since the onset of these two seasons

12 =     governmental perfection, God’s power and authority

The perfect government resides under King Jesus, the perfect King, and Christians are already experiencing His power and authority.  God is perfecting His Spiritual government even now!

Unless our eyes are closed and we have earplugs in our ears, we should already be seeing and hearing a shift in the atmosphere.  Yes, the world seems to be getting worse and worse, but underlying that turmoil people are getting hungrier and hungrier and soon they shall realize that Jesus is the only answer -left.  He IS the way, the truth and the life!

Don’t be surprised at the world’s condition.  Whenever God moves, Satan does his best to counter attack so people stay embittered and disillusioned and refuse to come to the Lord.  As children of God, He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:5).   Remember the footprints in the sand.  It is Jesus carries us.   We are bound with Jesus through His yoke (Matt. 29-30) that should we falter, it is His strength that carries us on.  He is always helping us, through the Holy Ghost and those around us, to press on.  Jesus gave disciples authority over sickness and to cast out devils (Matt. 10:1, Luke 10:1-20 - exousia).  And He has given us the power to backup that authority (Acts 1:8 - dunamis).  Resist the devil, he will flee (James 4:7).  ().  And remember God always has the final say (Rom. 13.1).

So what is the third seven year period about?  Could it be  the beginning of tribulation period the of which the bible speaks, leading to Armageddon?  Don’t know.  Father refuses to clue me in on that third period is about.  But it doesn’t matter because Father is always in control.  I just know He’ll do things according to His timing and be assured that Father is bringing all of His children into a deeper relationship with Himself that we can be all that we can be in Christ Jesus, doing all that we can do for His glory, serving and ministering to the needs of the people whom we encounter.  Loving others is the least that we can do.  He is preparing His children to truly live for and abide in Him.  AND we are in the beginning of a magnificent evangelical explosion, NO, a Holy Ghost explosion, coming to grow the body of Jesus Christ into its fullest. And this generation can and will be, wholly or in part, involved in this explosion.