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Friday, October 16, 2015

10-16-2015  (the Watchman (part 1)

Father gave me the prophecy of the Watchman over three separate days in September 2014. It
was a crazy because I experienced three things I had never experienced before, at least not in this
way; the prophecy itself, my physical reactions to the prophecy and knowing that this was indeed
from the Lord and that He wanted me to share it. I’ll talk a little more about this with the
explanation once I’ve shared the full prophecy and what I’ve done to share it. What the Lord
actually said will be in bold amidst my comments that help understand what was going on during
the time of reception.

Father gave me the first segment on 9/24/2014. At the time, I didn’t realize that there would be
more but by the end of the month He had given me all three installments. Instead of writing
paragraphs, I’ve separated lines out for easier reading.

The watchman stands watch. For what does the watchman watch? For danger that approaches the city to cry out to the people so they can prepare for battle.

Up on the ramparts we look out over the land.

What do you see?

The enemy encamped all around and about.

What do you feel?

We are lost. There are too many.

Look again beyond the enemy and what do you see?

I see a host far greater than the enemy poised to do battle.

And what do you feel?

Encouraged because we now far outnumber our foe.

My children. Did I not send Gideon with just a handful to set the enemy to flight?

Did I not send Elijah, alone, against the prophets of Baal?

Gideon, with his candles and Elijah by fire all overcame seemingly impossible obstacles, yet by My hand did I not give them victory?

Put your complete trust in Me and as with the walls of Jericho watch the walls crumble.

Watch the enemy become confused and flee.

Watch My glory humble those who resist Me.

I make a way where there seems to be nothing.

I overcome many with a few.

Those who glorify My Name will taste the fullness of victory.

Put your hand to the plow and begin to plow and hang on as I work My work for My glory.

The season is nigh, even at the door for many things to be manifested.

My children, are you ready? Prepare your hearts. Prepare your souls.

Don My armor and prepare to step out.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said that this is not just for Wellspring. He has been preparing many children for this time and the time is near, nearer than we might think. In case you’re confused this doesn’t mean the ‘rapture’. It does mean taking a deliberate stand for and in Jesus with our very beings. It is time to walk the walk, talk the talk, put up the ‘good’ fight. To do all that God has been telling us to do, individually and collectively. Don’t fear the closed doors. Take the knob and turn it, the door will open for our Father has ordained it. (The italics here weren’t part of the prophecy, per se, but were His words to me as encouragement to the Wellspring fellowship. We are just a part of a larger force God is preparing and we need to be prepared (all of us) by living our fullest in, through and for Jesus. Father has prepared the way for us, all we have to do is be obedient to His Word by putting that faith into action!

From the end of September 2014 through first of January 2015 Father started giving me an understanding of the Watchman and He has tweaked it all throughout this year (2015). AT Wellspring, we take turns leading our bible study and I had a turn in mid October (2014) where we did a study based on the Watchman, not the prophecy but the scripture in Ezekiel chapter 33. Since that time, Father has continued to give me scriptural support for the Watchman which I didn’t have at the time He gave me this word.

Ezekiel chapter 33 speaks of the Watchman and just what does a watchman do?

He stands watch over the land ready to sound the alarm when danger approaches.

If he sounds the alarm and the people listen to the call, they prepare to defend themselves and are saved.

If he doesn’t sound the alarm and the people fall to the enemy, their blood is on the hand of the watchman.

If he sounds the alarm and the people don’t listen, the watchman is guiltless because he gave the alarm but the people suffer at the hands of the enemy at their own expense because they didn’t listen. Again, though, when they do listen they are saved.

2 Kings chapter 6 tells how Elisha was telling the Israelites everything the Syrian king was doing (as revealed by the Spirit) so there could be no ‘surprise’ attacks. The Syrians discovered Elisha was staying in Dothan so the Syrians surrounded the city during the night. Elisha’s servant arose in the morning and seeing that the city was surrounded ran and told Elisha. Elisha returned to the city walls with his servant, asked the Lord to open the servant’s eyes and asked him to look again. The young man saw that behind the Syrian army the mountain was filled with horses and fiery chariots.

Judges chapter 7 relates the story of Gideon. The Midianite and the Amalekite armies stood before Israel and God pared the Israelite army down to a mere 300 men. When Gideon went up against the opposing armies in the night they lit their candles, sounded the trumpets and shouted a great shout. In the confusion, many of the enemy slew each other and the remaining fled.

1 Kings chapter 18 relays how Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to see who served the true God. Each set up an altar, each piled wood upon the altar with a sacrifice. The prophets called upon Baal to ignite the wood on their altar but nothing happened. Elijah then also drenched his wood with water then asked God (Yaweh) to ignite the altar. Then God answered Elijah’s request and not only burned up the sacrifice and the wood but the rocks of the altar, dirt around it and dried up all the water used to drench the altar. Not only were the prophets of Baal utterly embarrassed but Baal was exposed as a ‘do nothing’ god.

The prophecy also mentions the walls of Jericho. Joshua chapter 6 tells how the Israelites overcame this city. The Israelites surrounded Jericho, marched around it for seven days and on the seventh day they gave a great shout and sounded their trumpets – and the walls came tumbling down. Israel marched in and took an impregnable city with very little resistance.

In this first segment of the Watchman, Father helps us understand our task at hand (duties of a watchman). He then reminds us how He overcame His enemies in each of these situations and then He encourages us to put our hands to the plow, start doing what He has told us to do glorifying Him then watch Him bring the victory. All we have to do is be obedient to what He gives us, then watch (or maybe even be a part of) His bringing ‘home’ the victory,

He asks us if we are ready, then to prepare our hearts (make sure we are right with Him) prepare our souls (stand in His Word) and then don His armor (live in His protection) as we prepare to do battle with the enemy.

The last paragraph isn’t prophecy, but it is. Wellspring is the church I attend and Father says He has prepared many hearts, many people for this time. It’s not just our fight but there are others throughout this nation, throughout this world whom He has been preparing for this time and for this task. We need to take a stand in and for Jesus, living for Him, doing His will.

Father says don’t be afraid for He has ordained the doors to open for us. All we have to do is step out in faith, turn those door knobs and walk through the doorways, that is put what He has given us into action. Whatsoever we do, we do for the glory of God for He is with us.


I will present the 2nd (of 3) installment in two weeks.

God bless.

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