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Saturday, September 12, 2015

9-12-2015, this is my inaugural venture intro blogging so please bear with me.  I have no clue what I'm doing - only what I want to say.

For right now a little history of the relationship the Lord has developed with me over the years

My wife-to-be & I were counselling with our pastor to be married.  I had attended this particular church growing up but this pastor had only been there for a little over a year.  My fiance & I had attended several of his services and decided that we like him (he was a real sweetie) to do our wedding.  He was grounded, sensible and confident.  Well, Pastor Carmen Hartsfield  had a funny idea about marriage - if Jesus wasn't in the marriage, that marriage was doomed - at best and he would not perform the ceremony if the couple were not saved.  So he asked me if I had ever given my heart to the Lord.  I quickly responded that I had basically grown up in this church.  He said "That's not what I asked you."  So again he asked me if I had ever given my life to Jesus and again I quickly responded (I was 26 at this time) that I had faithfully attended Sunday School and services up through High School.  And again he said "That's not what I asked you."  And again he asked me, but this time the Holy Ghost convicted me in my heart what I had known from the first time the pastor asked - no not really.  I only knew about Jesus but had never given my heart to Him.

That day I gave my heart to the Lord and I've had the confidence ever since that I belonged to Him.  Understand, not that I always lived like I knew it, but I knew it as I know today that was when the Father brought me into His kingdom.

The pastor performed the ceremony because my wife had lied and answered 'yes' to his aquesstion.  I had the opportunity to ask him several years later, after my wife gave her heart to Jesus, if he realized it back when he married us.  He replied yes, but he told me that he knew being married to me, it was only a matter of time before she, too came into the kingdom.

A quick fill in on the marriage.  God blessed us with two children, Katrina and Chris.  Now my son & I are both "William C." but our middle names are different.  I didn't want to saddle my son with a Jr., good or bad.  Chris is our miracle baby.  4 1/2 years separate Katrina & Chris and my wife & I had counted 13 miscarriages in between, one which went 6 months(causing tremendous emotional issues) before we lost it.  Not meaning to cause emotional trauma, none the less the OBGYN told my wife that she was an habitual aborter - meaning her body just couldn't carry the pregnancies.  She was devastated by that tag but then she gave birth to Chris.

I've always been very matter of fact & unemotional (except anger) and this was the cause of my wife & I separating for a year while we lived in Frederick.  It was the loneliest year of my life.

Obviously we got back together and eventually moved to Hagerstown where she went to be with the Lord in 2005.  Multiple health issues including pancreatitis & degernerative arthritis plagued he final years before the congestive heart failure finally took her.

It took me too many years to figure out that this was indeed the woman God had always intended for me and that I indeed had married the virtuous woman.  I should have seen her failing health that final year but like I said I have always taken things in stride and my wife was a very strong woman.  I was blind.   I thank God though that we had the time that we did.

I have several things I want to share, but not at this time.   I'm  planning on doing an update every two weeks.  I'll be sharing how I have come to the place where I am today, spiritually and I have many things the Lord has shared with me over the past year that I'd like to pass on.  I currently attend Wellspring of LIfe FWC in Hagerstown, Md. which is a full gospel, apostolic, prophetic church.  I was baptized in the Holy Ghost back in 1978, spent time in several churches over the years some of which claimed to be ''apostolic', but am still fairly new with the 'prophetic'.  I know Father speaks to me & He has spent the  past year showing me how I've come to  knows this.

I've had to and continue to deal with confidence issues which have greatly slowed my spiritual progress.   God has had to teach me at my pace so my prayer is that someone will be reading this and learn and grow as I have, except at a much quicker pace.

As your heart seeks the Lord may He bless you and enrich you in all areas of your life.

In Christ Jesus

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