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Saturday, May 14, 2016

5/14/2016         The MASTER BUILDER  part 2

Second day  is preparing the land to build upon

            God created the firmament (Gen. 1:6-8)
And God said let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters.  And God made the firmament which divided the waters which were under the firmament from the water which were above the firmament.  And it was so.  And God called the firmament ‘heaven’ and the evening and the morning were the second day.
Once God found/created the place where He wanted to build He had to first create light and dark, day and night, He then had to prepare the “land” (creation) to accept His building. Now, in verse one we see that God had created ‘waters as well as light and dark.  This word used for ‘waters’ comes the Hebrew word ‘mayem’.  The meaning implies a single body of water, but not just water.  The word also relates to urine, semen, wastewater.  Even though this creates an image of byproducts it also contains things teeming with the building blocks of life.  Now mayem (pronounced mah yim) struck me as to how similar it is to ‘mayhem’, which is chaos or disorder.  So here is this pool of water full of ‘stuff’ which would be very disorganized just waiting for something to happen.  So God does just that.  He starts to bring order into this ‘pool’ by creating a separation, firmament.  The Hebrew word used here is ‘raqiya’ (raw kee ah) which basically means the sky, as we look up and see it.  So God separated the waters above and the waters below by placing a firmament in between, thus using earth’s atmosphere (if you will) to separate the waters above (outer space) from the water below (oceans).  So disorder is now becoming order and God is preparing the place to receive what He intends to build.
Once a man finds that plot of land upon which he desires to build, he, too has to put some order to what is technically chaos.  He would have to clear away any trees, bushes or shrubs from the area where he intends to build his house.  If he plans for a basement, he may have to clear rocks in order to dig an area for his foundation.  He may use bulldozers and backhoes to clear, level and dig the land until he has that clear and open area in which to build.
Now, for me, my land was chosen the day I accepted Jesus into my heart.   Thinking back I realize that Father has had His hand on my life, not only since that day of commitment but even for some time before.
But, clearing the land?  Father forgave me all my sins (up to that point) the day I accepted Jesus.  I say up to that point because I am still human.  Yes, with my confession of Jesus, God redeemed me from my ‘sin nature’ and whether I named sins or set them before Him in a package, He cleansed me from all my sins I had ever committed up to that moment.  However, I am still human and I find my spirit longing for the things of God but my flesh still lusting after the things of the world (Romans 7:14-25).  It is an ongoing war, so I’m still prone to go astray.  My continual redemption here is that as soon as recognize my sin, I acknowledge it, confess it and repent it, that is turn away from that sin and determine not to do it again and then set it behind me, I am one again clean.  King David is my example here.  Read 2nd Samuel chapters eleven and twelve to see how this story concerning David, Bathsheba and Uriah started, unfolded and then concluded.
Father has also shown me that this spiritual walk is like two new newlyweds.  A man and a woman are separate and different persons before the marriage.  Before they lived separate lives and then they brought these two, separate lives together as one.  And that includes all the baggage (from each of their lives).  They struggle to maintain their individuality but also to function as a single unit. This means clearing out the excess, unnecessary, baggage and replacing it with unity.  Spiritually and physically we become one flesh (Eph.5:31, 1 Corinth. 6:17)
Spiritually, even though I’m saved and my sins are forgiven, I still bring some excess baggage into my relationship with Jesus a lot of it which needs to be shed and left by the way side.  After salvation, my first order of business is to clear out as much excess baggage that I can discover (as the Holy Ghost reveals).  The Holy Spirit will show me what I can deal with at that time and the rest can be dealt with over time.  Fair to warn you, shedding all the excess baggage is a lifetime venture which begins with discovery then yielding over to God’s will and continues until the time He calls us home. 
I had always done things ‘my way’ so when my wife and I married, I first had to learn that it was now ‘our way’, what is best for both of us, the whole.  And, frankly, I’m not sure I yet had a good grasp on this when she went to be with the Lord thirty-four years later.  Nonetheless, as Father showed me, I would acknowledge, confess, repent and determine not to do whatever “it” was, again.  My baggage were those things that I carried into our marriage which were not necessary for the ‘whole’ to function well.  My ego, my selfish desires, my selfish wants.  I’ve had to learn that what I do is for the edification of the ‘whole’ body (my wife and I) and not just mine but all those around me. (1 Corinth. 4:12, Ephesians 4:11-13, Romans 15:2)
Clearing my spiritual lot is shedding all those things that are not of God.  Some Father showed me right up front and other things Father would have to reveal to me as I went along (and still is).  Shedding these things is actually admitting that I haven’t been doing ‘things’ in God’s will, and again, confessing, repenting and giving them to Him and I mean ‘giving’ them to Him.  Set them at the foot of the cross, leave them there and don’t look back.  Not looking back involves not even considering getting involved with ‘it’ ever again.  When the temptation arises, resist, the devil will flee (James 4:7)and once we’ve repented, do what God does, put behind His back (Isaiah 38:17) and replace it with something better – God’s Word.  (see the parable of the cleaned house, Luke 11:24-26 & Romans 12:1-2)
God puts some order into the area He intends to put His creation.  Man clears the land and prepares sit to build and me?  I (with the guidance of the Holy Ghost) start an elimination process of ridding my life of the things Father doesn’t want there.

Third day laying the foundation

            God lays the foundation (Gen. 1:9-13)
And God said let the waters under the heaven be gathered together and let dry land appear, and it was so.  And God called the dry land ‘earth’ and the gathering of the waters He called ‘seas’ and God saw that it was good.  And God said “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit each after its own kind and whose seed is in itself, upon the earth ”and it was so.  And the earth brought forth grass and herb yielding seed after its own kind, and the tree yielding fruit whose seed was after itself.  And God saw that it was good.  And the evening and the morning were the third day.
God had created light and darkness, He found is plot.  He then separated the ‘waters’ preparing His ‘lot’ and now it’s time to build a foundation for His house to stand upon.
The man looked for his ‘lot’, cleared the land and is now ready to build a foundation upon which to build his house.
I gave my heart to Jesus, finding my ‘lot’, shed excess baggage (as Father revealed) laying a foundation upon which to build the rest of my life.
Laying a foundation for a place for man to live, God gathered the waters upon the face of the earth together so dry land would appear.  He then put sustenance in the sea and put all sorts of plants upon the dry land (earth’) for man’s food.  He also set the grass, trees, mountains and everything else in place for man to enjoy.  The foundation was ready so He could finish building for His pride and joy – man.
A man lays the foundation for his house using brick, block and mortar with baseline framework from timbers to build a solid base upon which to build his home.  He wants his base, foundation, solid, strong and durable so it can stand against the winds of change.
God brought Moses to mind.  We basically know the story of Moses: Miriam watched until Pharaoh’s daughter pulled him from the water, he was raised as a prince of Egypt then he ducked out in the middle of the night because he had killed and Egyptian, 40 years in the making.  Then he went into the land of Midian and tended sheep for another forty years before he was ready to do God’s bidding.  As a prince of Egypt he learned languages, warfare and how to rule and as a shepherd he learned how to take care of what God has given him.  Moses’ foundation was actually eighty years in the making before he went out to perform God’s task (calling).
The man, again, brings in brick, block mortar and timber and whatever else he needs to build a solid foundation.  Once he’s laid out the dimensions of his hone, he then builds that foundation.
My spiritual foundation with the knowledge that I have given my life to Jesus but now I have to truly learn who Father is, who the Holy Ghost is, who I am (in Christ Jesus)  and I need to obtain a reasonable understanding of my relationship with God.  What does He expect of me?  What can I expect from Him?  I need to know, without wavering that He has ‘saved’ me and I know that He is the only true and living God who lives forever and ever.  Without wavering.  Beyond a shadow of any doubt.  Does this mean I live for Him as I should?  No.  like shedding excess baggage, full maturity is a lifelong process. 
In John chapter six, Jesus tells His disciples who He is, who the Father is, who the Holy Ghost is and the type of relationship we should have with the Father through Him because the Holy Ghost now dwells within us.  This is not just confessing Jesus, but understanding the relationship we should have.  And that’s not just living for Him, but walking with Him.  Once we understand the basis of our relationship, we can move to the next step which is continuing to build into the degree of that relationship, understanding what Father expects from us and how we can achieve a lifestyle pleasing to Him.
Jesus tells His disciples that the Father has sent Him and that He does nothing outside of the Father.  I’ve had to ask myself ‘do I do everything according to God’s will for me?’  The answer is no, but that is part of my growth which is included in the next phase of building our house. 
I said my foundation is built – somewhat.  I mean that I’m still learning how weak my foundation has been over the years.  From the day I let Jesus into my heart, I’ve had no doubt that I was heaven bound but my foundation IS the relationship, which has been building, with Father through Jesus Christ because the Holy Ghost dwells within me.  My foundation is strengthened by prayerfully reading the scriptures, that is asking Father to open my eyes and heart so I can learn what He wants me to learn from what I am reading.  It is also my prayer time with Him.  Early on I talked at God, as if He were some mysterious entity way out of reach and I hoped He heard me.  Then I learned to talk to God.  I started believing that He actually heard my prayers and would answer them.  Then I learned to talk with Father, that is I talk, then I listen to hear His response, but I quickly discovered I didn’t know if I heard Him or not.  Often He would take me into the scriptures for my answer and I was cool with that, but as I became more involved, not just in the Pentecostal movement, but the prophetic movement as well, Father took me to Samuel (1 Sam. 3:1-10) where Samuel had to learn the voice of God. 
Father has shown me that when He speaks to us two things are true.  What He says is always consistent with the scriptures (duh!) and He will confirm what He has told us either via scripture or events around us (yes we have to be aware of our surroundings) .
Back in Sept. 2014 Father gave me a prophecy which we called the “Watchman”.  In it He explained some of what He was getting ready to do and the blessing because of our obedience to His Word.  Being in prophetic circles I KNEW one or more of these prophetic people I encountered would give me confirmation of what Father was doing.  Didn’t happen.  I was pretty discouraged.  I was ready to quit.  But iIn Jan. 2015 Father sat me down and replayed the months between Sept. and Jan. showing me how He had confirmed the words of the ‘Watchman’ through all the events around me.  You can read about this in the blog entry ‘Lessons learned’.  I learned to know that it was Father speaking.  My foundation was laid a bit more solid than before.
Now, does this mean I’ve reached spiritual maturity?  Of course not.  There are still many things I need to learn so I can be an effective minister of God’s word and to fulfill the task He has set before me and that is no longer foundation but growth – which we experience until the day the Lord calls us home.
God gathered the waters, brought forth the land and put plants upon it.  A man lays brick and mortar and so forth so it will stand against nature.  I had to get rid of excess baggage when I married my wife, but we had a relationship -  which continued to build until Father took her home.  My foundation, spiritually, has been built on discovering, at a basic level, who God is, who I am and what sort of relationship He desires with me.

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