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God tells us that if we see a brother (or sister) in need we should do that which is within our means to help. Prayer is always within our means but we never know what doors Father may open through them. Should you desire prayer for anything (healing, direction, etc.) or if you want supportive prayer along with your own please feel free to e-mail that request to and be assured that there are others who will be praying with or for you.

In this blog, I share what the Lord shares with me. I reference scripture a lot in support of what is being said. I realize that what is in each entry is NOT a complete 'word' (discussion) on what is being said, but is rather enough information to stimulate our spirits to dig deeper (remember the Bereans Acts 17:10-11) thereby gaining a fuller understanding for ourselves.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

                                                           COMING EVENT:
                                                      "PROPER ALIGNMENT"

                                                        Wellspring of Life FWC 
                                                    Summer conference/workshops.

Where:          Clarion Hotel/Roadway Inn
                       Entrance E (designated on corner of building)
                       901 Dual Highway (Rte. 40)
                       Hagerstown, Md. 21740

When:             7/15/2016      6:00 PM    Registration
                                              7:00 PM     Praise & Worship
                         7/16/2016     8:00 AM    Registration
                                               9:00 AM    Morning Glory
                                              10:30 AM   Workshops begin

Healing, deliverance, prayer, praise dance and worship!  This event is the place to be to learn how to get into proper alignment with the Word of God and enable you to break free and go forth in all that God has called YOU to do!
Come bask in the glory of the Lord!

PS:  Lunch is provided

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