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Saturday, October 15, 2016

10-15-2016 A Spiritual Explosion

As I was just getting started with my AM prayer session (10/11/2016) and as I was going over Jeremiah 1 and Ezekiel 37, (my personal scriptural prophecies which we [Father & me] remember daily) and as we were going over the part in the passage in Jeremiah chapter one where the caldron pot is tipping over and is emptying which is Father’s wrath pouring out against Israel because of their disobedience Father said that this also applies to mankind AND the new covenant church, today, for the same reason.  Mankind should be a no-brainer as man continually draws away from God.  Today’s church because much of it still is resistant to how Father wants His church to function.  In our prayer, we always start with the caldron pot in Jeremiah then jump to Ezekiel 37, then come back to the beginning of Jeremiah beginning with verse four.

In Ezekiel, the valley of dry bones, God is telling Ezekiel that He is going to reconstitute, rebuild, Israel.  Today, the dry bones represent the new covenant church.  The bare essentials have always been there (God always has His number [1 Kings 19:18]) since Jesus and the age of the apostles but the operation of the church has fallen off quickly from how it was originally established.  In the 1/2/2016 entry into this blog we spoke of the dry bones from Ezekiel 37.

Before we get into Ezekiel let’s back up a bit.  The dry bones in the valley are significant to today’s church, because even though the church has set aside the practices of the early church, the basics, the dry bones, have always been there:  Jesus Christ is the Messiah and when we confess Him with our mouth and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead we shall be saved (Romans 10:9).  And the church has hung onto that and the idea that we have a lifestyle to live for Jesus “If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15).  From there, Christianity has become clouded over the centuries as to how it should be culminating to where we are today.  Too much of the church ordains ministers who are still embroiled in their sins and bodies are promoted in many churches simply because they are warm bodies who are available and willing but there are also those who agree (okay maybe even ‘suck up’) with the leadership irregardless of their personal relationship with Father or their spiritual maturity, just to gain position.  What does the bible say about church leaders?  (Acts 6:1-7).  I’m not just talking about the pastor, or associate pastors or elders and deacons, but anybody in a leadership role.  There are more passages addressing leadership but Acts chapter six describes what bare bones are necessary for leadership roles and it speaks of people who seek after God with all their hearts.  Nonetheless, Father has kept His number in the church (as a whole, though not necessarily in each individual fellowship), just like when Elijah was hiding out from Ahab and jezebel (1 Kings 19:13-18) where 7000 had not bowed their knee to Baal, God has had His number all the way up until today.

 Now a quick synopsis of the “Valley of Dry Bones, 1/2/2016 entry in the Homecoming.   We start with the Protestant Reformation of the 1500 & 1600’s Father started connecting all those disarrayed, dry bones in the valley with sinew as He started connecting those bones in their proper places so they would have the shape of people, that is each bones connected in their proper place.  With the Protestant Reformation Father started re-revealing many forgotten biblical truths.   

Through the Holiness Movement of the 1700 & 1800’s He then covered those bones and sinew with muscle so they could function, to have the capability of movement (our body functions because we signal our muscles what we want to do and they respond), when called upon, as they should.
With the Pentecostal Movement of the late 1800 into the early 1900’s He covered those bones, sinews and muscle with skin so the church would look like what He intended, a ‘complete’ body, but even so, it was still lacking.  Yes, believers received their spiritual language (tongues) through the Pentecostal movement but our relationships with the Lord was not yet fully developed.

Now, today, God is breathing life back into that package of dry bones by bringing His children back into a true relationship with Himself, which He has desired all along.  Where we acknowledge Him as the true, living God (Jeremiah 24:7) and that we not only live for Him but He has given us the power to live this life and to be witnesses (John 20:22-23, Acts 1:8) and to do the things Jesus called us to do – everything He did, and more (John 14:12)

All this is leading up to where Father is bringing His church today.
All of Father’s true churches, all of Father’s prophets are all talking about walking in a closer relationship with the one true God Who created all that is.  Things that I read, things that I hear, people with whom I talk are all in agreement about our striving and God bringing us into a closer walk with the Father.

This brings us to what Father shared with me this past Tuesday.
Many of God’s prophets (including Doug Addison) have said that we are in a seven year period, a season, of God’s grace which began January 2015.  In this season Father is blessing His children, bringing restitution and restoration.  Blessing in things we have not received before, restitution for things that have been ‘stolen’ (notably by Satan) and restoration of things we have ‘lost’.  All of this comes as we seek first His Kingdom (Matt. 6:33) which in turn encourages us to press towards His calling for each of us as an individual(Philippians 3:14).

I hear some prophets talking about beyond this season into the next which will be one of great revival, an outpouring of the Holy Ghost as the world has never seen before and, indeed, Father has shared this with me earlier this year before I heard it from others.  The current season is preparing God’s children to serve in the next season in all power, strength, faith and determination. 
Father showed me three numbers which are pertinent to what is currently going on and that which is yet to come.

About two years ago, Father had me check out the biblical meanings of numbers.  I looked at seven or eight lists and they all pretty much agreed with the two lists I mention here:

My definitions are taken from these two lists.

We are in the second year of our first seven year season. 
2    =    union, division, witnessing
The church is two coming into the place where God intends for us to be one in Spirit
The division represents the various talents and callings He has placed on each of our lives
Witnessing, again we are being prepared to witness for Jesus Christ as never before, not just in word, but in deeds as well.  To be true, living representatives of His Word.
The blessing, restitution and restoration is to develop us into true witness for Jesus and this has already been taking place.  That is Father has already been establishing souls and growing them spiritually.  This won’t happen all at once but by as this this season progresses, Father will have established much of His ‘army’.  As this season opened, we are already starting to see some of this coming into place but as it draws to a close, we will see more and more of what God is doing materializing and it will be clearly evident.  It will be growing during this season to be mature for the next.  

As we already said the next season will bring a great evangelical outbreak, an outreach explosion, a soul harvest.

The total of both seasons equals fourteen years
14  =    Deliverance, salvation, spiritual perfection
By the end of the second season, fourteen years in all, Father will have accomplished most of the soul harvest.  Again, it will be happening throughout season two, but by that season’s end, Father will have grounded His church so they are living for Him through Jesus Christ, no doubts, ready for harvest.  Souls will be delivered from all sorts of oppressive demonic influences and they will know they now belong to Jesus Christ and there will be no doubt about their salvation and how to show love towards Father through Jesus.  Through the operation of the Holy Ghost in and through their lives souls will be rocketing towards spiritual perfection.  We won’t reach this perfection until we are literally with Jesus, but souls will be walking as close as possible until Jesus calls us home. 

From now, there are just a little more than twelve years left for both seasons to culminate at the end of season two.
12 =     governmental perfection, God’s power and authority
The perfect government resides under King Jesus, the perfect King
God will have His way with the world.

Now, what I know is that when Father moves, Satan does his best to counter attack.  So as these two seasons press on, don’t be surprised if spiritual attack also increases.  Expect it. 
As the second season begins, it is reasonable to expect increased demonic activity in efforts to stop, or at least, slow down, God’s soul harvest.

It is reasonable that spiritual warfare will increase to new levels, but as children of God, we will be walking with Him and in His power and authority (Romans 13:1).  Jesus gives us authority over sickness and demons (Mark 3:14-15).  Resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7) because we are resisting him carrying Jesus’ yoke (Matt. 11:29-30), or should I l say Jesus carrying us.
Could this be the beginning of tribulation leading to Armageddon?  Don’t know, but it won’t matter because Father is always in control.  I just know He’ll do things according to His timing and be assured that Father is bringing all of His children into a deeper relationship with Himself that we can be all that we can be in Christ Jesus, doing all that we can do for His glory, serving and ministering to the needs of the people.  He is preparing His children to truly live for and abide in Him.  AND there is a magnificent evangelical explosion coming to grow the body of Christ to its fullest. And this generation can and will be, wholly or in part, a part of that explosion. 


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