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Saturday, May 11, 2019

5-3-2019          Prophetic?  3 timelines coming together

Three prophetic timelines

Last Monday in April (4/29-2019), I had to go to the gym in the evening instead of earlier as I am accustomed.  I ran into a friend of mine, Kathy, whom I haven’t seen for months.  She shared with me about what a she had heard from, a preacher who was describing a 2100 year cycle. The first beginning with Abraham, the second Jesus and the third starting today.  He was talking about our entering into that third 2100 year cycle and how it was leading into the end times.  Now, Kathy told me, the speaker clarified that 2100 years was approximate and not exact.  Being a “good boy”, like the Bereans (Acts 17:10-12), I received what she said and checked with my primary source (Father).  

This is what Father has shown me (so far).
According to the Archeological Institute of America, cuneiform was the wedge shaped writing the Sumerians used @ 3500 – 3000 BC and is the oldest known form of written material.  I have read arguments that cuneiform could go back maybe even another 500 years.  Even so, we may conclude that recorded ‘civilization’ preceded Abraham by about 2000 years (or more) or @4000 B.C.   Abraham came along about 2000 years B.C. And Jesus would bring us to year ‘0’, the crossover from B.C. to A.D.  We are currently exist @ 2000 years in the year of our Lord.  A.D. represents the Latin words “Anno Domini” which mean the year of our Lord.  Of course, B.C. stands for “Before Christ”.   

So, now historically, we are now concluding a third ‘season’ of @2000 years, starting with the Sumerians and moving into a fourth.  Look at the numbers and what those numbers represent in Christianity.  Three (3) represents divine completeness or perfection.  Four (4) represents creation or creative works.  So, we may conclude that God is completing 6000 years of work and perhaps beginning a new work (??).  How many ‘days’ did it take Him to create all that is (Gen.1:31)?  Or maybe e can say six seasons? Seven (7) represents resurrection or Spiritual completeness.  So moving into the 7th season of 1000 years (after six seasons) suggests that God may be moving us into a time of “Spiritual completeness.  After creating all that is, on the seventh day God rested (Gen. 2:2-3). 

God created everything in six days, or six seasons (if you will).  The day is “as” a thousand years with the Lord (2 Peter 3:8).  The word “as” is a comparative term (see Strong’s GR 5613, 3739 & 3757) and not an exact indication. Often, in the bible, a “thousand” refers to countless or unlimited as the sands of the seashore (Gen. 22:17).  So, we don’t really know if Father created everything in six literal days (as we count) or six unlimited time periods or seasons (as we count).  I’m not about to argue this, but at least consider it.

This would also imply He just may be preparing us to go into a fourth 2000 year period or season or a seventh 1000 year period.  Does a thousand years of peace ring a bell with anybody (Rev. 20:1-15)?  Nonetheless, we may conclude that Father is preparing to move into a season of ‘fresh’ creative works as He is concluding a season of Spiritual completeness.  Now I didn’t say a season full of blessings and good things, but in Father’s timing, a completeness.  Bringing things to a conclusion in His timeframe.  Preparing to enter into what may very well be a fuller expression of the Holy Spirit (??) (read on)

Father has already shown me how we are also entering into an additional seventh season.  Of which the previous six were each 100 years long.  Beginning with the desire that man should each have his own bible as presented by John Wycliffe in the late 1300, early 1400’s.  Then through the Protestant Reformation  of the 1500 & 1600’s, through several “awakenings” of the 1700 & 1800’s, the Pentecostal Revival of the late 1800 and early 1900’s, the Charismatic movement of the mid 1900’s, Father has continued to grow His church.  Even now, we’re entering into a ‘prophetic movement’, where more people are ‘hearing’ more from God (in Christianity) which, effectively, began in the latter 1900’s up thru today.  All being six @ 100 year seasons and now, moving into this seventh (prophetic) season.  Six seasons basically completed of man (the number 6) and moving into a seventh (a season of God).  And this seventh season will lead into the number eight (8) which means ‘new beginnings’.  And that raises a question “What new beginnings does Father have planned for us?”

AND there is even one more cycle currently in progress.  Or should I say a series of three cycles.  In January 2015 (Hebrew calendar may take it back to September 2014, Rosh Hashana), Father started a seven year period of growth.  A time where He has been revealing Himself to His children through a deeper level of understanding.  A deeper level of knowledge of His kingdom.  A move into a closer relationship with Himself through His Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The next seven year period is yet to begin, but it will begin at the end of this current seven year season.  This next will be a seven year season such as the world has never seen before.  A spiritual explosion which will shake the world to its core and (hopefully) a sleeping church back into awareness of who God really is and what our relationship should be with Him.

Remember the number three represents God’s completion or perfection.   Three seven year seasons complete the work God has been doing and will lead to a fourth season of “creative works”. Again, what creative works lay ahead?  Think “creative” and “new beginnings”.

We are in a time where three (3) 2000 year-long seasons drawing to completion.  In another 17 years, three (3) seven year periods will be drawing to a close, also drawing into completion.  Roughly, in this same time frame we have seven (7) 100 year periods coming to completion.  We have one cycle containing six seasons, each 100 years long, we have three season, each containing seven years and we have three seasons, each containing 2000 years all drawing to completion within the next twenty years or roughly (if you will) at about the same time.  We have two seasons preparing to move into a fourth season and on preparing to move into an eighth.  Might they add up to season of new creative works in a new Beginning?  Something to think about.  Yes?  

Don’t forget, every season has a ‘cusp’, a time of transition from one season to the next.  We normally don’t just jump from summer to winter and back (though at times it may seem that way).  We have spring and fall that interlude.  But there is (normally) a transition period even from summer to fall, fall to winter and so forth.  These events (seasons) won’t just happen all at once like cutting a piece of cake or pie, or turning a page, but they do blend from one into the next.

I can’t, nor will I guarantee the timing for what’s going to happen over the next several years.  I do know that our heavenly Father has given indications of what’s coming down the road or what lays ahead in the not so distant future.

I also know that Father wants His church to be ready.  Like the five wise virgins in Matthew chapter twenty-five who not only had oil in their lamps but also had ample reserve so they would always be ready for when the bridegroom did come.  Father wants His church ready for when He does return for us.  He doesn’t want anyone left behind.  He wants us walking in His love –always.  He wants us at the wedding feast – and beyond.

Father knows ‘man’.  He created us.  He knows that if we know exactly when He’s coming back for us we would probably live like the devil until 12:59, then, at the last second repent so we could enter into heaven.  Problem is, once our heart is set, we aren’t likely to change without divine intervention and Father will not force Himself upon us (read the bible).  We have to make the choice to be with Him.  Seeing impending death, people may say “Oh, God!” but they are not likely to repent.  Some may even curse God for allowing disaster to come upon their disobedient lives.  Can salvation occur at the “last second”?  Sure.  It’s just not very likely. 

Father wants His church, His body, His family, those who wait for the return of our “big brother” (Jesus – Rom 8:29) to be ready.  He wants none to perish (2 Peter 3:8-again).  He is bringing us into a time of preparation so we can be ready when He DOES return.  Father has always asked us to “live” for Him.  We do that by understanding what His love actually means.  Learning about it, then putting that effectively into our own lives.  The Holy Spirit is here to help us because it won’t be easy.  The “Comforter” will always be with us (John 14:16).  Each step we take towards God, in our relationship with Him, the enemy fights back.  So we press forward against the storm.  Our job is to persevere James 1:12).   

Three timelines are merging at approximately the same time.  Not necessarily on the same day or week, but in the same season.  God is getting ready to do something awesome.  Do we want to be a part of it or be apart from it?

PS:  a sign?  As I was finishing up the first editing of this post, I was washing clothes and was listening to my videos playing upstairs.  The music stopped, the washer stopped and I hit the save button all within @ a minute of each other?????


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