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Saturday, January 4, 2020

1-4-2020    ‘Easy’ Zeke from New Orleans

I have a guest writer for this entry.  His name is Zeke and he’s from New Orleans.  Now, being from the ‘Big Easy’ he calls himself “Easy Zeke”, y’all.  He would like to share an encounter he had.

The world was in such a mess God’s done called me to be a watchman.  What’s a watchman, you ask?  Well, God gives me a word to go and tell the people to come back to Him ‘cuz they’ve gone so far astray.  God gives me what to tell ‘em so I do.  He’s tole me that their hearts are “far from Me” an’ He wants ‘em to come back!  He tells me He’s gonna git those others for mess’n’ with them and then He tells me He’s gonna git us fer not listenin’ to Him.  Listen up to this encounter He and I had one day.

Now, God fetched me up in the spirit.  Now I didn’t go there in my body.  It was like a vision or sumpthin’, but nonetheless, I went there.  God took me to this big ole valley.  It was full of bones, as far as the eye could see.  Dried old bones.  Bleached by the sun old bones.  Obviously they’d been layin’ their fer a spell.  A long spell, an’ they wuz scattered all over the place.  Nuthin’ connected to anythin’ else.

He had me walk in, around and all through that valley.  Now I didn’t step on any of dem ole bones so’s I wouldn’t break none (twarn’t easy). 

Then God asked me a question.   “Son of man, can these bones live?” 

Say what!  I done tole you already that these ole bones were so far dead that even the birds’ve quit pickin’ on ‘em.  But, I ain’t no dummy.  After all, God created everythih’ just by speakin’ it, didn’t He?  So I gave the smartest answer I could think of “O Lord God, You know.”  (didn’t want Him to zap me fer bein’ stupid).  So God tells me what to say.  He wanted ME to speak FOR HIM.  An’ this is what He sez

“Dry bones, listen to the Word of the Lord.  The Lord God tells you bones that I will cause breath to enter into you and you shall live.  I will bring sinews upon you and cover you with flesh and breath into you and you shall live and you will know that I AM the Lord.

So I sez what He tole me and I heard a noise an’ there wuz a shakin’.  And guess what!   All dem bones started comin’ together, bone bone, right where they wuz supposed to be!  An’ sinews connected them ole bones an’ they were covered with muscle an’ all that was covered with skin, but they had no breath.  Them ole bodies wuz equipped to anythin’ they wuz supposed to, but they just lay there, doin’ nuthin’.  So I wonder to myself ‘why don’ they stand up,  where’s the breath?’
Then God says to me “Son of man, tell the breath that the Lord God says to come from the four winds and breathe upon these who are slain that they might live.” 

Now, I wuz already amazed that those ole bones had now become bodies and I sez to myself “wow!).  So I did what God commanded me to do.  An’ you now what?  breath came into those bodies and they lived and they all stood up on their feet.  Wow!  They wuz a huge army of people.

Wow!  First God done made those ole bones into bodies so they could do sumpin’ and now He’s given dem breath.  They’s a livin’!  well, at least they’s standin’ up and movin’ about.  Ain’t nuthin’ like this never befo’!  Lawd Almighty!

But whoa!  Listen to dem!  They ain’t doin nuthihn’ but complainin’!  God done give ‘em a body then He give e’m life and listen to ‘em “Our bones are dry, our hope is lost, we are cut off for our parts.”  Say what!  Instead of thankin’ God fer puttin’ their bodies back together and givin’ ‘em life, they just standin’ around bitc… (cain’t put that word  here).   Those dummies STILL got one foot in the grave!  They have life but they ain’t let go of dat grave! 

So God sez dto me “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel and they cry out that their bones are dried, they are lost and cut off for their parts.  Tell them, the Lord God says ‘ behold, My people, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of those graves and bring you into the land of Israel.  And you will know that I am the Lord who opened your graves and brought you up out of your graves. 

I shall put My Spirit in you and you shall live and I will put you in your own land.  Then you shall realize that I, the Lord, have said it and did it.  Thus says the Lord.”

So, we been long-time dead so God gives us bodies so we kin do what He has called us to do.  He then gives us life so we kin put those bodies into motion and do what He’s asked.  Then He puts His Spirit in us so we can fully trust Him for whatever He asks of us. 

We can do it and we can do it for Him.  An’ He gives US the ability to do it while we’s still here in this world!  Say what!  I don’t have ta git to heaven to do things?  I kin do ‘em here and now!  Haleluhjah!

Lissen up folks!  When we walk in God’s love, we become one with Jesus.  When we walk in the love of Christ, He pertects us and guides us (when we listen to Him).  When we love Jesus, we walk in Jesus and when we walk in Jesus, the Father is indeed with us.  That, my friends, is what brings heaven to earth an’ we walk in God’s pertection and guidance.  Do ya hear what I’m a sayin?
An’ through the Holy Ghost, Father gives us the power to do all things (in Christ Jesus).  Unnerstand?

Git yore act t’gether.  God’s a ready to move.  Are you with us?

This is Easy Zeke, from the Big Easy, signin’ off.  Later ‘gator.

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