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Saturday, December 18, 2021


12-18-2021      MERRY CHRISTMAS

May the Lord bless you this holiday season as we remember the  birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ into this world. 

May you discover the joy, the peace and love of God, our Father, and let them abide your heart.  May the Lord keep you safe during this season.  Praise His name a He opens new doors for you to discover preparing you to walk, even if just, a little closer with Him.

During this time, may we all remember that God the Father (Himself) came into this world in the Son (Jesus) to show us how His love works. 

God created all thing by first envisioning what He wanted, then He brought it into existence by speaking His Word.  Then the Holy Ghost carried that word into action (over the waters).  If God so created the world, is it any surprise that He could produce a child through a virgin woman?

Jesus then began (approximately) a 33 ½ year journey (including childhood and adolescence) helping us to understand the extent of Father’s love.

At the end of His walk, Jesus expressed the greatest love of all – that one gives his life for his friend.  And He did.  On the cross, shedding blood which was required for the cleansing from sin.

This Christmas season, we celebrate the beginning of His walk in “our shoes”.

Please enjoy these few Christmas carols from utube, thanking Him for His love.


“Hark the Herald Angels Sing”      Paul Baloche

“O Little Town of Bethlehem          Gaither Vocal Band

“The First Noel”                                Boney M

“Silent Night”                                    Hillsong


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