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Saturday, January 29, 2022


1-29-2022        Binding & Loosing

Matt. 18:18

Recently, Father brought my attention to the concept of binding and loosing and needless to say, I now have a much different view than what I had before.

Consider the verse

Truly, I tell you that whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

I always thought that this was binding (stopping) demonic activities and then allowing (loosing) God’s blessings to flow into someone’s life.  Binding – tying up that ole devil - and loosing – setting someone free from bondage to that devil and/or allowing God’s love to operate in their life.

Needless to say, this isn’t wrong, but Father took me a little deeper.

Father said to look at the verse: Matt. 18:18.  On the list Father gave me for scriptural meaning for numbers, “18” represents bondage or oppression.  I have no problem with why Matthew 18:18 speaks of binding and loosing.

I checked further (in Strong’s) and saw that “bind”, used in this passage, is deo (G1210) which means to bind, put in bonds, or knit, tie or wind.  The word used for loose is iuo (G3089) which  means to loosen, breakup, dissolve, melt, put off.

As I looked at these words and definitions, Father had me take note that deo carries the connotation of uniting two or more things.  We might want to become “deo” with God, that is become one with Him.  Maybe this is why Jesus says in verse 19 that if two agree on anything they have asked for, they shall have it.  Or, if they have become united on what they want – with the understanding that what they want is already in agreement with God (united) – It’s a comin’! 

Jesus also says that He is ONE with the Father and He desires that we be ONE with Him (John 17:21-23).  WE can see that we ‘bind’ with Father, through Jesus. The Holy Ghost is our ‘lifeline’. So if we bind Satan, what are we uniting him with (hopefully not us)?  Obviously not God, but we do want to prohibit the devil’s activities.  Yet, on the other hand, we DO want to bind with Jesus.  Yes?  So if we bind Satan, we send him somewhere else.  We bind him to a deserted place.  At least, anywhere where we aren’t.  Does he stay there?  Talking to the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus told them, that when a devil is cast out, he roams about looking for a place to ‘move into’.  Finding no place, he returns to the man from whom he had been cast out and seeing the ‘house’ has no protection (Jesus) he brings his buddies and moves back into the old ‘house making the man’s situation  worse off than before (Matt. 12:43-45).  That devil can come back where a person has not ‘fortified’ himself through the blood of Jesus.

Paul said that he was a servant to Jesus (Rom. 1:1).  The Greek word used here is duolos (G1401) which means servant but more like a slave or a ‘bondsman’.  A bondservant (H5650/5647, abad, abed) is one who works for another as a slave or, perhaps, could be even a worshipper (Lev. 25:39).  Nonetheless, a bondsman willingly serves another, usually to pay off a debt. 

So Paul was bound with Jesus.  Paul tells the Corinthians that being a servant of Christ, he is free (loosed, from the bond with the world), yet being ‘free’ in Christ Jesus, he is the Lord’s servant – a willing ‘subject (1 Corinth. 7:22), a bonded man. And going to abed a willing worshipper? (hopefully)

Then when we loose something (iuo) we are basically setting it free!  Free from whatever it may have been in bondage to or from what it may have been connected.  Loosing is freedom from whatever held it bondage.  When we confess our sin, we are ‘loosed’ from the bondage of that sin.  Free at last!  Let’s not forget Paul’s wrestling match.  Paul explains how our heart serves Jesus but our flesh still tries to do things contrary, yet through Jesus, we have victory (Rom.7:15-25, read the whole chapter – a lesson all by itself).

Once done, as with Paul, then we bind ourselves to our Lord Jesus!  Aren’t we then loosed or free from sin?  It no longer rules our lives – Jesus does!  So we are able to fight any attempt the enemy brings back towards us.

Have we thought how this works with ‘deliverance’?  First we bind the devil’s activities so he can’t fight back (Matt. 12:28).  Then we cast that ole devil out to do his ‘thing’ in a desert’ place (no people).  He roams the earth looking for someone else to ‘pick on’.  Then we help the individual bond with Jesus so should that devil comes back, he finds there is no room at the inn (Matt. 12:43-45). 

When we think of ‘binding’ we need to consider not just prohibiting something from working but also ‘uniting’ with something or someone.  ‘Loosing’ is untying or setting something free from that which it is bound.

So, binding and loosing can is not just prohibiting the devil from operating but to bond (unite) with Jesus and then be loosed (free) from sin?


                      Bind (deo)                                                              Loosed (iuo) 

PS:  Father told me to come back and include this so someone doesn’t wind up like the vagabond Jews, sons of Sceva, who tried to cast out demons in Jesus name and got the butts kicked (Acts 19:13-16).  Why?  They didn’t know Jesus and thought they could just go through the motions.  Jesus told His disciples, when they couldn’t cast out a demon, this come by fasting and praying (Matt. 17:15-21).  And of course we CAN do all things through the name of Jesus (Col. 3:17) because we have a relationship with Him.  One doesn’t just activate  actions without the relationship.  Yes?