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Saturday, April 9, 2022


4-9-2022    My Lord, my God!


 John 20:26-31

Eight days after the resurrection, the disciples were again gathered together, this time Thomas was with them.  The doors were shut, then Jesus, standing in their midst, said “Peace be to you.”  Then He said to Thomas “Reach here with your finger and behold my hands and don’t be afraid to put your hand into my side.  Don’t be faithless, but believing.”

Then Thomas said to Him “My Lord and my God!”

Then Jesus said “Thomas, because you have seen me and believed, yet blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”

Truly, Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples which aren’t written in this book.  But the things that are written are so that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that you might have life through His name (John 30:30-31, John 31:25).

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?  To be a Christian?  All who have believed on Jesus since His ascension back into heaven, because we have heard the word His disciples have left for us, WE ARE the who ‘will yet believe’ in verse 31!  No mortal (on earth) has seen Jesus (physically) since the ascension, but, as we walk with our Lord, we can surely ‘experience’ Him.  

He promises us the Holy Ghost to give us the power - to live this life, do the works He has called us to - and enables us to share the gospel with those around us (Acts:1:8).  Then the Holy Ghost, as evidenced as in Acts chapter two, is given us to assure that Jesus is coming back for us.  Why else would He give us a ‘downpayment’ for our eternity?

The Holy Ghost is not just with us, but ‘in’ us (John 14:17).  Jesus was the presence of the Holy Ghost walking ‘with’ the disciples, but after the ascension, the Holy Ghost takes up residence ‘within’ the heart of each believer!  Understand that the Holy Ghost was not “in” the disciples 2000 years ago but (again) was ‘with’ them in the form of Jesus (John 7:39).

Our walk as a Christian today is to be continually growing closer to our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Jesus IS the Word of God (John 1:1).  The disciples handed down written copies of some of the Word Jesus gave to them as He walked and talked with them.  As John says in this passage, Jesus told the disciples a whole lot more (John 21:25), but John has shared enough with us so we can come into Jesus’ fold, the kingdom of God.  Because Jesus is the Word, because the ‘written Word’ reflects Jesus, we study the word so our mind and heart, may be renewed (Rom. 12:2) - daily.

To get its full impact, we study the Word prayerfully.  We ask God to open our eyes, our heart and our mind that He might show us what we need to learn as we read a (any) passage, then we sit quietly and listen for the Holy Ghost to teach us what Father wants us to pull from that passage, at that time.  Believe me, every time we read a passage, Father will show us something a little deeper and that deeper draws us (yet) a little closer to God. 

As we draw closer to our Lord, we find our relationship with Him growing stronger and in that stronger relationship we discover how true the words of Thomas are “My Lord, my God!”

MY LORD, MY GOD, implies that we are giving our all to Jesus.  Not only do I receive the promise of eternal life that He promises us (John 3:16) but He gives us the power to live this life for Him, in this world, (Acts 1:8) by taking up residence in our heart. 

Father enables us to say and do all that we do (or need to do) through Jesus living in us in the presence of the Holy Ghost, in our heart.  What do you think makes it possible when He says “I will never leave you nor forsake you (Heb. 13:5)?

We have just entered a seven year period of “Spiritual Explosion”!  The Holy Ghost will manifest Himself as never before.  Jesus told the disciples that they (and we) would do the works that He did and greater because He goes to the Father (John 14:12).  And Father has been preparing His church, His body for this time (7 seasons, 700 years).  Building us to the point where we are ready to receive a fresh, a new outpouring of the Holy Ghost.  We are in the latter times spoken of by Joel (Joel 2:28-29). 

As the Apostles and disciples went out in Jesus’ name and did works and miracles, we will see a resurgence of this in the coming years as Father solidifies His body (His church), securing the elect.  The elect?  Those who truly believe and live for Jesus in this world.  Those who ‘hear’ AND ‘do’ the Word and will of the Father (Matt. 7:21-23).  That is those who have developed a real (working) relationship with our Lord.  Those who not only understand the ‘statutes that Father has passed on to us (the 10 Commandments & the Law) but have discovered that they are a basic description of God’s true love and that relationship which comes with it.  The elect are those who have learned to ‘abide’ (live) in God’s love!

Like the things that Jesus did?  Yes!  Just as Peter and John who allowed God to use them to heal the lame man at the Beautiful Gate at the temple, through their obedience (Acts 3:1-9).  Read on, in this passage, for Peter used this event to remind the people what they had done to Jesus and what He did for them (and us) and that it wasn’t Peter or John who healed the man but faith in Christ that set the man free (Acts 3:16).  Compare with Jesus healing the man with palsy (Matt. 9:1-8).

The things that Jesus did?  Like when Ananias prayed for Saul (Paul) and his sight (Saul’s) returned to him (Acts 9:10-18).  Compare with Jesus and the blind man (Mark 8:22-25). 

The things that Jesus did?  Or as Paul cast the ‘divining’ spirt out of the damsel (Acts 16:16-18).  Compare with Jesus and the ‘wild man’ of the Gadarenes (Luke 8:26-33).

We know that the apostles did many works after Jesus ascended and take note that they (the church) were of one accord (Acts 5:12).  Where two or more agree, Father will do it (Acts 18:19) and where two or three (at least) are gathered, Jesus is in our midst (Acts 18:20).

Understand, we won’t be seeing just ‘renowned’ men of God doing these works, but average guys and gals, like Stephen (Acts 6:3-8) or you and me, working the wonders and miracles of God.  Keep in mind Peter’s words “this happened because of faith in God”!  Take note that Peter channeled the miracle back to Father through Jesus.  Jesus tells the disciples that whatsoever you do, “ask in My name the Father will do it so that He is glorified in the Son” (John 14:13).  So we realize that we don’t do anything on our own accord, but these things happen because Father is working through us to accomplish His will.

If you look around, you can see that Father is already working (Africa, India) but the impact will go global. 

Remember, some seed fell by the wayside, some on stony ground, some among the thorns and some did fall on good ground (Matt. 13:3-23).  Not every soul who hears the Word of God will receive it or even retain it, yet some will thrive and grow!  This blog has peaked an interest, which already, is rising in Germany, Russia, Israel, Indonesia, Turkey and Hong Kong as well as the U.S.    These are the blog’s biggest audiences. 

Unfortunately not every soul will give their heart to Jesus (God’s desire that ‘none’ should perish, 2 Peter 3:9), but every inhabited continent will experience this explosion and Father will have His number of those who will come into His kingdom (1 Kings 19:18, Rom 11:1-5).

Remember that Jesus preached first to the Jews in the synagogue, then the Jews and the Gentiles out on the hillsides.  He ministered (healed) to the Jews first but didn’t neglect the Gentiles; remember the crumbs and the woman at the table (Matt. 16:21-28).  Jesus sent the apostles to the Jews (Rom. 1:16) then He sent Paul to the Gentiles (Acts 9:13-16).  

Father intends to get His own house (His body) in order (2 Kings 20:1-6) so we can minister to the people in and beyond the church as they come into God’s kingdom.  In other words “Wake up church!” there’s work to do.

As this explosion bursts forth, how many will come to the same conclusion as Thomas?  Will we turn to Jesus and say “My Lord!  My God!”


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