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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The formation of planets around a young star


New beginnings

I had prepared the prophecies concerning ‘birds’ for today, but Father told me to write about what He put on my heart this AM (while my head was still resting on my pillow).

Father started sharing with me ‘New Beginnings’.

January is the first month of our year. To the Christian, ‘one’ means our God is One God, it also means that on the first day God started His creative process, the essence of life and existence – new beginnings. We are in a time of ‘new beginnings’. Father is restoring and refreshing things in our lives and blessing us so we can get a fresh start, a new beginning, on/in our walk with Him so we can serve Him as He has called us.

Father started, this morning, with some tidbits about where He was headed with His church over the next several years and in so doing so He reminded me of a book He had me read within the past couple of years – “History of Christianity” by Johnathan Hill. The biggest thing Father showed me in this book is that from Peter and Paul, through the church’s history and until today and continuing until the day Jesus calls us home, the problems the church has, is and will face have not changed. The approaches may be a little different but the concepts have remained the same. We have never wrestled against flesh and blood (the things in this world) but always against powers, principalities, the rulers of darkness in this world and spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:11-18). If we’ve lived in Christ Jesus for any length of time we’ve come to realize our true enemy is the devil, Satan, and his cohorts (demons). Not the people and situations around us but rather those spirits that motivate them.

In “History of Christianity” Father showed me that not all Christians confess Jesus out of their love and appreciation for Him. As an example, the book mentioned that at times when a king heard and believed the gospel, because he was king he decided that all his subjects should be Christian, whether they wanted to or not (king’s decree) or, (sometimes) under the penalties including death if they didn’t convert (and I don’t mean spiritual/eternal death, I mean physical/immediate). Some choice? What kind of commitment is there to our Lord under those conditions?

In the Old Testament, the priests stood the gap between the people and God. Unfortunately, over the centuries many Christian churches operated under the same guideline. Oft times people weren’t ‘educated’ and had no reading skills so they were dependent upon the priests and ministers to tell them what God’s Word said.

Education and the Renaissance changed this (a bit) as people were becoming more educated being able to read for themselves. Understand that reading is not a modern concept. The Greeks could read. Every; civilization which had a written language could read and we know (at least) some Christians could read as the Bereans checked their scriptures to see if what Paul was telling them was true (Acts 17). The bible calls us ‘sheep’ and unfortunately too many people (not limited to Christians) would rather be told what to do and think than figure it out for themselves. It’s okay to seek guidance and direction but some folks just don’t want to have to think. Period. What the Renaissance did for us is reawaken our thinking processes but it also reintroduced ‘humanism’ into our thinking. Now humanism isn’t new. Thinking that “I’m the center of everything” is as old as time but a novel idea was reborn “God really cares about me and wants to interact with ‘me’! This thinking brought about the Protestant Reformation. Unfortunately, come churches still have clung to the idea that the masses aren’t smart enough to understand God’s Word for themselves. Praise the Lord that we find out that when we talk (pray) with (not to) Father and read His written Word, we discover that He will and does open up our understanding so we can grow closer to Him. We can know what He’s talking about (even if it’s in ‘King James’ English – try reading the bible in 1611 English).

Father’s desire is that each one of us learns to walk with Him as Jesus walks with Him (No the ‘s’ is not a misprint). Jesus walked with the Father when He was with us on this earth over 2000 years ago and because the Father and Son are one, He (Jesus) continues to walk with Father and will do so throughout all eternity.

Father reminded me of what Jesus did for us: He was born into this world to redeem us from this world (sin and the curse of the law (death)). He walked as we walked for thirty years then He ministered to us for about 3 ½ more years. Then He allowed Himself to be arrested by the Gentiles. He suffered a scourging (a beating with a whip which was studded with bone and metal chips) for our healing; He suffered the indignation and humiliation of the thorny crown and purple robe – silently, for us; He shed the last drops of His blood as atonement for our sins so we wouldn’t have to bear that burden; as He died, water poured forth from His pierced side cleansing us from the same; and He was dead on the cross so they buried Him. The bible says (Jesus said John 15:13) that there is no greater display of love than when a man gives his life for another. But this love didn’t stop at the grave for in order to keep His promise of eternal fellowship with the Father through Him Jesus rose from the grave –alive and well, in the flesh (Luke 24:39). He walked and talked with His disciples for forty days (Acts 1:3) then ascended back into heaven (Acts 1:9) so He could prepare a place for us so we can be with Him throughout eternity (John 14:1-3).

This is our hope, no, our promise that as we live for Jesus we will be with Him forever (John 14 & 15 –yes, both chapters). We die to ourselves by living for Christ and we do that by keeping His commandment – which is to love (Matt. 22:36-40).

So this is a time of ‘new beginnings’. As we listen to Father’s voice and abide in His leading He can take us to new heights, new accomplishments. As we allow Him to work in and through our lives, He can shape us into the servants He desires us to be. He has given each one of us a talent or talents and He desires that we use those gifts to glorify and magnify Him –in this world – so that others might see and desire to come into His kingdom (as well as we), thereby saving their souls from eternal hell. As we use our gifts to serve Him, we find our own souls being satisfied, not to mention that the blessings that will come from the Father because of our obedience.

I rented and watched the DVD ‘War Room’ a week ago. Take a look around and see how Father is already raising up servants (soldiers) to do His will. Will the Kendricks take over Hollywood? I don’t know, the book of Revelation implies that when Jesus returns there are going to be a whole lot of wicked people still in this world. But I will say this that they are and will continue to have an impact on the industry. Maybe, just maybe, through their efforts and the efforts of others in their respective fields (as God has blessed) there will be a positive impact giving people a choice of what to watch, read or do.

Our goal should be ‘to be an impact on whatever God gives us to do, wherever He leads, speaking whatever He tells us’. When we come and/or go people should know that something has changed and that change has been created by our Lord, Jesus Christ. They may not remember us but they should remember the impact Jesus has made – whether they accept it or not.

So whatever we do, we should do as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23). God is our supervisor watching all that we do.

This is a time of new beginnings. If we have been stale, let’s refresh our relationship with Father through Jesus Christ our Lord remembering that the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) dwells within our hearts and He will guide us and lead us into all truth (John 16:13-14). He will empower us and enable us to be true witnesses for Jesus (Acts 1:8). “Empower us?” HE gives us the ability, strength and durability to that whatever He has called us.

As I continue to grow in Christ Jesus I come to realize more and more that I want ALL the ammunition available to me to fight this fight so I can do the things Father has requested of me and to be able to stand against any and all the wiles and assaults from the enemy.

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve come to understand Father’s calling for my life and this blog is part of how I am pursuing that calling.

Each one of us has a calling on our life no matter how great or how small. God has a plan for each and every one of us. He has a task for each of us to perform – for Him – that only we can do in the way God has prescribed. That calling may be ‘only’ (I use quotation marks because with Father nothing is just ‘only’) to our family and friends. That calling may be to our church, the community or perhaps a bigger platform even up to the entire world. He has given each of us a gift that is unique to each one of us and though many others may have a similar talent, God wants us to use that talent in only the way He has designed for us. We don’t know how God intends to use that talent/gift so we do what He asks to the best of our ability. I mentioned the Kendricks having an impact on Hollywood but Father wants us (each one of us) to have an impact on the people and/or situations around us.

This is a time of New Beginnings when God is desiring to use each one of us in the way He intended. We don’t worry about how small we are or how great we may become. We just look for God’s calling in our lives and then do it t as best as we are able. If we need more understanding, more strength, more ‘whatever’ all we have to do is ask and God will give it to us. He will show us, reveal, and as we seek Him He will grow us to be all that we can be. When we ask, look for and try the ‘doors’ it will be given to us (Matt. 7:7. When we ask in prayer, believing we shall receive it, God will give it to us (Matt. 21:22). Sometimes we don’t receive simply because we haven’t asked or asked for the wrong reason (James 4:1-3)

(added 1/11)     New Beginnings means a fresh start for the rest of our lives.  A chance for new growth, new opportunities and new experiences.  We have dreams.  God has dreams (intents) for us.  May our dreams match up with Gods dreams so our lives may be richer and fuller.

In Jesus’ name.

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