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Thursday, August 31, 2017

In case you might be wondering, this is not this week's post.  That will come in two more days.
I keep a journal and Father prompted me to make this entry today & to pass it on


 Read Doug Addison’s weekly addition where he talks about a tornado dream he had several years ago is now indicating a change in “leadership”.  Leaders have to let go of the past and be bold to reach out for the future and get on the gospel train.  Father is in the process of reviving the original church.  a church that will think, speak and act as the apostles and early disciples did.  It will occur because we are coming into a deeper relationship with the Father through Jesus, because we are realizing that He is truly our God and He IS raising us up out of our stagnant, doldrum graves into a newness of life.  Life that is not “just” salvation but vibrant and alive because we are learning to walk with Him, in Him. 
Jesus is our vine and our life is in Him and we are coming to know this, not just intellectually, but in our hearts, so we live for Him in reality. 

Leadership will be shaken to its corps and the scribes and the Pharisees, who are stuck in the past, will fall off the gospel train and a new vibrant leadership will rise up bringing His church to where the bride will always be ready for their Groom.  PTL

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