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Saturday, December 31, 2022

12-31-2022 A Time for Change

After seven eye-straining entries, here’s something short and sweet.

December is designated by the number “12” which is God’s power or authority or governmental perfection.  Take note that there were 12 disciples who became apostles.

31 represents offspring

20 (as with 22)is perfect waiting period or redemption – we are in the 21st century but the numerical designation is ‘2000’.  “2” is union.  This implies that our waiting for ‘redemption’, true union, could happen anytime this century!

22 (following 20) is light or sonship

Should we take the millennia as a single digit, 2000 has no specific designation but is double 1000 which is Father’s completeness or divine glory.  Double your pleasure, double your fun (lol).

January is the first (1) month and is unity, new beginnings, oneness with God – January 1st is double ones (1st month, 1st day).  Not eleven, but double the oneness with God!

200 = insufficient. 

23 death

Yes, we are insufficient within ourselves and the result of that insufficiency is death (thank you Adam & Eve), but there is a ray of sunshine.  Salvation and growth through Jesus Christ.

So, as we transition into a new year our months imply that we are moving into a new beginning of learning how to walk with God as we carry the power and authority He has already graced us with.  The things we no longer need are dying off.  We are moving into a new light in our relationship with the Lord.  We are also moving from being ‘just’ children of God but, growing into operating in true sonship, a relationship with our heavenly Father. 

If you are a Star Wars fan, the ‘force’ is awakening within us and has been with us.  No, I don’t mean some mystical power enabling us to jump around like an acrobat, slashing our enemy with our light sabers.  But I do mean the Holy Ghost no longer being quenched by our fears and doubts so we can go out and do as Jesus asked.  Walk in His power as the early apostles and disciples and show the rest of the world His goodness and love. 

Jesus says that we should be doing all the works He did and greater (John 14:12), because He has returned to Father, His rightful place in heaven.  To boot (add in) He has given us the power to do this via the Holy Ghosts (Acts 1:8).  AND, this will come to pass because we love Him and this is evident in our lives because, as Jesus commanded, we love God, the Father with all our heart, mind soul and strength (Mark 12:30) and then love our neighbor as ourselves (Matt. 22:37-40).  Why?  God is love (1 John 4:7-8!  So love is (becomes) the basis for everything.  Living in love enables us full operation with the ‘tools’ Father has given us (in this world), so as we allow the Holy Ghost free reign in us, the ‘force’, the Holy Ghost, is our power to go forth and do that which Father has called us.

These next several years are a time of change and as we allow Father to operate in us and through us, because the power and authority of Jesus abides in us through the Holy Ghost, we will see some amazing things come to pass.

We are now in a Spiritual explosion.  It is picking up speed, now and until its full manifestation.  However this manifestation begins at home – with us (individually), then branches out into the church, the community and beyond.

All that is required is our love, faith and obedience to our Lord, Jesus Christ! 

Do we pray as Jesus did?  “Father, if it is possible for this cup to pass from me, nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will“! (Matt. 26:39)



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