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Saturday, March 23, 2024

3-24-2024 Spring into New Changes


It’s spring and Father is bringing changes, not just for this month, not just for this year but for the next several years as He delves deeper into this season of Spiritual Explosion.

Let’s look at our own lives.  How much have “I” grown over the past year?  I don’t mean in getting more words from the bible into our mind (memorizing), but how much more has the bible been ‘becoming alive’ for ‘me’?  Seeing scriptures in a new light.  A deeper light.  A deeper understanding of what Father has truly been saying?

Father has been using our pastor (Loretta) over the past few years honing our Spiritual ears, eyes and heart for this ‘season’ in which we are now. 

Think!  Father has been growing our heart and our Spiritual thinking as He prepares us for what is now quickly approaching for some, for others even now is and for others yet to come.  How many of us actually know what gifts are Father has given us within which we can successfully operate?  Has one of those gifts been reaching out, slapping us in the face (so to speak) to get our attention?

Understand, the gift(s) Father has given us is to equip us to do the work for which He is calling us.  As we understand our gifts (talents, and abilities), we should be asking ourselves ‘Why has God equipped me like this?”  If we haven’t been asking, we should be. 

Father has equipped us so we can fulfill the ‘calling’ He has placed upon us.  That is edifying and the growth of the church, His body, as a whole (Eph. 4:11-15).  Just as there are many parts of the body, there are many tasks within that body which need fulfilling.  And the body of Chris is located (physically) in more than one place.

So, just what are our gifts, talents and/or abilities?


Every man receives the gift to minister one to another as good stewards of the manifold graces of God.  Let him minister with the ability God has given him that everything might be glorified through Jesus Christ … (1 Peter 4:10-11).  The Greek word used for gift in 1Peter is charisma (G5486), which is to be delivered from danger, an endowment (spiritual), a qualification (religious) or something miraculous (being able to do something unique).  We consider charisma to be something as that which sets us apart from the crowd.  We usually associate charisma with ‘that magnetic personality’ which draws us to an actor, singer or some other person, famous or not.  If you will, charisma is what makes ‘us‘ special. 


A talent is a natural endowment or a special creative or artistic aptitude.   A talent is something which we can do very well.  It separates us from others.  We generally think of singing, acting, painting, managing a business or even wiggling one’s ears as a talent.  It is an ‘inborn’, natural way through which we are able to do something.  And it is God-given.  We can grow our talent, honing it to a finer ‘tune’, but it is something, still, which we are born with.


This is having the competence to be able to ‘do’ something.  That is having an aptitude or proficiency in doing something (whatever) reasonably well.  I know how to make things out of wood but when my son makes things out of wood (shelving, cabinet, whatever), his creation looks pretty good.  When I do it, it looks like a bunch of wood nailed together.  It may serve its purpose, but my ‘grass hut’ is nothing compared to my son’s ‘Buckingham palace’.  Get the drift?    


And, then, there is a calling.  That is, having a strong inner impulse towards a certain vocation, profession, etc. which can be (or should be) influenced by ‘divine intervention (God).  For us, it would be that to which Father has been (or is) calling ‘us’ (me)?  It is that ‘something’ that we are fascinated with or seem to be always drawn to, or continually drawn back to.   

How do I know what God is calling me to do?

Gifts are given without repentance (Rom. 11:29), that is whether we know Jesus or not, but knowing him sure helps.  These are the things which we may not have any ‘special’ training for but we seem to have that ‘natural’ knack for doing.   What are the things we ‘enjoy’ doing, or even, perhaps, would like to try (with or without proficiency)?  This is not just our inner desires (not that tutti fruiti ice cream cone), but this something we just can’t seem to shake and it will require some ‘real’ work (ability & talent) so we can implement it into our own lives.

            What’s in a name?

Most of us assume mom and dad just picked our names ‘out of the blue’ or perhaps we are carrying on the tradition of being named after a relative (dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, etc.).  But, in fact it is our heavenly Father who has influenced our parent’s choices (believe it or not).  He says “Before I formed you in the belly (your mother’s womb), I knew you. Before you were born, I sanctified you … (Jer. 1:5).  Father does have specific intentions (or plans) for each one of us.  Father says “I know the thoughts I think towards you …” (Jer. 29:11).  In case you missed it, Father’s knows us before we are conceived. He gives us gifts, talents and/or abilities before we are born. All designed for us because He has intents for each one of us!  A plan!  A task! 

Using myself as an example:

            What’s in a name

William Carter (Buck) Ledford (Buck is a nickname)

 William                Helmet, a desire to protect

Carter                   Transporter of materials

Ledford                                Noisy stream crossing

Buck                      Stag, male deer (spirited young man)

To get a deeper understanding, I looked up the root words for each name and checked its ethnic origins.  Sometimes, the name may have multiple implications, if so, ask Father which one fits best.  Which one is really me?  Ask and receive, He will tell us (John 14:13-14).  Sometimes names have both a positive and a negative indication.  As we grow we have a choice as to which indication we follow.

                What about birthdays?

Now, have you ever wondered why some babies are born close to their ‘due dates’ , while some are born ‘early’ (according to due date) and others come later?  I was born (I’ve been told) about a month before my due date (sorry, I can’t remember that far back), nonetheless making me a December baby.  My son was born about a month late, not quite making it into December but becoming a November baby.  Think about it.  I was born on 12/3, my youngest grandson on 12/4, my son on 11/29, my middle grandson on 11/27 and my eldest grandson wanted to be different so he arrived on 2/9.  The dates do have meaning and there are Christian based charts which can help us.

As with our name, our birthdays also play a role in our basic make-up.  The numbers - the day, month and year - on which we are born all have unique ‘Christian’ meanings.  They give us further clues as to the gifts, talents and abilities God has given us from birth.  In our walk with the Lord, Father tells us that the work we do, do as unto Him (we work for God, not man Col. 3:23-24).  He will perform the task He has given us until He calls us home (Phil. 1:6).  And He will equip us to do that work (Luke 10:17-20, Heb. 13:20-21).   Again, our gifts, talents and abilities equip us to accomplish the work to which Father has intended for us. 

Now, let’s look my birthday as an example:

Dec 3, 1945

December , the 12th month 

12   (Luke 9:1 - He (Jesus) called the 12 & gave them power & authority over all devils and to cure diseases). This number represents Governmental perfection. The authority to go out in His (God’s) power.

3      The third (3) day

 (Col. 2:9-10 – In Him, the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily.  You are compete in Him who is the head of all principality and power – Jesus).  3 represents Divine completeness, Faith or Perfection.  Maturing and seeing things to the end, completion.  Father is the Godhead which is three – Father, Son and Holy Ghost, yet one.  Complete means fully equipped, lacking nothing.  In Christ Jesus, in whom we are complete.  Maybe not matured yet, but complete.

The year, 1945

There is no ‘Christian designation’  specifically for 1945 so Father had me split it into two segments.

19   (1 Corinth. 13:9-13 – … now, things are hazy when I look through the glass, but later I shall see face to face) 19 is ivine is completeness or fullness, perfection, faith (10 + 9 - Testimony; Law & responsibility, Divine Order).  Now, are we starting to get an idea as to what is being completed?

45   (Psalm 121:7, Exod. 20:20) 45 is preservation, (40 + 5 - Trials; Probation; Testing & Grace; Favor; God's goodness; Pentateuch (first five books, the law).  Again, more depth into our calling.

If one is adventurous, the year can be broken down even further to discover deeper meanings, but Father had me break mine down as shown here.

Now, I do want you to understand something about the numbers.  Numbers do not dictate the qualities, rather the qualities dictate the numbers.  That is God gives us the qualities, then the numbers reflect our God-given qualities.

The Calling

What has Father, specifically, been calling ‘me’ to do?

Father gave me two scriptures in which He identified as the calling He has placed upon my life.   Jeremiah 1:1-10, the calling of Jeremiah & Ezekiel 37:1-14, the valley of the dry bones, the task presented before Ezekiel (rebuilding of the church, that is in part, which He has entrusted to me).

Interestingly, Father showed me Ezekiel first, the task which He has laid before me, then in Jeremiah, the fact that He has placed ‘this’ calling upon my life.

For me, part of my calling is being accomplished in the blog, ‘’. 

It took me about six months to get the blog up and running (9/2014 – 3/2015) and another six years to bring it into today’s perspective (Okay, I’m slow).  That is to make it relevant to the season we are currently in.  He has been preparing me to do His work, waiting for me to be best prepared so I might  be fully effective.   And Father keeps telling me that there is yet, more to come (beyond where He has me today).

I’ve shared how Father declared the calling He has placed upon me through the scriptures.  Understand that gifts, talents and abilities reflect how Father enables us to do His work.  The calling defines that task to which He has called us. 

So, how do I know my calling? 

A pastor, prophet, or some other prophetic person may speak a Word from God into our ear.  If so, God will confirm it through scripture (or speaking to us personally).  Or as with me, He may show us the scripture first, then confirm through a prophetic person or even things (the world) round us.  Do we have the ears to hear and eyes to see (Prov. 20:12, Matt. 16:13) when Father speaks?  Understand, the point is not which comes first, prophecy from the scriptures or prophecy through a prophetic person, or even into our own heart, but the fact will be that all will be in agreement.  Things are established by two or more witnesses (Matt. 18:19).  A prophetic word through another person and/or scripture and through our heart,  (Father speaking to us through the Holy Ghost) make three witnesses, thereby establishing our calling. 

So, Father knows us from before we are conceived.  Before we are born into this world, He has already given us gifts, talents and abilities to accomplish the plans He has designed for our lives.  As we grow, naturally, we should notice different things which attract our attention.  Things we like.  We should discover some things we like to do over doing other things.  We need to be listening to our heavenly Father, as well as our parents, those around us as and well as observing and being aware of the world around us.  Father speaks through His Word, people around us and even nature, itself.  What do we see?  What are we hearing?  To what is our focus drawn?

In short, Father has called me to be a part of the reconstruction of His body so we can learn to truly live in His love and abide in His safety.

I’ve attached a copy of the “Watchman” so you can get a better look at how Father developed that with me.  We are all different and unique so Father does not always deal with everyone the exact same way but the components should still be there.

My prayer is that this will help us all to come to an understanding of the task  which Father has given each of us and that He is guiding us and protecting us as we discover, mature and abide in His love and His will (John 14:10-21).  He will reveal His will for us!  AND He will never leave us on our own (Heb. 13:5).  Father is on our side.  Let’s be bold and press forward.

Let it be so!


The prophecy for the Church – The Watchman

Dates are significant

September         Is the ninth month and represents completeness from the Father.  It has been decreed in heaven, we now just wait for the manifestation or the accomplishment of it.

24th                         Priesthood.  We are a royal priesthood before God Almighty, designated to bring God’s redemption to the world, in His timing through creative works.  We will experience a break with tradition and Father will provide new methods of reaching the ‘lost’.

26th                         Redemption.  In God’s perfect timing and even through, and maybe because of man’s weakness, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring redemption not just to the lost but the church as well.

30th                         Commitment.  There is a new responsibility to God’s Law.  Not just the 10 Commandments (as such) but His Law of Love.  Those who are truly washed in the blood of Jesus Christ will find a new dedication in serving God.  We need to push forward and not falter.

The prophecy

24th The watchman stands watch.  For what does he watch?  For danger that approaches the city to cry out to the people so they can prepare for battle.

                Up on the ramparts we look out over the land.  What do you see?  The enemy encamped all around and about.  What do you feel?  We are lost.  There are too many.  Look again beyond the enemy and what do you see?  I see a host far greater than the enemy poised to do battle.  And what do you feel?  Encouraged because we now far outnumber our foe.  (2 Kings 6:15-17).

                My children.  Did I not send Gideon with just a handful to set the enemy to flight?  Did I not send Elijah alone against the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:20-40)?  Gideon with his candles and Elijah by fire all overcame seemingly impossible obstacles yet by My hand did I not give them victory?  Put your complete trust in Me and as with the walls of Jericho, watch the wall crumble (Josh. 6”1-27).  Watch the enemy become confused and flee.  Watch My glory humble those who resist Me (Judges 7:7-8, 16-21).

                I make a way where there seems to be nothing.  I overcome many with a few.  Those who glorify My Name will taste the fullness of victory.  Put your hand to the plow and begin to plow and hang on as I work My work for My glory (Phil. 1:6).  The season is nigh, even at the door for many things to be manifested.  My children are you ready?  Prepare your hearts.  Prepare your souls.  Don My armor and prepare to step out.                               

                The Lord spoke to my heart and said that his is not just for Wellspring.  He has been preparing many children for this time and the time is near, nearer than we might think.  In case you’re confused this doesn’t mean the ‘rapture’.  It does mean taking a deliberate stand for and in Jesus with our very beings.  It is time to walk the walk, talk the talk and put up the ‘good’ fight.  To do all that God has been telling us to do, individually and collectively.  Don’t fear the closed doors.  Take the knob and turn it, the door will open for our Father has ordained it.                               

26th As I was praying (in the morning)

                I have more to share.

                OK, Father.

                Remember the watchman?

                Yes, Father.

                Look out there.  What do you see? (I looked out my front window at the sky darkened with storm clouds).

                I see a world in turmoil.

                And so it is.  What else do you see?

                I see that you have shown us rays of sunshine in the midst of all that darkness.

                Remember Elijah and his loneliness?

                Yes, Lord.

                And what did I say to My servant?

                7000 had not bowed their knees to other gods.

                I have My number.  I always have My  number of those who truly love Me and serve me and who will not turn their hearts away from Me towards the world so man will still have his beacon, his lighthouse. 

                Consider, My son, the gifts I have given man are merely tools to comfort and guide him until I return.  They are tools to help man come back into My fellowship.  They are tools to learn how to live in My love.  Seek My Holy Spirit within.  Use those tools well.  Don’t quench the Spirit (1 Thess. 5:19) but rather yield to Him so He (the Spirit) can work My work through you.

                I have an army.  I’ve always had an army but I want My children to live in My love so they can truly be the offspring of their Father.  I want the world to see My love so that their hearts might be convicted.  I want the world to see My love that their hearts might be ashamed.  I want the world to see My love and even though many will wax colder some might come into My Kingdom because their hearts have melted.  The gifts are good but yet they are only tools to express My love to the world.  Live in My love.

30th I AM the Lord God who created the heavens and the earth.  I have set all things in their respective places at My good pleasure.  I know the beginning and I know the end.  I have established the beginning yet I have given man a choice.  Man can choose to follow Me or go his own way.  To choose to go his own way, man opens himself up to the promptings and temptations of the Evil One, to fall into his snares, the end of which is man’s own destruction. 

                What is destruction, My children?  Separation from Me and My love – forever.  Have you considered forever?  Consider pain and torment.  Consider lusting after something and never being able to attain it or never to be satisfied or fulfilled.  All to which there is no end.

                What is eternal life, My children?  Living in Me and in My love.  Being always satisfied, never wanting.  And because you abide in My will, freedom – to do what you will because you abide in My will, which is My love. 

                As you consider the well-being of others, I will lift you up before them (in this world and in Mine).

                I AM – all that you ever need, all that you should truly desire.  I know your hearts and I will open My storehouses of blessings unto you, My children because of your obedience.

                Let My angels guide you.  Let My angels serve you.  I have set them about you, let them perform their appointed tasks.

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