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Saturday, March 9, 2024

   3-9-2024    Extraordinary Wisdom


My pastor has just released a book entitled “Extraordinary Wisdom, the 31 Day Devotion”.

The book helps us to understand how to apply the book of Proverbs into our own lives.

As many of you may know, especially for some who don’t, the book of Proverbs is a collection of writings from the Hebrew King Solomon.  Traditionally, Solomon is considered the wisest man who ever lived.

According to the world History Encyclopedia, Solomon was probably born around 1010 BC (Wikki lists it as between 970-931 BC).  Both are estimates.  Remember that ‘BC’ (BCE) precedes Jesus’ birth and ‘AD’ (ACE) is after or since.  In case you are wondering, the ‘CE’ (Common Era) is a modern attempt to remove references to Jesus from our dating system. 

If you remember the story of David and Bathsheba, the first child they birthed died shortly after birth (2 Sam. 12:1-23) and Solomon was born later (2 Sam. 12:24).  He was the first surviving son for David and Bathsheba.

Though David had other sons (other than with Bathsheba), Solomon was who followed David onto the throne of Israel (1 Kings 1:32-35, 46-48, 2:12).  God was pleased with Solomon so He visited Solomon in the night and offered him anything which he desired.  Solomon then asked for wisdom to know how to rule the people so his kingdom would do well (2 Chron. 1:10) and God obliged him because he didn’t ask for wealth, riches or honor or even the lives of his enemies (1 Chron. 1:11) God honored that request AND gave Solomon riches wealth and honor. 

Knowing how to deal with anything and everything that comes our way is the greatest gift any of us could ever receive.  As with Solomon, wisdom will generate any appropriate reprimand and/or appropriate blessings from God.  Amen?  The book of Proverbs reflects on how God shows what would bring His blessings into our lives and how His correction would, would, also turn into blessings. 

In ‘Extraordinary Wisdom’, our pastor provides an intro to each chapter to so we can have an idea of what to expect in that chapter.  Our job, then, is to ask God (Father) to open our mind and our heart and teach us what He wants us to learn, then read the chapter.  Then write what the Holy Spirit has shown us, from that chapter, in the space provided at the end of each chapter - our revelation.  That is, what has Father shown us. 

Hint, when you read the chapter, don’t read it just once.  Father has shown me that through a second pass (or more) through any passage, different aspects will pop out at me.  You don’t have to stop at two readings. These are things Father wants us to pick up and learn, at this time.  As Father has shown me, even later in life, as I grow in the Holy Ghost, the depth of the passage (whatever I am reading), Father will take me into deeper understanding of the words l which  I have been reading.  Yes, I use my “Strong’s Concordance” a lot as I look up the Greek and Hebrew meaning of the words which I’m not sure about.  But, be careful.  Some words may carry a different slant (meaning) than what we may be familiar with.  As translated, may not be exactly what God intended.  Usually in the ballpark (close) but may be arguable.  Father has also shown me that we may have to look at the ‘verses’ around the word we are trying to understand or perhaps, even the whole chapter.  And even then, in our concordance, check any root words associated with the word we are researching.   This is how we should get a clearer understanding of what Father is trying to say to us.  If He’ll do it for me, He’ll do it for you.

Solomon is considered the wisest man ever (ask God).   He is attributed as the author of Proverbs. 

“Extraordinary Wisdom” by Loretta Yarbro McFarland, through Vision Birthers Self-publishing Services, Distributed by Amazon KDP, can be ordered on Amazon. It will help remove things which may not be so clear and help us with a better understanding of the book of Proverbs and how we can apply it into our own lives. 

Remember, this book is a devotional, not an explanation.  Explanation comes through our reading the book, anticipating what God will show us then listening to the Holy Ghost so He teaches us. 

When this book is properly used, the intro provides the anticipation, the passage provides the words and the space provided (at the end of the chapter) is where we can jot down our reflection of what Father shows us at the time of our reading.  When properly used, it is a ‘total package’ for learning. 

Be blessed.


Yes, this is a plug for my Pastor’s book, but I think that if one prayerfully ‘dives in’, they will find it most rewarding.

BTW, if you are interested and in the Hagerstown, Md. area on March 16th, our Pastor will be signing copies of the book which you have purchased, between 1:30 to 3:00 PM.  We’re located at 363 S. Cleveland Ave. Hagerstown, Md., suite 101 (around back, bottom floor).

Amen and Amen

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