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Saturday, February 20, 2016


What's just around the corner?

These are more word that Father gave me in 2015 pertaining to what He's preparing to do. I'm leaving what Father gave me in tact.  Little tid bits but as with the birds take a look at them collectively and the explanation at the end.

Early in my AM session :

I had just read Doug’s daily word and checked my check books and went back upstairs. I noticed it but it didn’t really register with me until I had started my AM session. Then it registered with me. The living room was dark like on a cloudy day. I looked out the window and except for a few clouds the sky was clear. I said to myself “OK, something’s up” (this is how things started with the ‘watchman’ and the ‘birds’). I started thinking about how the sun was shining, but it was still dark. I felt like I needed to turn on my living room lamp yet, normally, when the sun is shining I have plenty of light coming in through the front room window.

The sun is shining yet it is still darkly (as if putting on a pair of dark sunglasses). We see clear skies but there is no brightness. My church has light but it doesn’t shine brightly. I am the light of the world. Be My light in the world so all can see clearly. My light is not a blinding light but it does reveal all things clearly. My light is My love being expressed to others. My light is that all my creation may see My heart (love) shining brightly and that they will desire to come into it. Take My yoke, it is easy to bear for I bear you up with it.

Later in the AM session:        
As I was thanking Father for allowing Wellspring to be a continuing impact in Hagerstown and Washington Co. I immediately went into my prayer language in a very strong, forceful manner with my arms circling around as if to encompass the entire area, several times. Then, not a word but a feeling:

A spiritual explosion is at the edge, on the brink of Hagerstown & Wash Co., not a demonic burst but a Holy Ghost explosion. It’s there, waiting to happen. Not sure when, not sure what it’s waiting for, but it is there, like the hounds pulling at their leashes waiting for the trumpets to blow so they can go chase that fox.


Where man is hungry, there I can do My greatest works for when man is hungry, then he will seek. When man seeks, he shall find. When he finds he shall receive. When he receives, with all his heart, I shall fill him to overflowing. Do we seek food when our tummies are full? Do we put on more clothing when we are already sweltering? When we think we are satisfied do we seek more? Faith is strongest when in need and when man realizes that I am the One who can meet that need (whatsoever that is not of faith is sin) repenting man will come to Me with an open mind and an open heart he will receive My blessings. My children. My children! All My children need to come to realize that no matter what you have, no matter how much you have you will always be in need until you enter into My Holy of Holies and sup with Me.


An understanding (not necessarily a prophecy). I was thanking Father for my family and my grandchildren. It was as if I were speaking to Hunter (my oldest grandson [8] in particular) and as I had told his dad (my son, Chris) the church they are in now will serve them well for a season but there will come a time when it will no longer satisfy your needs. You will need to grow so you will have to look farther than we you are now. Then He shared this with me:

Many children are healthy and whole and grow into adulthood and take care of themselves. Other children are born or suffer handicaps (of various sorts) like ‘downs’ or various palsies and so forth. Even though all these children can learn and grow their capabilities are limited and, oft times, they need continuing care for the rest of their natural lives. So is My church. Some children can grow into fully functional adulthood, doing all that I have set before them, operating in the fullness of what I offer them. For whatever the reason, the outward growth of others is stunted. They never fully develop into what I have intended for them. Many ‘handicapped’ children need constant care and help from birth until death whereas healthy children can realize their full potential and I can give them freer rein to operate in My will, thereby they need little ‘supervision’. In service to me, ‘healthy’ children operate in the full potential I have for them, while ‘handicapped’ children need My constant supervision and help.  (read 1 Corinth. chapter 3)

When My children don’t or won’t access all that I have for them, they become ‘handicapped’ and their service to Me is limited which means that I have to keep a closer watch over them, protecting them in their innocence.

Too many of my children function in the ‘handicapped’ mode but My desire is to have a houseful of ‘healthy’ children. My love is the same for each, but I have to care for each differently.


As I was settling into my green chair for AM prayers, I saw several birds swirling around the tree tops (that tree across the street in the back yard) I thought to myself “There are a lot of birds gathering around the treetops.” Then I thought “Yeah, but this is only temporary. They are preparing to head south or are already in their migration.” Then the put on my heart:

Yes the birds are gathering for migration but My children will gather to stand firm in My Word and in My love. My children will stay (in My kingdom) and learn to glorify My name. I will be their God and they will be My children for they will know who I AM.


Father had just given me the substance for Sunday’s bible study and I was thanking him for another day, giving me another day and giving me the opportunity to experience the wonders of His creation.

My thoughts drifted to the bush below the front window, next to the steps. I was thinking that all spring and summer it was always green, but not much else. This past month it has had blossoms, a few at first but now the bush is covered with flowers. I was thinking how the grass had slowed down its growth dramatically recently (haven’t had to mow since before Halloween) and this bush is producing blooms like crazy! The fall is upon us and winter is coming soon and this bush has flowers coming out of the ying yang.

And the Lord said everything blooms in its own season and now is the season.


Again looking out my front window at the tree across the street. Leaves are falling and bird are flitting and a squirrel runs across the fence behind the tree. Little birds are flitting up and down in my front yard. A lot of activity this AM.

Nature is preparing for the season. My children need also to prepare for the season. I am equipping My family and My family needs to take measures to be ready. Listen to My words. Look for My signs. I am speaking to my children.


1Kings 18:41-46:  The rain starts as a little cloud but quickly grows into massive storm clouds bringing a great rain with wind.

Such is the Holy Ghost explosion that is coming. It is starting as a whisper but over the next six years it will grow into the roar of a mighty wind that will begin to sweep the globe. It will begin as a small “mew” as of a lion cub but it will grow into the mighty roar of the King. It will has already started as a small still voice but the time is coming when the clap of its thunder will be heard ‘round the world.

I am calling My children, I am gathering My children that they will do My bidding bringing souls to My table to sup with Me.

Jesus is the light of this world as He reflects the image of the Father to us.  That light/image is God's love towards us and Father desires that love to flow to us and through us and out to the world so others may see it, desire it and come into His kingdom.  And Father is with those of us who are obedient to His Word and helping us (His yoke) all the way to accomplish His will.

Father knows His children are hungry and they will eat and Father will prepare a table for us.  And when we eat from that table, Father will nourish us so we can accomplish all to which He has called us.

Paul tells the Corinthians (1 Corinth. chapter 3) that, effectively, he is tired of having to feed them milk because their aren't maturing to where they can handle meat.  In Jerusalem, preparing for the "Last Supper" Jesus told His disciples (John 16:12-15) He had more to share with them but they weren't able to bear it at that time.  He said the Spirit of truth would come and guide them into all truth.  when we truly seek the truth, God will show it to us (Matt.7:7-8).  Jesus tells us not to quench the Spirit (1 Thess. 5:19 so when we seek, the Holy Ghost will reveal then we must listen and not reject what He tells us.  Too many Christians live as handicapped because we reject ALL that Father offers us.

Even now Father is already preparing hearts of His children to minister His glory, His honor to the world and (praise the Lord) for our benefit.

Our migration is into the kingdom of heaven (spiritually) for and because we are coming to know who He truly is.

Preparations are going on now as His children are readying to carry His true love to the world.  The Spiritual explosion is just around the corner and when it comes, it will shake the world.


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