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Friday, February 5, 2016


This post reflects a word Father gave me over five different days in January and February 2015 and overall comments tying the words together.


Looking out my front window I saw a ‘flitter’ around one of the larger, lower tree limbs in the
tree in my neighbor’s back yard (across the street). I watched for a few moments then a small
bird flew out from behind the limb. The Lord spoke to my heart “

The earth is sleeping right now,
but there is still life.

My thoughts went to how all the animals and birds only come out in the
winter for nourishment then they scurry or fly back to their respective ‘homes’.

There is ‘life’. It’s not always visible but it is still there waiting for the spring to come so it can re-emerge and bloom.

Years ago, even before I was ‘saved’ Father gave me a poem called “’The Spring Cries”. It was about a seed waiting for the ground to soften so it could spring forth and bloom. It was about the struggle that seed faced before it could burst forth in all of God’s intended glory. This is where God’s people are, now. Waiting to burst forth and bloom in His full glory.


As I was finishing the reading of the ‘Watchman’ prophecy Father put on my heart, that when I was done to look out the window, again. He mentioned something about the ‘snow’. Upon finishing my reading I looked out the window and said “Father, you said something about the snow.” I saw two birds flitting about the treetops and the snow blanketing the ground below.

It is winter and I have hidden most natural food sources to My creation. Some will die in the
harshness of winter but many will survive because they search for the food that is available.



Again, looking out my front window and not really seeing much. Out of the corner of my eye, in
the distance, I caught the flutter of a bird in flight. I saw the breeze rocking the branches of an
evergreen a block away then I noticed the tree in my neighbor’s yard (across the street). I’m not
sure what kind it is but it has shed all its leaves and is barren with all its individual branches
reaching up towards the sky. I seemed to hear the tree cry 

Make me green again, I desire life.  Let the sap revitalize my inward being. Let my buds push forth. Let my leaves cover my nakedness and let my blossoms reflect your glory. Let me stand in all that you are and I will give you praise for the life that you bring.”



I break my AM prayers into segments & one segment I focus on me. Often I will pace back and
forth between the living room & the small bedroom and sometimes my BR & the kitchen. As I
was coming back into the LR, Father drew my attention out the window (again). There was a
large number of small black birds in the front yard across the street (not the same as before)
pecking away at the ground and the Lord said:

Look at all the birds feeding over there. They fill much of that front yard. They are hungry and
they are consuming all that they can while they can. Souls are hungry for My Word and they
will do the same – given the opportunity. They will consume all that they can while they can and grow the stronger because of it. My children are hungry. Feed My children. Feed them My love so they can grow and wax strong and know and understand not just what they are doing but truly why. I want My children to live in My love so they can give a true reflection of who I AM.



Again, birds. Just getting started this AM and what looked like red bird (I thought cardinal?)
caught my eye in the tree in my neighbor’s back yard. Then I saw several birds (larger than what
I have been noticing out there) and thought “hmmm, it’s still pretty cold but it looks like the
spring birds are starting to filter in and through the area.

” Father spoke to my heart “The rebirth is beginning. New life is coming in. As you see signs of spring starting to move in so are the signs of new life starting to move into My church.”

Towards the end of 2014 and early 2015 many of those operating in the ‘prophetic’ started
talking about a time of blessing and restoration God was bringing His people over the next seven
years starting in 2015. Father had shared the words with me before I had become aware of what
the prophets were saying. In the winter, even though the land looks ‘dead, there is always a
spark of life underneath all that which appears to be dead.

Father says that even though much of His church looks pretty dead, He has a glimmer of life
buried among those ‘dead bones waiting to come out of hiding and glorify Him.

Because of their human weakness, many ‘Christians’ won’t survive the harshness of early
growth but those who seek God will be nourished for they will find the ‘food’ which they need.

The naked tree refers to His church, His true church, desiring to be bathed in His glory and
To grow. Longing to be green again, full of life.

The hungry birds reflect that God’s church is truly hungry for His Word and they will seek it and
be filled. Filled doesn’t just mean having a full tummy, but reflects acquiring all that Father has
to offer us and bathing our lives in His love.

By the end of February, Father says the movement of the church awakening has already started,
not on a large scale, but it has started.  Don't spurn small beginnings.

These prophecies refer to the church coming out of a centuries old shell and starting to grow and
act like the early church. These rudimentary beginnings are Father re-awakening His church so
we, the church, can operate as Father originally intended – on a much larger scale than the little
pockets that we have already seen. If you watch TV, if you listen to what is being preached from
the pulpits by those who are truly led of the Spirit, if you look at what is going on around us, we
can all see that God is doing – already.

There is a progression to these words from our Father from what looks pretty bleak and barren to promises of a flourishing.

Over these next six years Father will bring life back into His church (body) as a whole. Not every church will jump on the bandwagon but there are enough who will that the church will see a revival growing and being established by the end of 2021. Many churches will indeed recognize, believe and be walking in the full power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not just trying to live for Father as the scriptures say. Not just communicating with Him via the heavenly language (tongues) He has given us.  Not just walking in His Spirit.  Not just activating the prophetic - speaking AND listening to what our heavenly Father is saying but applying it into our own lives and helping others to do the same.  

This is necessary because after this comes a huge Spiritual explosion for which God's children need to be ready. Father has blessed me by showing me through many sources that He is indeed preparing many hearts for this coming time and He is taking these little snowballs and growing them into near an avalanche by the end of 2021. Just as a little snowball can be rolled with more snow to create the base and body of a snowman, God's children will come to realize, without a doubt that Father is God (there is no other) and He can and will do all that He has said He will. He is also equipping His saints to be all that we can be to serve Him to the fullest extent.

Father has shared more 'words' with me showing how He is progressing with His plan and I will share them later. But for now, even though what I have shared here is a year old, it is still relevant today.  It has started with small beginnings and and will grow until the coming explosion. Father will establish those servants whom He has already called and over the next six years He will continue to add as many fellow servants who will hear His call.

As always, all of this I lift up in the name of Jesus and pray He blesses those who read and understand what Father is doing.


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