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Monday, February 22, 2016


I was reading Doug Addison's 'Daily Word' and Father said go back and finish reading his February 2016 prophetic update concerning the dolphins.  So I did.  Father said My people need to see this, especially those who don't read Doug, so here is the portion of that word re the dolphins,

The italics at the end are my comments.

Dream: new move of God
I had a dream that I was in a resort-like place in California. The new movement from God had come and the pool at the resort was all updated. People were swimming in God’s presence. The water represented the Holy Spirit and many people were swimming. As we swam in the pool you could look down on the bottom of the pool and there were remains from previous moves of God.

The dream is showing that as God pours out a new move of the Holy Spirit it will be refreshing to many. Also it will be “new” and we will not need to operate in older ways of doing things. This new movement coming will be completely updated to fit and reach people in today’s culture.

As God pours out a new move of the Holy Spirit it will be refreshing to many.

February 2013 in San Diego

God told me to look up prophetic promises from 2013 that have not come to pass. I looked in my journal and found some major things. One entry that stood out was called “The Sign of the Dolphins.”

On Valentine’s weekend in February 2013, I was speaking at the Power and Love Prophetic Conference at Bethel Church in Redding, California. God spoke to me that there was going to be a major prophetic sign on the news on Valentine’s weekend (2013) to show that His love is coming to people in need.

Sure enough, on the news the next day, there was a story about a massive seven-mile stretch of over 100,000 dolphins gathered off the coast of Southern California. Previously there had been thousands, but on that weekend it was estimated to be over 100,000 dolphins. It was a sight that could not be explained scientifically. You can read one of the many news stories about this phenomenon here.

This was a prophetic sign of a move of God that would come to San Diego in February and bring refreshment. And it would be seen by the entire world.

Symbolically water represents the Spirit and dolphins are encouragers. Many people said that the dolphins had gathered for the food in the area. In the same way, God is preparing a great banquet or party that is coming to Southern California that will impact the entire world. I wrote this on my blog in February 2013.

San Diego Outpouring starting now

Joshua Mills and Jerame and Miranda Nelson held their annual Decree Conference last month in San Diego and indeed something new started. They began seeing a higher level of God’s presence, glory and miracles.

They extended their meetings and are now doing nightly “The Fire and Glory Outpouring” meetings in San Diego. You can join them live or watch the live stream online.

Linda and I visited these meetings and witnessed that, yes, this is the start of something new. It is in the early stages, but God spoke to me that by February 14, 2016 this will begin to spread and affect the world globally. This is the fulfillment of the 2013 Sign of the Dolphins!

Two moves of God coming

God showed me that there are two major movements coming. The first is a long overdue movement to revive and refresh the Church. This is what is beginning to happen in San Diego. The second one is much more radical and it is what I have been prophesying for a number of years.

God’s new agenda will be the spiritual outcasts, those who have been wounded and rejected by Christians. Sadly, many leaders will be tempted to reject this new movement at first because it will be so outside the box of our current understanding of what is possible. This is why God is saying to prepare to be stretched.

Get ready to cross over into a new season of God’s glory and presence.

Get ready to cross over into a new season of God’s glory and presence. A new wave of God’s love and power is about to sweep the world!


Doug Addison

In bold is the movement Father has shown me coming by the end of this seven year period. Again, the remaining of these seven years is God preparing His people to ‘be’ ministers – to the world’ and the next seven is the huge spiritual explosion that He is bringing.

During these first seven years, as saints grow into and start operating in their calling from the Lord, the ‘explosion will start trickling in and growing during these seven years then towards the end of this season build to the bursting point then burst forth, to explode, into the next seven.

Look carefully at Doug's comment on 'outside the box' because will reach souls in new and interesting ways that are 'outside the box'.  Look to the entertainment industry to start looking 'strange'.  Movies (The War Room), music, dance, theater, TV, Father's influence will start popping up all over the place!  And the rudimentary beginnings are already there!

Praise the Lord and pray that His love and grace abound in the lives sand hearts of souls who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to receive.


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